Another chapter:)

Frank preferred to keep his love for her as a secret because it was against the law that an adult became involved with a teenager in a relationship. Poor Frank it would be a great pain for him. The same for Rachel because she started to develop a crush for him.

Frank knew from that performance he saw tonight Rachel would have a brilliant future. But that one was not very in the mind of Frank, but if only he and Rachel could have the chance to live their love.

Days later, Frank was looking at his birthday photos in his car in waiting the light went green .He checked his watch and found that he risked to be late at work. When the light went green, he sped off his car and a pedestrian passed quickly close to his driving. By consequent, he stopped violently his car. He was lucky because he could knock down him or her. The pedestrian turned to Frank, it was Rachel and he recognized her and she recognized him too. The other cars behind Frank started to honk horns. Rachel went to the opposite place. Frank looked angry at Rachel and drove his car. Rachel went after him. Frank stopped his car in the Secrets Service Agency building. After he went off the car, he bumped straight into Rachel. She was a bit shy and the face of Frank was tense.

''Hi Frank. Why are you angry?''

''You know why I am; you almost push me to kill you. Today I created a traffic jam and now I'm late all that happened because of you'

''Oh I'm sorry Frank because I risked to be late for my audition too? ''

''I don't care but why you did prove me that you are immature''Rachel was shocked by his behaviour

''Immature, do you know what is immature. Have you got your life since you are teenager because the most important people in your life don't belong anymore of this world?''

Frank started to realize the mistake he made and became quiet' 'Never''

Rachel started to become angry ''But I'm afraid the immature person is you in that case''

Frank wanted to stop Rachel but she left him and he sighed.

That day will stay the worst day in the life of Rachel. Her who thought she found the man of her life in Frank has been disappointed by him.

She entered in the New York City Hall and started to feel unwell because of the place it looked like ''The place of Devil'', Sy came up to her and offered his hand to hers. Her hand started to burn and she removed her hand from his and Sy started to smile''Rachel tonight will be your biggest night''Rachel seemed confused and lost she didn't know if she had to leave or stay because music had been a passion since she was a child. Frank spent more time in doing football it seemed he would become a future bodyguard.

Frank spent lunchtime with Thomas. And Thomas found Frank pale and almost mute in their conversation today. Before Thomas left him ''Frank don't forget we have a chess game tonight' 'It seems like Frank didn't listen what he said. Frank brought in the table a box named'Sweet Memories'', he opened it and it revealed there was some random photos of Rachel he took in secret and it brought back his smile .Suddenly bad memories came back to haunt hurtful word''immature'' he threw to Rachel early.

Rachel succeeded to pass her audition as Sy said. She has been cast as the leading role for ''The Beauty and the Beast: Musical' 'She went to Ambassador Theatre for the first night of the show, she found her co-stars very rude through her. But her pain disappeared quickly when she started to sing the first lyrics of the famous hit of ''The Beauty and the Beast'' and it remembered her Frank.

Nachos with a small bowl of Skittles were in a table aside of chess of game. Frank who used to be the leader in the game, seemed to lose .Thomas was astonished ''Frank, what's going on? 'Suddenly Frank heard the singing voice of Rachel and came back in the reality' 'I'm sorry, can we keep on''

That night Rachel understood the reaction of Frank through this song and Frank knew that Rachel forgave him through the song he heard spiritually.