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Serenity broke through the darkness that had been surrounding her, she was immediately blinded by the bright light. Once she could see again she was able to see that the ground was rushing towards her. She tried to use her wings but they were still broken the crystal was still drained to point of nothing, only a flicker of what was left was keeping her alive. Serenity's only hope was that she wouldn't die when she slammed into the ground below, or it would be quick and painless.

"Do not fear my lady help issss on the way," a males voice echoed in her head it was very reptilian sounding.

She closed my eyes and waited for impact, at least if she died then she would be reunited with her friends and Darien. Just when Serenity was sure she was about to hit the ground she felt two very strong arms catch her. She peeked open my eyes at my savior and if it had been any other time she would have taken the time to drool and admire his body. He had long black hair, his body was chiseled as if he was made from living and breathing marble, his skin was sunkissed like he spent a lot of time in the sun. His eyes were the color of gold and his perfect mouth was in a smile telling me she was safe at last.

His smile was the last she remembered before she finally let the darkness take her. Serenity found herself in the spirit realm where she would often find herself when she was in need of Queen Selenity's advice. But all that greeted Serenity was the mirror the gods had gifted Selenity so she could watch over Serenity and her Senshi and the mist that always enveloped the place.

She sat on the floor and waited hoping that Selenity would come and tell her that she and Senshi had in fact survived to be reborn.

"Who is she, Daemonar?" Titan Daemonar's younger sister asked.

They had been racing in Khaldharon Run, which if their parents ever found out that he let thier delicate daughter fly the Khaldharon Run there wouldn't be anything left of him to return to the Darkness. They had just finished their race when they both had seen a bright light and Lorn had told him to hurry to help the girl who now rested in his arms.

"I don't know all Lorn said was she needed help." He looked the girl up and down she was covered in bruises and cuts her feathered wings, which he had never seen and thing like them, hung and twisted at odd angles clearly they were broken. Her clothes that could have been a pure white were covered in blood and dirt, her silver hair was plastered to one side by blood and were coming out of her twin buns. "Who ever she, is she has been in a fierce battle. Titan, hurry to the Hall and get help I am taking her to Lorn."

Titan nodded and flew off as fast as her wings could carry her.

Daemonar took a few minutes to watch his sister until she disappeared from view, before he flew off in the opposite direction cradling the strange girl. He wondered who she was, where did she come from, and what happened to her? Using his Ebon grey jewels he was able to reach the Keep fast, Lorn, who with the help of a spell Jaenelle had come up with was in human form, and Draca was waiting for them.

"Thisss way," Draca instructed and lead him to a small room.

He placed her on the bed and his arms felt empty with out her there. Frowning he stepped back as his parents Lucivar and Marian, along with his Uncle Daemon, Aunt Jaenelle, Grandfather Saetan and Karla the former Queen of Glacia came to the girl's side.

Lucivar eyed his son with the same gold eyes Daemonar possessed. "We will talk later, boy."

All Daemonar had to do was look at his mother to know what they were talking about. The look she gave him was one he wanted to run and hide from, while his father's punishment he could handle the looks his mother will give him for the next month or so he couldn't. Why did he let Titan talk him into doing things that get him in trouble?

"Any idea who she is? " asked Saetan. Examining the girl taking in all of her energy."She didn't say before passing out," said Daemonar. He too was very curious about her and wanted to see her silver eyes with the blue ring around them.

"See if you can't probe her mind, Saetan," Daemon suggested studying his nails like the girl was of no importance.

Saetan looked to Jaenelle and she nodded her head agreeing with Daemon. Saetan moved to the girl's head placed his hands on either side of her head. Nothing happened for several seconds then Saetan clutched his head and screamed in pain at the same time a bright silver light surrounded the girl. A bright golden upturned crescent moon shown in the middle of her forehead and her clothes faded away turning into a black pleated skirt and a long sleeve pink sweater. Her hair went from silver to gold and her skin stayed the same paleness but the bruises remand.

