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Staring at the young man who seemed to be fast asleep, tucked into the soft green sheets of one of St. Mungos beds... But unfortunately Severus Snape knew better. No this man had been in this blasted fucking condition and all he had to blame was himself and Harry's blasted Gryffindorness, it had been nearly four and a half months since Harry had thrown himself in front of the weakened potions master as a wand less curse was hurled from the barely alive death eater after he had caught the boy in a hug walking unsteadily into the great couldn't help but replay the event in his mind searching for a what if, or how he could have saved him.

As soon as Harry had left the shack with Granger and Weasley following close behind he fought himself, attempting to keep conscious despite he had nearly lost it when he gave him the memories. His shaking hand dipping into his right pocket that held all the potions necessary to counter act the venom more than already was with the make-shift vaccine that were already sure to be fighting against the venom in his blood.

To say that the Dark Lord's actions in the shack were expected was the bloody understatement of the century he'd been taking the vaccine for nearly 2 week just in case the mad bastard would decide to do what he just did, it was no secret that Voldemort favored his pet for his preferred execution style.

Hands visibly shaking he downed first the vile of black sludge that was a dose of nagini's anti-venom, grimacing at the taste he waited a few seconds before uncorking the deep blue bottle of blood replenisher. That done he spelled the wound on his neck shut slowly not having enough energy to go on but somehow fighting though it not even able to muffle his cries of pain as his flesh knitted back together this point he was only driven on by a single thought,

"Harry needs me".

The horrific wound finally closed, his neck was probably going to be grotesquely scarred by the poor job he'd done of healing but he shrugged it off for now. Right now he had to get to his one time lover, help do whatever it took to get them out alive. At least that was what he wanted to do before he passed out in sheer exhaustion.

When he woke up much later feeling stronger but still weaker than he should be, there were no sounds of battle going on besides the occasional cry of despair in grief. Ending up he nearly had to crawl through the entrance of the all too well known tunnel that eventually led under the wamping willow, stumbling and crashing into the earthen wall and floor his traitorous legs giving out from underneath him so by the time he reached the opening his teaching robes were torn and covered with dirt.

None the less he struggled to right himself going as quickly as he could from under the tree toward the positively glowing school no sound but despairing moans and screams came from it. hoping against hope that he wasn't too late and his Harry wasn't dead he picked up his stunted gate into a fumbling run as he dashed past dead figures of past friends being carried by various people toward the great hall many were crying but none seemed to notice him. So he continued running entering the great hall, onyx eyes searching desperately for the green eyed man who has haunted his dream for far too long.

Finally he saw a mop of black hair buried in his knees as loud sobs shook his shoulders, clothes torn and looking worse for ware but other wise fine Severus nearly fell to the floor walking over to the sobbing man. Ignoring the astonished stares coming at him from Granger and bits of the Weasley family that weren't hovering over someone's body in the corner.

Placing a faintly trembling hand on Harry's shoulder making the young man stare up, tortured green eyes meeting tired black. With a horse cry of joy Severus found himself with and armful of the savior of the wizarding world who was hugging him maybe a little to tight eager mouth attacking his own, lips parting easily as he returned the passionate kiss. After efficienatly snogging the young man as their tears of releif mingled to gether between their faces, that was until the horrible aches in his muscles made it clear that he was in no shape to be holding anthing as heavy as Harry.

Reluctantly setting his lover down he quickly Pecked him on the lips yet again embracing eachother tightly only letting go as Severus's legs trembled and made him stumble back just out of Harry's arms just as an outraged shout came from a group of aurors who were struggling to contain one of what Severus recognized as a younger death eater, before he could even think to react a wand less curse was hurled at him only to be taken by Harry who had somehow managed to jump in front of him at the last second.

So now here he was, granted the horrifyingly peaceful picture his lover was making... Damn him for be so self sacrificing, the healers having told everyone there was no guarantee he would wake up anytime soon without a counter curse. Reaching up he closed his own cold hand around Harry's warm one cursing him once again while his other hand reached down to stroke his slightly rounded stomach through his usual black robes.

It was times like this he wished he had never gave into that quiet desperate voice that pleaded with him begging him only days before the final battle. The sweet nothings whispered in his ears as Harry slowly fucked into him making him cry out in pleasure as the man successfully brushed his cock against the little pleasure nub inside him, even as small tears leaked out his eyes in pain. Then having Harry nearly bend him in half to kiss them away slowly making love to him as tongues battled for dominance Harry winning almost immediately as he rammed into Severus's prostate again and again making his lovers screams and groans echo throughout his nearly empty chamber as Harry continued to bugger him hard into the cushions of the couch in the sitting room.

