Keena has nothing to live for anymore. Her friends are safe and well with there adoptive parents, and her parents want her dead. After being beaten half to death she runs away to find herself on old Fleet Street in Victorian London with her friends.

Sweeney Todd and The Demon Children of Fleet Street

(Chap 1: Keena)

Keena looked nervously at the clock as it struck three. The school bell wrung as a signal, to the other students, of freedom, but to Keena, it was a signal of doom. Hell was coming and she knew it. Tonight would be the night her parents would kill her. Tomorrow she would be missing and per parents moved away. Maybe on the same day, if not, days later her broken, splintered, bloody body would be discovered. The teachers would be relieved that they would have one less student to teach. The students would be glad to see the back of a freak like her. Her best friends Jenny and J would miss her a bit, but would be too preoccupied with there new family to really care.

She walked slowly through the corridors of the school, being punched, tripped and laughed at by many others who passed her. She often wandered if they would be so cruel if they knew of what was about to happen. Would they be so hateful if they where given the chance to understand her? Keena had skin as pale and white as paper. Her black hair had a single red streak going down the left side, her hair was shoulder length and messy. Her eyes where cola-black. Her eyes thickly underlined with black eyeliner. She took off her black and red glasses and placed them in her case.

She looked as the sun set behind her house. A shiver went down her spine as she went in. Sure enough they where there. One had a belt in hand another had a knife. She didn't see who was her mother or father, she just saw figures in the shadows. She didn't mind it so much in the dark. Darkness was her friend

"Grab her." said a female voice. Her mother.

She was drunk. Keena could tell by how she was speaking and the room stunk of alcohol. The two pinned her down. Her mother slashed furiously at her, mainly cutting her wrists and arms. Her father whipped the belt across Keena's stomach, then pushed her over and whipped her back. Her mother continued to slash ah Keena's back and legs. Her father must have gotten hold of his mallet, because she felt the impact of solid wood against her body. It caused more bleeding and absolute agony, but no bones where broke.

Her dad picked Keena up by the hair. She ignored the pain she was in, grabbed his hand and squeezed it, causing his grip to loosen and kicked him. She had left to door open so she ran. She ran until she could hardly walk. She fell, but instead of hitting the floor, she fell further and before she could open her eyes she was plunged into deep, dark, freezing water. She tried to move but she couldn't. She saw something above her. Someone was swimming towards her. She tried to hold her breath, but the cold wouldn't allow it. The water was suffocating her. Constricting her. She couldn't hold on any longer and blacked out.

Keena suddenly found herself heating up. Getting warmer and warmer until it was almost unbearable. She shook around a bit, but yelped in pain. She opened her eyes but could not see. She jumped as something cold met her forehead, but winced in pain again as she tried to move. She managed to sit up but found herself in agony again. She blinked as her vision returned.

She was on a room on some sort of ship. She looked beside her to see who was, unmistakably, Sweeney Todd. She had seen the movie millions of times despite being 14, as many wouldn't allow it if it where up to someone else. He looked just like he had at the start of the movie. His hair was a ratty mess, as usual. His skin was deathly pale, but her skin was the same if not paler. Antony was beside him, a wet cloth in his hand.

"Calm down. Your safe now." Antony spoke.

"I must go. I will see you later Antony." Sweeney took his coat and left.

"There was another you where found with. Is she your friend?" Antony motioned to a young girl who was dressed in a white sun-dress. She had dirty-blonde hair and rosy-pink skin.

"Jenny!" Keena gasped. "What happened?"

"We found your friend on some timber from a ship wreck or something. She doesn't seem to remember what happened or how she got there. Are you aware of what happened?"

"Our families had been killed in the fire. We where heading out to see. We didn't have a specific place we wanted to go, we just didn't want to be sent to the work house. I guess I'll just get off at Lon…. Where your stopping next." Keena wasn't always a good liar, unless it was really needed, luckily Antony believed her.

"Good… well you get some rest. I will see you later tomorrow." and with that Antony left.

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