As the light faded Saetan unclutched his head and the golden moon faded.

"What the Hell was that!?" Lucivar shouted.

Jaenelle pressed her lips in a thine line thinking before suddenly a memory of a story flashed in her head. "Not sure what that light was but I think I might know who the girl is." She rushed out of the room and came back with a large book she flipped to a story where a picture of a golden haired princess in a long white dress was pictured. "This is one of the first stories I read it is about a princess of a distance moon and the destruction of her kingdom. It's rather sad because she loses everyone, including her lover, but her mother with the help of a powerful jewel sends everyone to a future to be reborn."

They all looked at the story and picture, wondered if Jaenelle could be right. Daemonar had to admit the picture held a strong resemblance the princess even had the same golden upturn crescent moon in the middle of her forehead.

"I don't know, Cat, she looks like picture but this is just a fairy tale," said Lucivar flipping through the pages of the book.

"Yeah and so was Unicorns at one time." Jaenelle was sure this girl had to be the Moon Princess from her story.

"Well who ever ssshe isss, ssshe needsss help," Lorn said. "Take her to the SssaDiablo Hall to recover."

"I don't think that is wise." Saetan had finally recovered some his head still pounded and he was still shaking. "The power I felt inside of her is strong, perhaps even stronger then Jaenelle ever possessed."

Gasps went around the room and all eyed the girl. How could one tiny female possess more power then Jaenelle who had been the strongest Witch to ever be born.

"Then the Hall isss where ssshe ssshould be. Jussst think if ssshe fell into the handsss of you enemiesss." Draca's words held a ring of reason one that the others had to agree with.

Serenity awoke up in the spirit relam still alone with the empty lifeless mirror as her companion. Sighing she decided that she had spent enough time here and her friends were gone. She didn't want to leave but her body was begging her mind to, so she returned to her body waking from a deep sleep.

She rolled over in the unfamiliar bed to stare up at the light blue canopy. The room like the bed was way to cheerful for the mood she was in. Groaning and closing her eyes she rolled over to have her hand collide into a pile of fur.

The pile of fur began to move and Serenity's eyes flew open to stair into the blue eyes of the biggest white tiger she had ever seen. With eyes bugging out of her head she scrambled from the bed, the tiger following her. She reached for the crystal's power but only enough was there to continue in aiding her healing, not enough for a full transformation.

Her back was to the wall and she was looking around for a weapon when a soft almost child's voice sounded in her head. "Please don't scream," it said.

Serenity looked around looking for the child in hopes that she could save herself.

With no help from the crystal and no weapons in sight she did the only other thing she could do. She opened her mouth and let a scream that could have topped all her previous ones that came before it out.

Her scream brought a horde of people to her room. One was the man with the wings who caught her, she looked to him for help. But it The golden haired woman with the deep blue ancient eyes stepped between her and the tiger.

"Kalusha I told you and the others to stay out of this room." The woman didn't speak these words out loud but rather they sounded in Serenity's head. If there hadn't been a huge tiger in her room she would have thought it was cool to talk like this.

"I am sorry Lady but I felt a connection and sadness I thought I could help." The little girl's voice sounded again and Serenity realized it came from the tiger.

The tiger with its head down mournfully walked to the balcony and disappeared. The woman turned back to Serenity with her hands on her hips and a smile plastered on her face.

"Sorry Kalusha didn't mean to frighten you, she is still a kitten. I am Jaenelle." Serenity was taken aback at how friendly this woman seemed to be.

What surprised her more was the fact that that great beast was still a kitten. "That tiger is still a kitten."

"Kalusha isn't a tiger she is a Arcerian and her grandpa is 800 pounds." Janelle lead Serenity back to the bed and checked on her injuries. The bruises had faded some but they were still prominent on her pale skin. "Your healing nicely I am not sure about your wings since they are not here anymore..."

