Okay, so this is the second part that I didn't want to post. The co-author of this thought it would be a good idea, so here you go. Nothing inappropriate, just a little end. I thought it was cute, maybe you will too.

Bad Blood II

For the second time, America's eyes opened and he peered around the room curiously. Something didn't seem right. When he realized he was alone in the small room he knew what was wrong.

He laid back down and stretched his arm across the spot on the large bed where another body was supposed to be. The spot had long since gone cold. America frowned at this discovery.

He forced himself to stand and walk to the door, wincing at the pain going through his rear end and ankles.

Upon opening the door he was hit with the delicious smell coming from the kitchen.

The site that met him when he entered the kitchen made him smile and momentarily forget his sore body.

Russia was standing at the stove making something that looked like pancakes to him; he knew it was Russian, but he could never remember the names of Russia's food.

"Good morning love. Sleep well?" Russia asked when he realized that he was being watched.

America didn't have to see Russia's face to hear the smirk in his voice. "How do you think I slept? Asshole."

Russia turned and placed two plates at the small table in America's kitchen, then quickly seated himself. "I think you slept well. You seemed tired after all."

America watched as Russia began eating, glaring at the man, before lowering himself into the seat across from Russia. "I hate you," America whispered under his breath as he stuffed half of the thin pancake into his mouth.

"I know you don't, seeing as this was your own idea," Russia stated, smirk permanently etched onto his face.

"I didn't want that! I didn't want to be forced into anything!" America's voice rose an octave as he attempted to protest. "I was just expecting something small, ya know? Like a little foodplay or some shit."

Russia chuckled, "you suggested bringing some more kinks into the bedroom. Did I not bring enough kink? It seemed like you enjoyed it enough."

America's face adopted a red tint.

"Just because I enjoyed it doesn't mean that I liked it!"

"Oh really?"

"..I only liked it because it was you," America crossed his arms in what appeared to be defeat. "If it was anyone else I probably would've been pissed."

"Probably?" Russia raised an eyebrow.

"I wouldn't have let them do something like that to me and you know it! It's because I trust you." America huffed.

Russia smiled as he took the last bite of his breakfast. He knew that he was just getting America's nerves.

After finishing his food, he stood and took his plate to the sink. He then moved to stand behind America. He leaned down and pressed a soft kiss to the top of America's head. "I am sorry if I shocked you."

America leaned back and looked up at Russia, smiling at the sudden softness from his lover. "It's okay big guy, I liked it."

Leaning down Russia placed a soft kiss on America's lips.

"I am going to the store in a few minutes, do you want anything?" Russia asked after the kiss ended.

"Why are you going shopping?" America was confused, Russia never went shopping randomly without having to be drug.

Russia giggled childishly as he walked away, "I was going to get things to fix the ceiling you broke. Unless you want me to leave it."

"I didn't break it! It was your fault! You chained me up! Sadist!" America shouted, following the other man.

"Whatever you say, dear."