Hey another chapter


The party started. Sy guided Rachel and Nikki in a table. R&b music was played. And it started to become more wildly and Rachel started to feel ill.

Suddenly they brought alcohol in the table, but Rachel already quit it .She used to drink, she became vulnerable.

So she decided to pretend drinking to please Sy and Nikki and rejecting it when they were distracted.

Later Sy presented the drawing of the costume for her future performance. It was made of black leather with metal silver that could be suitable for a woman warrior. Rachel didn't like it, she found it too dark''Rachel, what do you think''

''Sorry I need a space for myself''.

She entered in the toilet. She looked at herself in the mirror and washed her joined her too.

''Rachel, what's going on? You haven't given any answer to Sy''

''You know the answer; I'm planning to leave him.''She seemed nervous.

''I think you can get on your own now you have work experience as secretary because I want to control my artistic career and spend more time with Fletcher''

''Are you insane, Sy won't never leave you you worth many millions and he will do everything to destroy our lives. Please Rachel, I don't want to suffer again and I think about you and Fletcher too, do you remember the years spent in the group home and the difficulties to earn money. So …think…before…act.''

Rachel couldn't be disagreed with her sister about that subject so she decided to accept to stay with Sy.

In the Christmas day, Frank finally came. It was like a Christmas gift for Rachel and Fletcher. Frank was very handsome and Nikki can understand why Rachel had such crush on him. But for Sy it is evident he never liked Frank, so for him it was not a good news that Frank will be around his life then. For Nikki, she had to work harder to take away Frank from Rachel.

The night was clear and it was full moon. Frank sat both knees bent on the grass and thinking and Rachel came smiling'' Frank, what are you doing here''

''Do you know the expression' sleep on it'''He gave a glimpse of smile

''Yeah I remember my mother used to tell me about it''She joined him''But I don't believe it''


''Because I tried to follow it but it never worked for me''

''Because you don't have faith in it''

''How can I get the faith''?

''It depends what do you mean by faith…faith means believing with seeing ''

''So you ask me to believe with seeing it''Frank lied down relaxing

''Yeah…Like the poor blind man that Jesus gave the sight in the Bible because he had believed in Him first despite never meet Him before.''

Rachel started to laugh''Frank don't start with your bible messages because you remember my pastor''

''Sometimes it is good to have fun''

That night would stay in the life of Rachel as her best.

Awards season were coming soon. Many movie studios send their movies in the nomination ballot. It was a stressful and anxious time for everyone.

For Rachel it wasn't a joy because she couldn't spend more time with Frank and it was the same case for Frank too.

The relationship with Sy grew worse for Rachel. She started to talk to Frank about was understandable and comfort her. But Sy knew about everything, became angry and started to abuse mentally of Rachel.

Today was a good day she received her academy awards nomination as best actress .She went in euphoria into the bedroom of was astonished.

''Frank,I received academy awards nomination as best actress''Frank was so happy for Rachel,he always knew it was her destiny to become a famous star

''Rachel …to be honest… you deserve it''

''Oh!Frank you are a wonderful man''She went to fall in his arms.

For Sy it wasn't the case,he knew Rachel was talented but the money took over him.

''Sy what are you doing here, you don't join us for the celebration?''

''I'm not interested''He was furious

''How can you say things like that''Rachel was shocked

''Because you disobeyed me again, what are you doing in the arms of Frank''Rachel sighed''I told you many times I don't want to see Frank in your life''

''Now,Sy THAT'S ENOUGH this is my business and you are not in charge of life and I'm a grow up woman.''

Sy took the plate and threw it in the risked to explode

She went to the bedroom of Frank and sat on his bed with him.

''It started since you came around. Frank, I have never seen that side of him in my life''

Frank thought that it was something related to their past.


''I was thinking''He came back from his clouds

''You are always somewhere when we are discussing something important''She smiled. Frank smiled at her too and looked at her the same time. He saw a beauty of princess in her. He raised her chin. She was a bit shy and they look at each other for a long time

The following day, Frank went to meet Sy. He wore a black suit with a red tie

''Good Morning, Mr Spector''

''Good Morning, Mr Farmer''

''I know we never get on well, but I'd like to tell you I don't want to hurt Rachel…it's because…she means a lot to me''


''Sy I loved her and I will always love her''Sy exploded to laugh

''You think I'm going to tolerate that. But I'm afraid Frank that you are going to do it over my dead body''

From that moment Frank was completely lost and abandoned alone and doesn't know how he is going to do.