The little cheater was looking at frank with contempt ''Poor idiot''.

Frank turned his head to the class and he found suspicious the blond kid and he decided to go up to him. The kid is embarrassed' 'What do you press in your palm?''


''Can you open it for me please''

He sighed and opened his palm and it revealed it was a piece of paper

''This is nothing'' he took the piece of paper from his palm. Frank left him; the boy looked at Frank with anger. His name is Sy Spector.

Frank went to the desk to take the photographic camera. He went to the window to take photos of Rachel who dance with Alex like that he could imagine being the boy who dance with her.

After the course, Mrs Anderson walked the students to the big dinner and she remarked Rachel and Frank walked hand on hand''I know since the beginning you are made to be together''

Alex seemed confused by the last words of the sentence''What does it mean made to be together''

''You're going to understand those words when you will be an adult''

Rachel looked at Alex with smile''Do you want to visit my dormitory''He took the hand of Rachel and escaped together the crowd that Mrs Anderson tried to control.

Meanwhile Frank was against the wall of the corridor of his high school, the head lowered and he raised eyes are red and succeeded to take his revenge against Frank. He destroyed the reputation of good student of Frank. The only hope that stays in the life of Frank it is the little Rachel. It is the only person who can give joy, peace and strength to Frank.

Despite Rachel and Alex knew the ups and downs in the group home as the years passed. Their friendship kept them close. Sometimes when Nikki couldn't be with Rachel in her residence, Alex came to sleep with her.

During Frank was completing his high school, he met a new friend Thomas. However he kept on taking photos of Rachel.

Sy kept on cheating