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This story takes place after the Avengers. It is about what happens to Loki as a consequence to his actions. It's a romance, angst, slightly horror fix that will have elements of fantasy/mythological elements in it. Inspired by Snow White.

NOTE: There will be smut. You don't like? Then don't read!

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New York city was bathed in a yellow glow. The sun was shining brilliantly, holding out against the chaotic mess it's earth has become. Despite the toppled buildings and masses of alien carcasses piled high in the streets, the mood of the people living on the planet was joyous. As Loki Laufeyson looked around him, all he could see was the race of humans smiling, hugging, laughing. Their mortal faces were full of happiness - delight at being alive and free. Their renewed enthusiasm for life sent thrills of annoyance through him.

That annoyance was doubled as his brother thrust the tesseract towards his bound hands. Loki glanced at the members of the Avengers, loosely ringed around him. Their expressions were hard, unforgiving. The one called Stark even came across as being smug. Sensing no chance of reprieve at the hands of the mortals, the demigod reluctantly reached out and grasped the glowing cube with trembling fingers.

Whatever fate awaited him in Asgard, he was sure the punishments on earth couldn't even begin to compare. He would honestly rather be handed over to SHEILD.

Thor felt the familiar tug of the portal hauling him and his prisoner across the realms. In the blur of azure light he caught glimpses of his brother's face.

Loki's skin was awash with the blue glow of the tesseract, his eyes focused on the power source hungrily. He had seen that possessive expression on the Silvertongue many times - when he spoke of his children, when he obtained a new spell book, in the more passionate moments of sex. Loki coveting something was not unusual, considering the manner in which they grew up. However the Trickster's lust for this power was something Thor had never seen before. Loki coveted the cube. He was obsessed with it.

For a split second Thor thought he saw a crease in the younger man's smooth forehead, a tiny line betraying his fear, but the light once more blurred Loki's face from his view, so he couldn't be sure.

Then, as suddenly as they were swept from Earth's surface they landed in Asgard. Thor stood straight as the nausea faded, but his brother stumbled by his side. He reached out to steady the bound captive, but Loki shot him a glare so venomous it squeezed at his heart. Beneath the muzzle he could hear the animalistic hiss that was forced through the demigod's teeth.

Thor could almost hear Loki's voice.

Don't touch me.

The short walk through the city to the palace was perhaps one of Loki's most humiliating moments. People in the streets stopped to watch their heir and the traitor prince walk by. After a few mumbled insults, the Aesir began to gather motivation and shout out their anger. A small crowd trailed after the two demigods, gaining in size the closer they got to Odin's palace.

Thor's hand grasping Loki's manacles tightened. The Liesmith ducked his eyes, looking down at his feet shuffling forward step by step. His brother's shadow hung over him like a disappointed presence. It felt as though even the sun could not bear to shine over him; the outcast, the trickster.

Loki's heart thudded loud in his ears, blending with the outraged roar of the city. He could feel the cold stares of the people, boring into his back. A small child entered his lowered vision; the boy's innocent face was twisted into a grimace of disgust. Loki flinched away from the youth's hatred, pressing back into the broadset chest of his captor.

Thor looked down at Loki, seeing the trickster's upturned, haunted face look back at him. The younger sibling looked skittish, eyes darting about him nervously like a cornered animal. The golden man took pity on the naked fear gleaming in the prisoner's eyes, and placed what he hoped was a comforting hand on his trembling shoulder.

Loki felt Thor's heavy hand clamp down on him. The weight of it only added to the heaviness he felt in his stomach. He glanced up at the palace steps with undisguised dread. His reunion with the king and queen could be nothing but grim. They may be his adopted parents, and they may have loved him once, but who could love the monster that he had become? There was no room in his heart for hope, but neither was there the room for penance. Though regret rose up inside him battling with his conflicting emotions, he couldn't imagine himself getting down on his knees and begging forgiveness. It just wasn't in him.

Loki knew that the court hated him by now. He knew that they would only see his return as an opportunity to exact punishment upon the interstellar criminal.

What he didn't expect though was the resounding silence he was met with the moment he entered the throne room. After the shrieks and jeers of the public outside, stepping foot inside the palace was like being submerged in water. Each breath was an effort. It felt like someone had kicked him hard in the chest so that each intake of air dragged painfully through his rib cage. Suddenly his heart was loud in his ears and his movements grew sluggish. After a sweeping assessment of the excessive space he kept his eyes focused on his boots, pretending to be fascinated by them as they shuffled forward, step by step. Thor all but dragged him the final few feet to the dais, and with a firm shove as an afterthought, pushed the chained man to his knees. Thor then knelt by Loki and unlatched the muzzle from his face. The trickster didn't let them see how much of a small comfort this was. Instead he schooled his expressions into an indifferent mask, shrouding his feelings from sight.

