San Francisco, California. 2023. Enterprise Station.

The hum from the old Mac filtered through the room, as Pavel Chekov tapped away at the keyboard. Another day passed by as he sat and fiddled around with the new program that he and his co-workers put together. Another day went by in which the program failed to work. Typing in another sequence code, the computer screen froze as it downloaded.

"Shit!" he hissed, wiggling the mouse around.

Within seconds, the computer unfroze and the sequence continued to download. With a sigh, Pavel pushed the rickety seat back and stood up. It was a five after two in the morning, and he was starving. He'd skipped dinner with the others down in "the fridge", hoping to achieve some progress. Grabbing the empty coffee mug, Pavel made his way out of the room and left the computer running the download. He didn't expect it to be done anytime soon.

Unknown location. Year N/A

Lavinia sat before her vanity, as her maid carefully pulled a few strands of her flame red hair up. It was nearly six and dinner would start shortly.

"Can you get my dress out, Lucy? I think I'll leave the rest of it down for dinner tonight," she said, as the maid fiddled with the black pins.

Lucy stepped back and did a curtsy, "Yes Ma'am," she said quickly, her Irish brogue bringing a smile to Lavinia's face.

"Lucy, please call my Lavinia. Ma'am is what one would call my mother. I am not that old, nor am I awful like her, she said.

The maid gave her a small smile and quickly excused herself to retrieve the gown from the sitting room, closing the door behind her. Lavinia sighed and stared at her reflection in the mirror, before closing her eyes as the corset strained against her ribcage. All she could think about was the moment when she would return to her room after dinner, and stripping down to her warm nightdress and curling up with a book.

There was a loud thump from the next room, causing Lavinia to turn as quickly in her seat that her corset would allow.

"Lucy?" she called out.

There was no reply and Lavinia frowned, standing up from her seat. Grabbing the sheer white robe that laid across the baseboard of her bed, she pulled it over her corset and knickers and made her way to the door. Leaning against it, Lavinia rested her ear against the cool wood panels and listened for movement on the other side.

"Lucy, is everything alright?" she asked, her ear still pressed against the door.

When she received no answer, she started to panic. She looked around her room and debated on running out into the hall or opening the door to check on Lucy. Grabbing the parasol that laid on the table near the door, Lavinia gripped the doorknob and closed her eyes.

"Don't be a ninny, Lav. You're maid could be in serious trouble," she muttered to herself, as she twisted the doorknob.

Counting to three, Lavinia pulled the door open and held the parasol out in front of her.

"Ah ha!" she yelled, waiting for a monster to jump out.

But instead, she found herself looking out into a dimly lit hallway, with a bare floor and bright white walls. Poking her head out into the hallway, Lavinia looked up and down and found it deserted.

"Lucy, are you here?" she asked, as her voice echoed off the walls. "This isn't funny, Lucy. Did you tie my corset a bit to tight tonight?" she asked, as she turned around to go back into her room.

Instead of meeting the oak walls and lovely linens and her own reflection in the mirror, she was met with a dark room that smelled like cleaning materials.

"What in the world.." she muttered, as she walked into a swinging objet.

With a yelp, Lavinia cursed to herself before reaching up and grasping a chain. Pulling it down, a dim light filled the room and she faced brooms and mops, along with bottles of things she didn't recognize. She took several steps back and found herself in the hallway, staring at the closet.

"You're dreaming, Lav. The corset is too tight and it made you pass out," she muttered, leaning against the wall for support. "It's not the first time it's happened, and it wont be the last."

She then turned and faced one end of the corridor, "Lucy?" she called out, as she started walking.

She needed to find her maid.

San Francisco, California. 2023. Enterprise Station.

"It still doesn't work?" Hikaru asked, as he shoveled a pile of curry around on his plate.

Pavel sighed, "I don't know what went wrong! I could've sworn all the calculations were correct and that my recent results would work!" he exclaimed, as he set the coffee mug down.

Hikaru shrugged, "Maybe we just need to update the computer , Pav. The software is over a year old, and you know how Apple continues to update their shit," he said.

"Aw look at this! A little date night?"

