Prometheus: The Discoveries of Science


David was sit in the spaceship. Shaw used her pilot skills to fly fast into the clouds with the steering wheel made from future design. "What is life" David asking philosophically. It suddenly making her sad and was too much for Shaw to handle at her brain working. She stop drive nd went out into the cargo hold to reflect upon the mysterious of life.

The beep was coming within over by the cockpit electric devices. "We are approaching the engineeer homeworld but there it will be carsh landing into waters" They both two put on a special equiptment to protect them from water dangerous.


The shiper were crasht onto the shore. The beach is beautiful looking like many pearsl of ocean mesmerize. "This place is so beautiful" Shaw say with amaze and hold hand into sky. "David" but we cannot stay for too long he saying just as suddendly a bullets were go throught teh water. "We have to get out of here" Then a bomb explode nearby but they are not hurt as it was no powerful. No "exclaiming" David we have to learn the answers to humanity! Shaw hide her head from the dangeredous objects and announced she will agree to stick at the plan.


They got out of danger and sneaked into Engineer palace. It look like the Italy and Shaw begins to realize things are not what they seem. "Oh no watch out!" and they knocked out their and two big bad Engineer guys dragged them away.


Tey awaker later but they are now in chain alien device. "I Am the creator" announce at him. "Why peuny humen come to distant land as distant as this world?" inquisitively.

Shaw "I have to know" "What is it that you are wanting to know" "Why!" she shout so much fury in her humanly voice it make David heart feel...real? "Hahahaha" Creater say. "Teyr is no why. You are creation because you humins is experiment. You live because I say you can."

"Is that terue?" Shaw

"Muahahahaha. Yes. Your life is all just experimental gone wrong. You are nothing!" Creater slam his staff on the floor and made a breathe noise. The tremor shocked both David and Shaw.

"How can this be..all verything is nothing" Shaw epihpanyd at the revelation, for the knowledge was disheartening.

"I am glad you come because we forget about humans." Creater explain "your time is up and we are send a massive fleet to kill all earth" he cakcles "you make a gravey mistake by arriving here "


"It is ok" David comferting Shaw and takes her hand and at dat moment he realize "I am human" with softly whisper.

and he and shaw watch the sky as gigantic space launches missles into the universe headed at Earth...