There was a pronounced silence, thick and heavy with apprehension. Loki's eyes darted everywhere but up, refusing to acknowledge who he was bowed before. He was so sure that in the face of testament he would hold his head high, stand proud when confronted with his actions and acknowledge that he was a formidable foe to any realm. But now that he was here Loki was struck with an acute feeling of being a little boy once more, scolded for disobedience. He couldn't shake the inkling that every eye trained on him was looking down on the God of Mischief as naught but a deranged fool who had leapt too high for one born so low. This notion was only reinforced when the AllFather finally spoke.

"Loki Odinson, also known as Laufeyson, you have been brought before the Asgardian court to face judgement for the crimes that you have committed against the realm, as well as against the innocent lives of those that extend beyond our border."

It was an impressive start to a long speech. Loki shifted slightly on his knees, wishing that he could be positioned more amiably. No doubt by the end of Odin's address his legs would be ready to give out against the rock hard floor.

The King of Asgard continued by listing Loki' numerous and varied crimes. As the list lengthened, growing progressively worse in terms of content, there were murmurs among the court. Loki felt a faint rise of blood to his cheeks at some of the insults and he had to fight the urge to stand up and demand that the pleasantry leave. It was one thing to have your wrongs listed in front of family, but having the entire noble population listen in as well was another. In his mind, the Silvertongue was already thinking up an assortment of horrendous things he would do the court to exact his revenge upon them for this. As far as he was concerned they were idle gossip mongers, with little more use than human lap dogs - kept around only for looks and to fill a space.

By the time the AllFather finished his deliverance, Loki was seething with annoyance. He flinched when the King addressed him directly, forgetting momentarily that the attention was on him for once, not his brother, and he was expected to speak.

"I don't see the point in pleading innocent." he snapped, finally gathering the courage to look up at the throne. The weathered face that stared down at him was expectedly impassive. "After all, there's enough evidence I'm sure to hang me a dozen times over."

Odin didn't blink at the demigod's bitter words, but a horrified gasp turned his gaze to the left, where the Queen sat. Frigga's face was alarmingly pale and Loki could see that she was holding herself back. The AllFather gave her a pointed look when she made to stand, and the distressed woman slumped back into her seat, anxiety painted across her features. Loki contemplated her grief cooly, before turning back to his adopted father.

"You would be correct in assuming that the evidence is stacked high against you." Odin acknowledged, "Weather or not it is enough to warrant execution depends on the manner of your disposition." The ancient man's face slackened slightly, poorly concealing how much he had aged in the past months. "You may have done wrong, but you are still a son of Asgard, and this is still your home."

Loki's mouth twisted into a cruel sneer. "You're sentiment is touching, but you are neither my father, nor this is my home. I don't belong here, or to any other race of unintelligible dolts." he hissed, voice dripping with hostility. He let out a short bark of laughter. "If you were expecting me to return, begging forgiveness, sincere to my little black heart, then you are a fool AllFather. I have seen things that you in all you're infinite knowledge couldn't dream of, and I have grown in my exile more than I ever could under the hands of fake parents." He shrugged Thor's hand off his shoulder and forced his knees not to buckle as he stood. "I have exulted in my freedom of this place and know that talents such as mine could never be appreciated amongst such oafs." he paused, ever dramatic, "For all your spite and all the taunts I have endured, know that none of you could ever hold me back. I'm above you all, and it's only your ignorance that prevents you from bowing to me; your rightful king."

"Enough!" Odin cried, leaping from the throne in fury. But Loki's words had already taken hold. The outraged voices of the court echoed loudly in the large space, strained now with undisguised fear. Loki could taste it on the air, and he grinned up at the AllFather in triumph. His adopted father looked down at him from the dais, neutral expression now twisted into a combination of fury and frustration. With a wave of his hand the guards lining the walls began to close in on Loki. "Take him away. The grey room, then solitary."

At the mentioning of solitary confinement Loki felt a thrill of fear run through him. But the worry was quickly banished as he surveyed the uproar around him. Even as the guards roughly grabbed him and shoved him through the chaotic mess of people, Loki couldn't help but let out a malicious laugh that echoed above the sound.

Behind him, Loki could hear Thor sigh in dismay.

