Ch. 1 The Cat?

One stormy night Bill-e, Dervish, kernel, and I were watching a move. Then all of a sudden, the front door boomed open. We all jumped to owner feet. We all looked at each other for a moment then Meera came rushing in holding something in a bloody towel. "We got to help it, we got to help it" she yelled pushing the blood socked towel to Dervish." come down, what it is."Dervish said as he took the towel, and then slowly opened it. Dervish nearly bereft "Oh my god," he gasped and gave the towel back to Meera. "What is that," he asked. "It's a cat we got to help take it to the demonata universal to heal it." Dervish thought it over a bit. Then said "fine, kernel open a window to the safest place you can find." Kernel nodded an got to work on the inevitable sat down on the couch bill-e sat with her dervish took the cat and gave it to my "here tack this to one of the guest rooms"

"Ewe" I groaned as I walked up the large stair case. It smelled like sowig and blood. I got some pillows from the bead and sat the towel on them.