But that wonderful night had happened and now he was stuck here, 4 and a half months pregnant with the father of his precious little girl in a coma and completely unaware of her existence. That thought was the final straw gripping his love's hand tightly in his own as nearly silent sobs escaped him, tears streaming down the potion masters face. Barely aware of anything let alone that nearly the entire Weasley family was watching him from the doorway, that was before the youngest of them rushed forward and wrapped her usually prickly potions professor in her arms holding him in a tight embrace, and in his pain he was unable to reject the comfort he need so dearly.

After a few fire filled verbal quarrels at the Weasley family attempting to bar him from Harry's hospital room had the truth come out and apparently Granger and along with Molly Weasley had been won over by his situation and after they had gotten conformation from the healer that had run a diagnostic spell descovering his pregnancy before he had been interrogated and cleared of all crimes as they had someone retrieve the memories from his office at Hogwarts.

And once they had accepted that Harry was in fact the father even the Weasley Men Minus the deceased Percy all but force him to move in with him in his depressed state with all of them mother henning him to a point of frustration. But still he allowed it knowing full well without them he wouldn't take care of himself and unfortunately by extension his baby. So he tolerated all this hugging the crying because he seemed unable to pull himself together enough to be his usual snarky self... Damn hormones.

After what had evolved into a group hug Ginny gave him an affectionate kiss on the cheek before whispering in his ear.

"Don't worry Sev, We've gotten an idea to get our Harry back, the twins and I have been working on it."

Standing up leaving a bemused Severus too hope full to even bother glaring at the red head for kissing his cheek. Ginny and the twins gathered around Harry's bed with Ron watching the hallway for healers as they began chant their lines one at a time their wands coming to rest on Harry's chest.

"Expergisci a somno"

" Venit ad mundi"

"nunquam iterum et manere"

There was a flash Of blue-green light as Fred finished his line illuminating the room and it would have captured everyone's attention except for the fact that there was now a loud cough filling the room, with Harry's green eyes opened groggily flitting from one person to the next Molly's voice yelling for a healing faintly registering with him before his eyes landed on the man he wanted, no needed to see was safe. And there he was, dark hair floating around his face, eyes rimmed with red it was obvious he had been crying...Even feeling as weak as he did he reach forward grabbing the back of the potion masters head gripping it firmly as he kissed him once again pouring in the relief that he felt that the man was in fact safe unharmed by what he assumed by the hospital room he was in he had taken the brunt of it if not all of the curse.

Ending the unbearably sweet kiss he looked up to the Weasley family who was all now crying and hugging each other in releif, how long had he been out? After the tearful reunion of sorts Ginny shooed everyone out of the room before aiming a mischievous look at Harry before glancing pointedly at Severus who was watching the exchange with and amused quirk of his lips. Making the seventeen year old blush about 3 different shades of red before winking at he ex-boyfriend and closing the door softly behind her.

Gripping his lovers hand he tugged on it urging him to join him on the bed, obliging Harry with a fond murmur of "brat" he climbing in along side Harry placing his head right underneath Harry's chin holding onto as much of him as possible.

He had done this before of course, but only at the urging of the healer that was attending to him during his pregnancy assured him that he would require the fathers magic as well as his own to help the baby grown during the first few months and skin to skin contact was a must to transfer the magic. But this was the first time Harry was awake and he could probably already felt the slight bump of his lover's previously flat stomach that was pressed against his side.

He looked up into adoring eyes, It was obviouse now that Harry had meant it when he had professed his love for him that fateful night. Small pale hands ran up and down his sides stopping on his stomach as those beautiful green eyes turned questioning when their daughter gave a small kick to her other fathers hand. Confused as to what exactly he had just felt he stared at Severus just to ask what the hell that was before a finger was on his open mouth stopping a deep breath Severus removed his finger now came the moment of truth.

"There is something I need to tell you.. Harry, I... I'm well... "

"Come on Sev Spit it out" Staring at the ussually articulated man,looking more than a little bemused but he still had a small smile on his face.

"Harry... I'm Pregnant"

As soon as the words were out of his mouth Harry let out a little startled noise before pulling the man into his lap holding him tightly a hand cupping their unborn child through Severus's skin kissing him again while laughing with pure joy. After properly snogging the man he had just found was carrying his child he ling back both slightly breathless Harry smiled at his pregnant lover placing another sweet kiss on his brow.

"I hope for their sake they don't have your nose" giggling again when Severus smacked his shoulder lightly before kissing him again, ecstatic.

"well I suppose then It's about time I make an honest man of you then?" Grinning even wider when his loves eyes nearly popped out of his head as he apparently did his best imitation of a fish, mouth opening and closing several times before lunging forward and kissing him again.

" yes, on one condition brat, I get to name our daughter" smiling as his new fiancé took in the information laughing again with joy before leaning forward kissing his baby bump.

"middle name? and we'll decide together for her first?" pretending to think it over he merely shrugged before once again Harry pulled him close to his chest snuggling with him, so happy he chose to ignore the flash of red hair from the window in the door of the room and that said head of red hair had probably watched the whole thing.

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