Before the Music Dies Legacy

ANT Companion: The Place of White and Gold

Chapter One: A Beginning (Or, A Rise)

Today is Founding Day. It'll be celebrated for many years to come, I'm sure. Today, I'm part of history, the first real Minister of what was and maybe always will be District Fourteen. The Dark Days are over, and we've begun. We've gained our independence from the Capitol and gone from what was only an organization to the transportation district to a state of our own. From here, the glory begins.

Outside there's chaos. The newly elected Representatives of each Sector are on their way to the veranda of Headquarters to take their places. The children who are too young to understand run and send dust clouds up into the air. I'll be moving to Headquarters shortly – first for the ceremony and then to live as Minister. For now I write and watch out the window.

Distance is key, not investment.

There is a lot of work left to do. We have citizens unaccounted for, which makes me think of the possibility that there were traitors among us during the war. Or they might just be caught in the aftermath, back in Panem. Some districts still rebelling blindly, the Capitol seeking revenge.

It's interesting to observe the changes. In some ways Panem could view us as weak. We have no official military, but of course our resources are far and few between from the war. Not even "Peacekeepers". The government is different too, and so is the landscape, changed because of it. Our large living buildings are now Sectors, a Representative for each, a function for each, almost like a district in Panem. Are we doomed to their poverty as well?

We are clueless to what is happening in their country, until we can re-establish ourselves among them. Surely, Thirteen has been destroyed in our place and the districts will be punished, most likely ignorant to our existence.

Headquarters used to be the Justice Building. Now it will be home to me and my immediate family, and the place for government jobs. There is even more work to be done and routines to settle into. The basics of the Charter are written, real laws underway. But we need security and self-sufficiency. Of course we planned but there were always deadly variables you couldn't account for. We hoped our new society could eliminate as many of those as possible. Records like this one and the Charter and a jury system not yet put to the test.

We have a motto, and I always felt that was what put everything together.

Loyalty. Precision. Authority.

We are too great for mistakes, this says, and we do not need anyone else, we are above all. We are powerful. We are the State of District Fourteen.

May we live on forever. Now, I'll go and face this world.

From the Record of Cygnus Laine, First Minister of The State of District Fourteen

. . . . .

I. A Minister will be elected by citizens annually. The Minister will only hold office consecutively, and will be the head of state for that time. They will make supreme decisions regarding trials, ceremony, government, progress, warfare, and economics. The Minister will reside in the Headquarters building, and this will be the house of the government.

II. Each dwelling will have a Representative elected by the residents of that Sector. Representatives are responsible for conflict within their Sector, serving as a jury member for any trials, and regularly reporting progress to the Minister. They will dictate assignments to their residents regarding occupation in their assigned industry.

III. Every citizen will be required to keep a Record of their life, beginning at the age of twelve. These Records will be written daily, and when one book of their Record is complete, it will be relocated and stored in the Library of Legislation. Records are kept for historian research and evidence in trials.

IV. Each Sector will have an assigned industry for its residents, as follows:

A. Sector One, Processing and Manufacturing.

B. Sector Two, Electronics and Technology.

C. Sector Three, Power.

D. Sector Four, Architecture and Construction.

E. Sector Five, Refineries and Mining.

F. Sector Six, Farming.

G. Sector Seven, Medicine and Advancement.

H. Sector Eight, Product Distribution.

I. Sector Nine, Textiles.

J. Headquarters, Government and Law.

V. If accused of violating the law of our state, every citizen has a right to a trial held in front of the Minister, their Deputy, and all Sector Representatives. A vote presided by the Minister will determine whether or not they are guilty and if so, their consequences.

VI. At the conclusion of their tenth year of required education, at the age of sixteen, each citizen will select their occupation, relocate to their new Sector, and begin training for their career. After the duration of this time period, they will begin work according to the regulations of their specific Sector. At this time they are awarded their quarters and financial account.

From the Charter of The State of District Fourteen (the rights, privileges, and regulations)

. . . . .

The early days of District Fourteen after their independence went slowly. With the new government, laws, and Charter set in place, the rebuilding began. Citizens began to settle into their lives as the state's pioneers. Work and school started up, the Sectors were put together, Record books distributed, and officials tried to keep order.

The times were also trying. A large group was concerned that the Capitol didn't really plan on leaving them alone; yet another argued Fourteen's view on the districts they were once a part of. Some disagreed with the Minister's ways. Even more were left ruined because of the war—a lost family, almost nothing to their name.

But Fourteen could be resilient, and so they would have to be.

. . . . .

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