Blaine sat up in bed in a sudden panic. He wasn't sure what had woken him or even where he was at first. Blindly reaching for his phone on the nightstand and finding only empty space confused him further until he remembered. Oh yeah. New town, new apartment and no furniture. He reached over the side of the air mattress to find his phone on the floor and saw that it was 2 am. That brought him back to his original unsettled confusion, what had woken him up at that time of night? That's when he heard it again. A tiny raspy voice calling, "Daddy!"

He sighed at the thought of yet another night lacking in sleep as he worriedly scrambled to his feet and ducked down the hall to the next bedroom. "What's wrong sweetie," he asked softly as his three year old daughter nuzzled her bright pink cheek into his hand. She sat up in her Princess Jasmine sleeping bag and croaked pathetically, "My froat is sore. My ear is owey too." His heart melted as she stuck out a small rosebud bottom lip while looking up at him with big hazel eyes. He ran his fingers through her unruly black curls and then felt her forehead with the back of his hand. He frowned as he felt the heat that radiated from her flushed skin. Being both a nurse and an experienced parent told him that her temp was easily over 100 even without the use of a thermometer. Good thing too, since he had no idea in which box the thermometer was hiding.

"Ok, Addy. Let's go get you fixed up," Blaine told her as he grabbed a pink hoodie from the hook on her wall and slipped it over her head. "See if you can find your shoes. I'll meet you by the door, ok?" He set her gently on her feet after she nodded sleepily and ran to his room to search out his wallet and keys. He had yet to actually visit the emergency room where he was supposed to start work tomorrow. No time like the present.