"Oh I need to introduce myself I am Serenity."

Janelle flashed the group a smile that said told you so.

"And as for my wings hang on." Serenity stood up a silver light not as bright as before surrounded her and the golden upturned crescent moon was again shining in the middle of her forehead. Her wings sprang from her back still bent at odd angles clearly still broken.

Janelle shot the group a shooing look and while everyone was curious about where, and why she was there they decided that it was best to leave Serenity with Jaenelle. Daemon hung around in the hall just to be sure if Jaenelle needed him he was close. And Daemonar stood clad only in black leather pants against the door jam.

"I could hear that Arcerian talk in my head. " Serenity was very curious as to why she could hear the great cat and Janelle.

Jaenelle cocked her head in curiosity. "Really you could hear Kalusha? Normally humans needed to learn how to communicate with the Kindred." Janelle circled Serenity looking at her wings when was awed by there beauty. The dirt and blood was gone leaving them a pure white. "We will have to set the bones before they heal anymore."

"That's not necessary they will set themselves as the heal. Tell me what are Kindred." This place that Selenity had sent her to was a curious place.

"Kindred are the animals of the Blood," Janelle explained simply, which in turn only confused Serenity more.

"The Blood? "

"Hmmmmm it seems we have a lot to learn about each other but for now let's go to breakfast." Janelle fluffed her hair, she figured it would be easier on Serenity to tell everyone at once then having to repeat herself. "There are clothes that should fit you in wardrobe, and once you're ready Daemonar," Janelle indicated to the man leaning against the door, "can show you were the dinning room is."

"Alright thank you." Serenity watched Janelle leave closing the door behind her before she vanished her wings, the crescent moon stayed. Slowly she walked to the wardrobe and picked out a simple blue button up shirt and a pair of dark blue tight fiting pants, completing the look with a pair of white boots.

Serenity walked to the door, but stopped when out of the corner of her eye she saw the Arcerian poking her head through the curtain at the balcony. She wasn't alone with her was a white wolf, slowly she approached the two animals so not to startle them. She knelt down and reached her hand out to both of them.

Both of the animals sniffed her hand before Kalusha butted her head and started to purr. "I am Serenity, who is your friend Kalusha?"

The big cat cocked her head to the side. "You can hear me?" Serenity nodded with a smile, Kalusha tried her best to smile back, but instead decided to jump up and down in excitement.

"I am Winter," the wolf snorted.

"It's nice to meet you Winter." Serenity gave the wolf a scratch behind the ears.

A knock sounded on her door. "Are you ready, Serenity," a male's voice asked. She assumed it had to be Daemonar, since he was suppose to walk her down to the dinning hall.

"Sorry got to go you are both welcomed to stay here." She got up and went to the door to open it Daemonar stood there still in his black leather pants but he had also put on a white silk long sleeve shirt. His dark hair still hung loose, giving him a playboy look.

Daemonar looked her up and down she was easily the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. The blue shirt she worn brought out the blue ring that circled her silver eyes.

They walked in silence with Serenity casting curious glances at his wings. Daemonar saw this from the corner of his eye, he too would glance at her from time to time. Her hair was the longest he had ever seen reaching down to dance around her ankles and the style was unique.

They rounded a corner and Serenity could hear voices, the conversations they were having was about her. She stopped unsure if she could face so many people right now she wasn't ready to tell everyone about where and why she came.

"If you would like you could eat in my library," a strong male voice came from behind her. Serenity turned to see a tall man with the same gold colored eyes as Daemonar his black hair had grey shooting through it. His smile held a warmth that was fatherly.

"I um." Serenity wasn't sure what to do she could be a coward but this was different she wasn't ready to be bombarded by people asking difficult questions. "Yes please," taking Saetan's offered hand.

"Daemonar have Jaenelle, Lucivar, and Daemon join us," Saetan told him before escorting Serenity away.