Hikaru rolled his eyes, "What's this? Jim Kirk not coming home with a lady on his arm?" he snapped back.

Jim only grinned as he made his way to the refrigerator, opening the door to dig out some food.

"Why bring a lady home, when I can just bother you two. Or maybe Bones?" he asked, his head between the three day old carton of milk and a six-pack of Bud.

"Can't you bother someone else? I have experiments to run," a southern-drawl filled the room, as the three men turned to look at it's owner.

Jim stood up and grinned at Leonard, who carried his empty coffee mug over to the sink. "But Bones, you're my best friend!" he said, clapping the older man on the shoulder.

"And you're a pain in my ass," he snapped back, giving him a light shove.

Hikaru sighed, "How's the experiments going?" he asked, as Leonard took a beer from Jim.

"Shitty," he scowled, taking a seat at the long oak table. "Can't figure out what the hell those assholes did at the lab," he said, popping the cap off.

Jim hopped up onto the counter and opened his own beer, "Well, my job is going swell!" he said, grinning at all three of them.

They rolled their eyes as he continued, "Not only did I manage to hack into Starfleet's computer system, undetected," he said, with a dramatic pause. "I managed to extract a few important documents on the shit they were planning with our department," he said.

"Great," Leonard groaned, rubbing a hand down his face. "I'm sure Chris is going to LOVE this," he mumbled.

"Love what?"

The foursome turned to the doorway, and found Christopher Pike standing before them. Like the others, minus Jim, he too held an empty coffee mug.

"Rough night, Pike?" Hikaru asked, as their leader headed towards the sink.

Chris turned the tap on and rinsed the mug out, before moving to the coffee machine.

"Every night is a rough night, Sulu. I am a wanted fugitive, hiding underground with my team of misfits and we still haven't accomplished a damn thing," he said, setting the coffee machine up to brew.

He turned around and managed a small smile, "How is your evening going, gentlemen?" he asked, as they all stared at him. When they didn't respond, he let out a sigh and nodded. "That good, huh? Any improvement, Pavel?" he asked, turning to the teen.

Pavel shook his head, "No, sir. But I'm working on it!" he said quickly, as Chris sighed. "Sequence is downloading now as we speak," he promised.

Leonard held up his beer bottle and saluted Chris, "And I'm trying to make a realistic disguise for your mission tomorrow," he said, with a shrug. "But so far it's looking a little too much like Churchill and we all know that wouldn't be good if he showed up where you're going," he said, before taking a long swig.

"Well I hope my disguise is better this time around," Jim said, eyeing his half empty bottle with sadness. "I wasn't too keen on looking like a middle-aged woman with sagging tits," he said.

"Excuse me for trying to make you look the part! I'll do my very best this time around!" Leonard snapped.

This began a bickering match between the two, while the others sat with disgruntled looks on their faces. Hikaru played with his now cold food, while Pavel stared at the scratches on the tabletop. Chris went back to the coffee maker and poured himself a fresh cup.

Jim was in the middle of shouting, when someone at the door stopped him mid-speech.

"It's not my fault that you don't know how to make me look good! Do you remember what happened the last time you sent me out? I HAD A NASTY OLD MAN HITTING ON ME AND ASKING ME TO MEET HIM AT HIS CAR LATER FOR SOME H-"

"Cat got your tounge, kid?" Leonard asked, smirking as Jim stared off with wide eyes.

When Jim didn't respond, Leonard frowned. "What's wrong?" he asked, sitting up in his chair.

The only thing Jim could do was lift his hand and point towards the doorway. Four heads quickly turned in that direction and they were stunned. For standing in the doorway, was a very lovely woman with red hair dressed in a corset and robe.

"C-could you tell me how to get back to my room?" she asked, glancing at each of them.

Pavel and Hikaru stared in silence, while Jim gaped at her like a fish. Chris blinked a few times at her appearance, trying to make sense of it. Meanwhile, Leonard quickly pushed his chair back and stood up. The sound of the chair scrapping against the floor made the young woman jump back, as she eyed the man standing before her.

"Who are you?" he growled, as he bore holes into her.

The young woman gasped and quickly turned on her stocking-clad heel and took off, disappearing into a flash of white and red.