Chapter 2

Who were they, their cloths were odd, the cold object she held to his head was foreign, and the metal he saw on fire in the sky had been unnatural. Pellew needed to know. It had been three days since the strangers were rescued, but he could not think about that now. When he was last on shore he receives orders to watch the cost of France and stop any ships leaving or entering any French ports. He went about his duties giving order to his men, who where as curious as he was about the strangers, to make sure the ship was running smoothly. He was sitting at his desk looking over maps trying to make plans for the watch when some one knocked on the door.

"Enter." said Pellew

Mr. Hornblower entered and stood at attention.

"What is it?" asked Pellew exasperatedly

Hornblower was chewing on his lip, as if he did not know who to begin. After a moment he said, "The lady has asked if she and her companion may come on deck. Both have promised not to do anything that would jeopardize the Indefatigable and anyone on her."

"Has she now? As long as they don't make any trouble I suppose they can." said Pellew

"Aye-eye, sir." said Hornblower and he turned and left

Pellew was still angry at her, and how she had treated him. He was the captain after all and they were on his ship.

For the next week the Indefatigable sailed smoothly across the sea. Captain Pellew was only on deck in the morning to give orders and to make his rounds and in the evening to see that his ship was well taken care of under Hornblower's care. He gave strict instruction that he was not to be disturbed when he was in his cabin unless it was absolutely necessary. Pellew still did not know what to do with his prisoners but they seemed to be true to there word and did not cause any trouble. When ever he came on deck in the evening he saw Kiran standing a few yards from the woman. He seemed to be very protective of her and Pellew wondered again of the relationship they had. The woman was always in conversation with someone, whether it was Hornblower or another sailors.

On this particularly evening Pellew was standing at the wheel, looking at the sky which promised a storm in the next few hours. His thoughts where interrupted by her laugh and he looked down to see Hornblower smiling foolishly. What where they talking about? Hornblower had duties and he was standing around.

"Mr. Hornblower your duties are waiting." barked Pellew

Mr. Hornblower looked up in surprise and with a sheepish grin trotted off. The wind was starting to pick up and Pellew ordered his men to real in the main sail, all the while he felt her eyes on him. He looked her way and his eyes caught hers, he glance away again feeling stupid. But he had to admit to himself that she was beautiful, with her sea blue eyes, black hair which was braided down her back. Pellew stole another look and was thankful she was not looking his way. He could study her face and he came to the conclusion that she was about 27-28 years old. He was lost in thought but the flash of lightning brought him back. He looked out to sea and saw the waves churning. The storm was about to hit. He was about to tell the lady and Kiran to go below deck but when he look she was gone. The sea was becoming wilder and Pellew saw to his satisfaction Hornblower standing near the rail commanding his crew to loose the top sails. The ship suddenly swayed violently and the place where Hornblower stood was empty. Pellew saw him loose his balance and fall head first into the unforgiving sea. He ran to the place where Hornblower had fallen over and cast his eyes out desperately looking for him. The next thing he knew he was pushed aside as someone came running past him and dived into the crushing waves.

"What the hell?"thought Pellew as he heard Kiran yell," No!"

"O MY GOD, it was her, she jumped, what was she thinking?" thought Pellew

He turned to see Kiran holding on to a rope which was rapidly uncurling at his feet. She must have grabbed one end before she jumped. Pellew was having a heart-attack, he had never seen anything like this before, she was either brave or very stupid. He looked into the sea and desperate searched the writhing waves, "Where is she" he thought and at last saw a hand break the surface of the water. Kiran and other sailors where hauling the rope in and Pellew could see that she had one arm around Hornblower and the other clinging tightly to the rope. Soon they were both out of the water and on deck coughing sea water everywhere. Hornblower looked like he didn't know who or where he was and someone put a coat around his shoulders. Pellew could see Kiran run up to the woman and trough his arms around her. It looked like he was ready to break down. They had a few words in German and Kiran bent and kissed her. It was only fleeting but Pellew had to turn away, but he could still hear what Kiran was saying to the woman.

"Don't ever scare me like that again!" said Kiran his voice trembling

"I can't promise anything, you know me Kiran." said the woman

Mr. Hornblower went up to the lady and took her hand. He held it and looked into her eyes and said," My god, you are an angle from heaven. I owe you my life, Miss Parker." There was so much gratitude in Hornblower's voice that Pellew could not stand it any more. From where the captain stood he turned to the lady and spat," What did you think you where doing?"

Calmly she turned to him and asked," Would you not save the life of a friend if you could?"

Pellew had no reply and turned and left. He was angry for it seemed like she had a remark to everything he said. He sat down and poured himself a drink downing it in one gulf and thought "Friend, since when was she friends with Hornblower. By god Hornblower even knew her last name, what was it….Miss Parker. She would not give her name to the captain when asked for but to a mere Midshipman.

Pellew poured himself another drink and sipping on this one he was lost in his thoughts again. "What is she doing to me, I have hardly spoken more than a handful of words to her and I am jealous of Hornblower and the other sailors who can easily talk to her. I am even more jealous of her companion because he is always so close to her and that kiss… That proves that they are lovers. Captain Pellew drained his glass satisfied at the burn as it went down.

