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Operation Terra Part 1

75th Ranger Regiment Base

"Dunn, we got call from Task Force 141!?" said Frost who move from Metal 0-1. "Alright Frost, on my way!" said Dunn while walking to the communication room.

"Dunn, here?" said while talking to the comm "Hmm... Yeah, ehm..., Okay. Sure no problem! My team wouldn't mind to cooperate with two team! Okay!" And Dunn close the comm. Dunn walk to the Foley room's

"Foley we got job to do, but its still 2-3 weeks. We gonna cooperate with Task Force 141 and S.I.S. " said Dunn "Good. Just relax from now Dunn, its still 2-3 weeks" "yeah, I know. I better get well sleep! See you Foley!?" " See you Dunn"

"Hey, Frost! Where is Ramirez?" "I don't know! Maybe he is in his barrack's cleaning up his weapon!?" "Okay thanks" Dunn walk to the Ramirez Barrack's "Ramirez, We have missions but its still 2-3 weeks. Get well sleep okay!?" asked Dunn "Okay!" Said Ramirez. Dunn walk out and go to his barrack's and sleep! All the group when they normal activities after Dunn told them to get rest for 2-3 weeks missions.

"Hey, Frost! Where are you going?" Ramirez asked "to the Firing range! Do you want to come?!" "Sure why not? I want to practice my reflex again!" and they go to the Firing Range.

Task Force 141 Base

"Hey, The 75th Ranger Regiment are accepted the mission! Report Baseplate!" said Star "Okay, I'm going to send a letter to Baseplate!" said Samuel

After 5 minutes

"I already send the letter to the Baseplate!" "Thanks Sam" said Price
"Star, Sam and all your squad better practice meet Lt. Kenny, Outside this office!" Said Nikolai
"Roger!" Said all in the same time and walk outside

"Well well! Who looks here?!" Said Lt. Kenny and continue "Lets practice the Task Force 141 Style! Run the whole compound 1500 times until night!" everyone look calm but inside they all scared.

After 1500 times running entire Compound!

"and now , learn how to operate in Night! All get your Night Vision and take the Airsoft gun over there!" Kenny point at the armoury. All run and take the Night Vision and The Airsoft gun with max 5 mags. "alright, lads. Go to the Airsoft arena on your left! When i said go, you must fight and Communicate with your team mate but first take this red or blue ribbons and tied it on your upper right arm!" "Yes, Sir!" said all and take the ribbon randomly. All go to the Airsoft arena and go to all position with their team mate!

"Go!" Lt. Kenny said.

After The Airsoft battle between Team Blue and Team Red

"Well, that's enough for today and tomorrow we train again!" said Lt. Kenny "Ringgo" said all. "Well, that's hard for training for the assault" said Star "Its harder when i'm train some dumbass in field" said Stalker.

"What on earth! When did you get here?" said Star "Before and after you training with Lt. Kenny" Stalker said

S.I.S. Base

"hmmm... thats been long time i hadn't see Stalker." said Eyewatch "Yeah, we better sleep for tomorrow" said Pvt. Josh Tan
"Nahh! I'm going to get some food on oxford and the same time patroling" "Okay, good luck!" Eyewatch walk outside and go to his car (They can bring car if tomorrow they can go home every 2 weeks) start the car engine and drive the car to oxford and buy some food and drinks. "how much is it?" "12.45 pound" Eyewatch pay the food and drinks, he walk outside and put the grocery into the car. he accidently drop an apple and pick it up and eat. he go the driver seat and drive the car. He patroling the area for few hours and he saw a suspicious activity around the Spec Street

"I'm gonna report this activity" he searching his radio but he forgot that he left it "ah...! shit, i'm going to the nearest police station and the police will take care of it" he go to the nearest police station, tell the suspicious activity and drive back to the S.I.S. base

"I'm going to sleep for this night and want to know the progress about the suspicious activity!" said Eyewatch and sleep in his barrack's

The next morning

Task Force 141 Base

"Okay, time to wake up guys, Lt. Kenny calls you. All!" said Cpt. Jun. everybody woke up, take shower and gear up. All got out from their barracks and to the field

"alright, guys! listen up, run all over the base 600 times and push up 1000 times" the guys frowned but he is the leader so, just do it.

"So, lads. what is the strategy?" said Stalker while stare the window. "Nikolai, you will give us covering fire from above and our comm to the others and you Stalker, you and your squads takedown the guards for clearing our way and hack the system and there we will meet you!" Price continue "75th Ranger Regiment and my squads will turn off the system on the nuclear weapon and clear the place! if something goes wrong get out of there immediately and the extraction point just outside the base of the enemy about 500 m" Price said. "the intel show that the nuclear weapon is highly destructive, one over four (1/4) of earth will be or maybe gone! and bigger than the explosion in Hiroshima" said Stalker while walk around the office "Its true Price, one wrong move we all dead from the nuclear!" said Nikolai. "We need plan B and C!" said Stalker "hmmm... we will continue this tomorrow you, you may dismiss!" said Price.

S.I.S. Base

"hmm... i will gone for a while! so, Sgt. Tim you will be charge to command the squad for a while!" said Eyewatch "Yes, sir!" said Tim. Eyewatch get to his car go to the crime scene.

"So, what is the progress?" said Eyewatch to the one of the officer "Its looks like a part of the explosion device, we capture some people, most of the people are from Sierre Leone and Niger" said the officer. no reply from Eyewatch "Sir, can i look around the scene?" said Eyewatch "Owh, yes." Eyewatch look around the scene and he saw a tin line and one of the officer step on it and Eyewatch heard something "Everybody get out know" yelled Eyewatch. everyone run and the bomb explode. some officer got injured. "This is some serious case! I will leave it to the leader." said Eyewatch, talking to him self.

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