"Smell that, Sammy? That is the smell of axle grease, gasoline, and tires. I'm pretty sure that's what heaven smells like," said Dean with a grin.

Sam rolled his eyes. "I don't think your heaven smelled like that. We went there remember?"

"Well there ain't no smell like that in the world, that is for damn sure."

"Heaven has no smell, Dean," said Castiel.

"Whatever, angel boy."

They walked further across the dusty field crammed with tents full of auto parts, collectables, and t-shirts. Coming back from a hunt in northern Wisconsin, they had passed a sign for a car show and swap meet. Dean practically begged Sam to let them stop.

"It's hot," whined Dean, wiping his brow.

"You're the one who wanted to stop," said Sam, shrugging.

They trudged further across the field to the most beautiful sight Dean had ever seen. Rows and rows of classic cars were lined up to be admired by the sun-tanned masses.

"Dean, if you wanna look, that's fine. Cas and I are going to find something to drink."

Dean nodded. "Alright, but you're gonna miss out, Sammy. We'll meet at the car in a while."


"He's going to be here, Sam. He may be busy," said Castiel.

"Well, he better hurry up. We need to do this before Dean gets back," said Sam, pacing.

There was a sudden flap of wings and a familiar angel with honey blonde hair appeared.

"You rang, Sasquatch?" quipped Gabriel.

"Gabriel, you don't know how happy I am to see you. We need your help pulling off a prank on Dean, but we need both your angel mojo to pull it off," said Sam.

"Alright, Sasquatch, I'm listening. What are we gonna do to big brother?"

"I found a tree earlier…it should hold it. I just need a way of getting it up there," muttered Sam.

"Getting what up where, Sam?" asked Castiel, puzzled.

"The Impala into this tree…it's the perfect revenge for the clown debacle at the hotel," said Sam, staring up at the top of the tree.

"I truly am sorry, Sam," said Castiel sheepishly.

Sam nodded, he knew.

"Alright, let's get this done before Dean sees."

Gabriel and Cas both lifted a palm, concentrating on the Impala, levitating it into the air. They were cautious and thankfully no one was around to see the deed transpire.

"And now we wait…thanks, Gabe. You're not such a dick after all," said Sam with a smile.

Gabriel smiled, gave a salute, and with a flap of wings he was gone.


Dean found Sam and Castiel waiting for him under a tree. He was loaded down with various car parts and t-shirts for the three of them.

He acknowledged them with a nod, but then he noticed something was missing. His baby was gone. Dean whipped his head around, searching.

"Guys, where's the car? Where's m-my c-car? BABY! BAAAAAAAAAABYYYYYY!" Dean had begun to hyperventilate and Sam couldn't keep his laughter in anymore. He pointed to a tree about twenty yards away, and sure enough, the black beauty sat high in the branches of a maple tree.

"Sammy…Cas…I'm going to give you a thirty second head start. One. Two. Three." Dean was more than furious, he was incensed.

Sam and Cas ducked behind a tree, out of sight, leaving Dean to run back up the hill without them.

A/N: Thanks so much to everyone who reviewed! I figured that after airplanes, one of Dean's worst fears would be something happening to his baby! I apologize for lack of updates, for I too was at a car show. I did not, however, have my car put in a tree by angels. ;) I hope you like, please read and review!