Captain Pellew awoke next morning with a very bad head ache. He swung his legs over his cot and sat with head in hands. He really did look like hell, and when he got up he had to steady himself. Pellew felt nauseous and he knew the reason why. Last night he had finished a bottle of his best liquor and he was paying for it this morning. Staggering to the basin full of cold water, he splashed some onto his face. That revived him a little but as he got dressed he remembered the events of last evening. How Hornblower had fallen and how she had risked her life to save him. Pellew knew that if Miss Parker had not jumped in after Hornblower he would have been lost forever. He was grateful that she had saved him because Hornblower was a valuable asset to the Indy. As Pellew ascended the ladder up onto the main deck he made up his mind to thank Miss Parker for her serves. He looked around for her but she seemed not to be on deck. He would have to wait until she arrived. Pellew waited a half hour when finally Miss Parker and Kiran walked unto the deck. The first thing he noticed was that both were wearing different clothing but still just as strange. Both of them where wearing black trousers and a white shirts. Miss Parker was greeted by Hornblower who said, "Good morning, I hope you both slept well."

"Good morning Mr. Hornblower. I can say I slept peacefully but I don't know about Kiran." said Miss Parker smiling

Pellew looked at the man and he noticed that he looked rather ill.

"Yes, I can see that he looks a little green, and if you don't mind may I ask why you are not feeling well Kiran?" asked Hornblower concerned

"This damn ship keeps rocking back and forth. I feel sick every time I wake up. The sea is not my friend. I could never get used to it." growled Kiran

Miss Parker laughed and it was like music to Pellew's ears. Never had he heard any one laugh like it before. So full of life and happiness. Pellew thought he could listen to it all day.

"Yes, poor Kiran, the swaying of the sea is not his dance." Laughed Miss Parker

Pellew saw the look of happiness leave her face and a far away look enter her eyes and he was mystified by what she whispered next.

"The sea is my calling and I love it with all my heart but Kiran's calling is the sky and he loves it just as much."

"What did she mean 'Kiran's calling is the sky'? It made no sense." thought Pellew

"But any way, I'm sure he will get over his sea sickness, just like he always does." she said. Happiness entered her face and attitude again. Pellew thought it was best if he thanked her now and cleared his throat to announce he was there. All three looked up and saw him.

"Good morning, captain." said Hornblower, "If you will excuse me Miss Parker, Kiran." Hornblower left attending to his duties.

"I wish to thank you for saving my Midshipman yesterday." said Pellew

"Thank me, yesterday you wanted to rip my head off for saving him." Said Miss Parker.

Where her voice was full of happiness and friendship when she spoke to Hornblower, it was icy cold when she spoke to him.

"I did say thank-you." growled Pellew. He was again almost face to face with her. What had he done wrong this time? She really knew who to get under his skin and he hated it.

"You're welcome." Miss Parker growled meeting him with the same look of anger in his eyes.

Pellew turned and left. He really was sincere when he thanked her but the way she talked to him left him boiling mad. Once he reached the wheel he gave the necessary instructions and was about to descend below when he heard something that was foreign to his ears. The only way he could describe the sound was small stones being dropped one by one onto the back side of a cooking pan (beep, beep). He looked up trying to locate where the noise was coming from. With his head cocked he listened and was astonished to find that the noise was coming from Miss Parker. Pellew slowly walked towards her. She was deep in conversation with Kiran when he interrupted her.

"Miss Parker, can you tell me what that annoying noise is? It seems to be coming from you." said Pellew curiously. She looked lost to what he was saying "was she so deep in conversation that she could not hear the noise?" Than her face changed. From surprise, to hope, and Pellew swore he saw tears in her eyes. He watched as she pulled something from her pocket. Pellew heard what she was saying to Kiran, "She is here. When you started your experiments on the United I had a transmitter mounted to the motors. This is the radio that receives the signal. I had forgotten about it. I don't know where she is posted but she is in this time. Kiran, do you know what this means?"

"Yes, if we finder her we can go back. I love you so much, you think of everything." Laughed Kiran. Pellew watched as he picked her up and spun her around. He did not understand most of what was said but it was obviously happy and important news.

"Would you care to explain, mama?" asked Pellew, he was growing impatient.

Miss Parker looked at Captain Pellew for a few minutes and sighing said, "Captain Pellew, please sir, you must understand that as much as I want to tell you, I can't. Too many things have happened in such a short time. Be patient with us and everything will be revealed in do time."

Pellew looked at her and saw her pleading eyes. They seemed to say don't force me into anything and for once Pellew accepted that he would only get the answers he wanted on her terms.

"I don't like to be kept waiting but I see there I have no hope of getting my questions answered at least not today." said Pellew. He saw the relief in her eyes and suddenly from out of now are Pellew asked," Will you please just tell me who you are?" The words were out of his mouth before he could stop them and he did not expect to get an answer.

"My name is Aaron Parker and this is my brother. For now this is all I can tell you." she said. Pellew was amazed that she answer but yet again words fell unbidden from his mouth.

"Your brother?" said Pellew surprised. She must have seen his reaction and said," Yes, my brother. He is the only family I have left." Than turning she rapped her arms around Kiran's waist, and he protectively rapped his around her shoulders and they silently went below deck.