Ok. I'm sober now, and ready to write. Ok! Here's another installment of "The Game" Brought to you by the Mustard Advisory board

(not to be confused with the lake wobegon ketchup advisory board)

The Game Part IV

June-Pei stormed forward in his usual oafish manner only to keel back over and whine as he suddenly found himself lying on the ground, tethered down by thick tree roots that had sprung up from the ground in less time than it would take to acknowlege thier presence, with a sharp dagger set to lance his neck held by Sherratia.

"Fast...how do..how do you move.ergh..so fast." cried June-pei silently

Rei-sko pulled out her buckshot rifle quickly, but not quite quick enough. She was now hanging by her feet from a weave of vines around her legs from a nearby tree. Aries did nothing but chuckle to herself as Mistress Celcia put her hand over her face in embarrasment.

Sherratia looked into June-pei's eyes with a smug look on her face. "You will never do that again. The next time will be different..."

The blade moved closer to June-pei's neck an blood trickled onto the blade. Sherriatia stood up and licked the blood off her dagger before sensually sheathing it by her hip.

Mistress Celcia only sweatdropped more as Rei-sko fought the vines crawling up her legs and June-pei raged against his restraints.

"Are you going to be good?" said Sherratia deviantly.

June-pei only hacked a rather large lugie directly onto her face and laughed heartilly. "Stupid Elf! Leave while you can before I really get mad!!! OOOOGHF!!!!"

That was the last noise June-pei made before he passed out from the severe kick in the balls he received from the angry elf.

"Ok! That's enough!" cried Mistress Celcia "Not that he didn't deserve that, but what kind of game are you playing at here? Or are you just teasing us?!"

Sherratia wiped the yellow blob of her face and smiled at Mistress Celcia, who in tun stepped back and braced herself as if preparing to block a magickal attack.