Loki didn't struggle as the guards led him towards the holding cell. He forced the panic bubbling up in his stomach to settle. He breathed deeply, feeling the weight of heavy hands clamped down on his shoulders. It would do him no good to fight back now; the cuffs of enchanted metal fastened to his wrists dampened his powers and he had no chance of overpowering the Aesir garrison. Not to mention the solid tread of Thor's footsteps behind him was an ominous reminder of an added level of security. Even if Loki was able to slip loose of the guards, he had no hope of getting past his former brother.

After an uncomfortable length of silent walking, they finally stopped in front of a foreboding looking door. The black wood was varnished to a high shine, making the surface slick and without handholds. There wasn't even a latch. The only indentation into the glossy surface was a shallow engraving. It simply read "Grey Room." Those two unsettling words only added to the hysteria that Loki was trying to force down. He struggled to keep his features blank as one of the guards rapped on the disquieting door in a short pattern. A code, evidently.

"So much security, just for me. You'd think I killed someone." The demigod grinned, watching the Asgardians' expressions turn from uneasy to disgusted in a few short seconds.

Behind him he could hear Thor's disappointed sigh. "Hush Loki."

The despair in his tone startled the liesmith. He didn't think the golden man was that unsettled by Loki's imprisonment. However he didn't have long to ponder that thought before the black door slid open and he was shoved roughly into the space beyond.

The grey room as it were, was completely white. The slick floor was rock hard beneath Loki's feet and each footstep echoed in the stark space. A group of uniformed men were assembled in a line against the opposite wall. He was being propelled towards them, and the moment of confusion clouding his mind was unpleasantly wiped clear when his eyes spotted the manacles bolted to the white wall. That, and the long length of leather coiled in a burly guard's hand destroyed the calm facade he had managed to achieve. Loki's heels dug uselessly against the rock hard floor and he began to twist and turn in the grip of the guards.

"No!" the strangled cry tore free of his lips. "There must be some mistake, Odin never gave this order!"

His horrified protests went unanswered. The guards at his side's only tightened their grip on him. In a panicked daze he vaguely noticed his body being stripped of armour and clothing, until he was only left with his slim fitted pants. A man with no mercy in his eyes then lifted the demigod's arms forcefully and locked them into the metal restraints. Loki immediately tried pulling back, but the manacles didn't even budge. Around him was the low murmur of a heated discussion, but his mind was too clouded with dread to distinguish what they were saying.

After a tense pause he felt a warm hand on the bare skin on his back.


Loki focused on the wall in front of his face, refusing to turn to Thor, lest the mighty warrior see his fear. His tongue was too thick and dry at first to answer.

"Loki, I'm sorry for this… We didn't tell you because we knew you'd struggle and I-" Thor's voice cracked and he took a moment to regain his composure. "I couldn't bare the thought of you hurting yourself any more than-"

"Don't." Loki said coldly. "Just don't bother acting like you care."

Thor let out a harsh breath that tickled the back of Loki's neck.

Loki then felt a soft bundle being pressed against his lips by two large fingers. He squirmed backwards for a moment, but Thor managed to get his thumb in between the trickster's teeth and prised his jaw wide enough to wedge a roll of thick fabric between his back molars.

"Don't fight me Loki," Thor commanded when Loki tried to spilt the gag out. "it is necessary. The fabric won't stop the pain, but at least you won't bite your tongue off."

The dark haired demigod sighed heavily, accepting Thor's words. He let his head fall forward against the cold wall and chewed on the material experimentally.

Thor hesitated, seeming to want to say something more, but Loki shrugged the hand on his shoulder off.

The blonde demigod stepped back from the prisoner, heart constricting at the sight of his beloved brother restrained so. A guard cleared his throat, words coming out awkwardly.

"Uh, my lord? You may want to leave. It would be best if you didn't have to see this."

Thor wanted to stay. He wanted to be here for Loki, feel each crack of the whip with him. He wanted to be there when it was over so that he could hold his baby brother tight and protect him from the long, dark isolation sentence that would follow.

But he couldn't. If he stayed he wasn't sure he'd have the restraint not to act out against the guards. It wasn't their fault they were assigned this duty.

The demigod turned and took six long strides without looking back, until he was outside the grey room and the door slid closed behind him. Only then did he lean against the wall, waiting for the first crack, tears making tracks down his stricken face. With each swing of the whip he flinched, gasped, let out the cry that he knew Loki would keep between his lips. He wept, because he knew his brother wouldn't.

- To be continued….

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