Chapter 3….Living In Pink

This one takes place right after Beth moves in with Merle. Now remember Merle is a guy who has NEVER lived with a woman, let alone one as sweet and girlie as Beth. This is sooo fluffy you might need some coffee to go with it…LOL…enjoy. This is a request by the way so hope you all like it.

The first night that Merle had carried Beth back to his room had been awkward. He had picked one of the old cells near the office where Daryl and Carol slept, so the cell had one cot in it and his shit all over the small space. He sighed as he laid her sleeping body down. He planned on getting them a real bed and maybe finding an office or room that wasn't taken. He opened up his bedroll and laid it next to the cot, he sighed, it wasn't the first time he had slept on the floor, but he was much younger the last time he slept on the floor of a jail. He sighed as he listened to her breathing, her hand was dangling over the side of the cot and Merle sat up and kissed her hand softly. Tomorrow he would start working on fixing things with her pa, but for tonight he needed to sleep.

Merle was up at first light; his back ached from the long night on the ground. He heard Daryl coming and knew he was running late. Daryl stopped at the bars and smiled at him, "Gettin' too old for the floor?" Merle shot him a look, "Shut it ass hat, you'll wake her." Daryl laughed silently to himself as his brother made his way out toward him. Daryl glanced over at him, "If ya want we can stop and get ya a wheel chair, if it'll help." Merle stopped, he knew that Daryl was going to be wicked today, "You're a real right fucker ya know that?" Daryl's laughter filled the hallway; Merle knew it was going to be a long ass hunting trip.

By the time they got back, they had each bagged a deer. They strung them up outside gutting them and cutting the meat off. Maggie, Carol, and Kat worked on taking the meat into the kitchen and cooking it up for the group. Merle was glad their part was done. He made his way toward their cell. When he got closer he saw several sheets tied up against the bars. He shrugged thinking that she just wanted more privacy.

Nothing prepared him for what he saw inside the cell. It looked like pink threw up; Beth looked up at him and smiled, "Well how do you like it?" Merle's eyes traveled around the room, in the course of one day she had completely taken over his space. He saw that she had brought in an extra cot. The two cots were pushed against the wall; he saw several pillows sitting on them. There were flowers on an old filing cabinet, fucking flowers in Merle Dixon's room, he felt sick.

Beth eyed him nervously, "You don't like it, I can tell by your face." Merle forced a smile at her, "No it's great. Ain't never seen anything like it before." Beth smiled at him, "Carol helped me bring in the cot and the two small filing cabinets have our clothes in them. I washed all your stuff. It's still drying outside. I also made some cookies this afternoon, would you like me to go get you some?" Merle nodded, at her trying to keep from running screaming from the room. "Cookies sound nice." Beth walked over to him and kissed his cheek, "I'll be right back with some."

Merle knew he was in a shit load of trouble. Once he knew she was gone he high tailed it to Daryl's room. He opened the door without knocking and found Daryl changing his shirt. His brother looked up at him and nodded; Merle looked up and down the hallway and shut the door. "I got a fuckin' problem." Daryl sat down on the bed eyeing his big brother, "What the hell is it? You look like someone walked over your fucking grave."

Merle paced back and forth staring at him, "I got back today and she's…well she….she moved all my shit around. She put up sheets; pushed two cots together….she made me fuckin' cookies." Daryl laughed, "And what's the problem?"

Merle opened and shut his mouth not sure what to say, "She's taking over!" Daryl nodded his head, "Yup she's taking over do ya love her?" Merle stopped short, "Well of course I fuckin' love her. I just don't know what the hell to do." Daryl chuckled motioning to the quilt he was sitting on, "Look at how I live for Christ sakes. Did ya ever think I'd have a flowery ass quilt on my bed? Shit look at my boots, she cleans them off every night; even though I'm just gonna get them fuckin' dirty. But I won't have it any other way. I love her, if she wants to sleep on pink sheets, then I'm fuckin' sleepin' on pink sheets."

Merle stood there for what seemed like forever, his head slowly nodding, "I see what you're sayin'. I just need to man up." Daryl nodded his head smirking at his big brother, "It ain't easy. Carol and I still fight about that stupid shit, but it makes making up more fun too." Merle nodded his head at his little brother, he wasn't sure when the boy got so smart, but he was glad he at least had Daryl to talk to.

That night Merle had watch late, when he came into their cell he saw she had left the lantern on for him. Sitting next to the lantern was a small plate of cookies with a small note, Just a little snack for Daddy from his girls. He stared at the note for the longest time, how did she know if it was a girl? And why did she call him daddy? Was he even ready for this? He felt his throat tighten up as he glanced at the sleeping tiny woman. He sighed, wishing that he wasn't so fucked in the relationship department.

He stripped down to his boxers and slid onto his cot; Beth rolled over and smiled at him, "Hey." He smiled as she settled against his chest, her cold fingers softly playing with his chest hair. He kissed her golden hair and hugged her tight against him. Maybe being with a woman wasn't so bad, even with all their pink and lacey shit. At least you had a warm body to lay with at night and someone that made you cookies just for the hell of it. Merle smiled to himself, he was going to like having someone to take care of and someone to take care of him.

Ok, the next one will be in Beth's POV, this one was just Merle coming to terms with sharing his life and space with Beth. The next one will be the hormones that rage in a woman during pregnancy! Should be up pretty quickly