Fighting the Tide

Chapter 8: Curiosity

The sound of footsteps going lightly down stairs had Sesshoumaru alert. It couldn't be Kohaku, that boy valued his middle school sleep, no way he'd wake up at 6AM. From what he'd seen Kagome valued her sleep as well, and neither of the parents had to work this day. So, it had to be Kagome. Kagome's head peeked from the wall hiding the stairs, hair long and straight, no green streaks, no cut. She was human again. Sesshoumaru refrained from tilting his head at the look Kagome had. She seemed to scan the place, as though to determine if she was safe or allowed in the area before stepping into it. Sesshoumaru turned back to his work of making two more cups of tea and pairs of pancakes. "Ohayo gozaimasu, Kagome. Are you going to fully walk in or just pretend to hide on the stairs?" he called softly, a smirk in his voice. He heard her heart jolt in surprise and then a light, human growl come back at him before Kagome silently padded on the toes of her bare feet to the kitchen. "Why are you walking tip-toed? The floors do not creak." Kagome looked away. "It's an OCD of mine. I have to wear socks on non-carpet floors and in bed or I'll walk tip-toed so my feet don't freeze." Sesshoumaru again fought to do something below his character, like rolling his eyes. Kagome sighed, taking a sniff of the air. "Now I remember why I bothered to come down instead of going straight back to bed like usual. What'cha you cooking, 'shoomaru?" Kagome asked. Sesshoumaru stared at the hanyou-turned human girl in shock before glaring. "You will not call me…'shoomaru. My name is Sesshoumaru." He demanded, before gesturing to the pancakes that were cooking in the non-stick pan. Kagome smirked, eager to be mischievous. "Sure I will, it's too early to be correct, 'shoomaru. Besides, I think it's cute." She argued back.

Sesshoumaru glared even harder at her, before sighing and giving her two warm pancakes, already buttered. A small dessert bowl filled with blueberries and half-slices of strawberries slid next to Kagome's plate. "Utada-san called last night and told us you were very fond of berry-type fruits during breakfast. I shall continue your 'morning tradition' of eating them, Kagome." He explained at Kagome's happy and surprised look. Kagome's eyes lit up- even if they were still tired and nodded. "Thanks, 'shoomaru." She then drizzled some syrup on both her pancakes and fruit and quickly ate, drinking sips of the still warm tea. Sesshoumaru almost glared again but decided it was a lost battle. At least he wasn't the only one getting a pet name. Kagome seemed to sense his inner defeat and even had the gall to reach over and tapped his nose. Sesshoumaru stared at her before doing the unexpected; he smiled, and just let it go. Kagome giggled before digging in. Soon after Kohaku came to life and walked down the stairs. Sesshoumaru gave him his food and Kagome waved, having already finished and was cuddled on the couch watching Japanese Tom and Jerry as he left. Sesshoumaru washed the dishes and then decided he'd join the teenager.

Scene Change: With Inuyasha and Sango at Kaisei Academy

Sango had veered off to her class, leaving Inuyasha with the rest of the group. Miroku nudged him in the ribs, once they all got some food and sat down to eat. "So I heard from Sango your parents adopted a new girl yesterday." He started. Inuyasha gave a nod. Kouga took a bite of his biscuit. "What's she like? Is she cute or hot or nothing special?" he asked, eager for answers. Inuyasha glared lightly at the wolf. "I'm not telling you any of that. But, she's definitely special. She also has ties to Naraku, and not good ones. She'll probably be coming into the school in a few days, so you can judge her yourself." He answered. Kouga pouted but a side glare from Ayame evened out his face. "Will race is she? Hanyou, Demon, or Human? Or did you forget this is a mixed school?" Ayame asked instead. Inuyasha rolled his eyes at her weak teasing and shrugged. "You'll find out when she comes. Or ask Sango-nee." He replied with just as much indifference as before. Soon after the starting bell rang and the kids separated into groups of two and went into 3 classes. Inuyasha walked in with Miroku and took his seat next to Sango. Said girl smiled slyly at him. "How are you handling the curious people? Trust me, there's much more to go." She said. Inuyasha gave a side glare at her. "You're a living tabloid aren't you. At least leave the personal things to Kagome to answer herself ok?" he replied. Sango shrugged. "Sure sure."

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