There must have been a split second of clarity as Regina was driving her home from the disaster that had been 'family night', and Bay was regretting her decision not to call Wilke more and more with each passing second. And Regina had defended Melody, Melody, not her own flesh and blood, not Bay. And Her chest heaved as if it were trying to dislodge something, and her throat was clogged and shaky and she was sure her eyes were full of tears "Have you noticed there is always someone between us?" even if it's only you.

Bay knew now, knew that when she had discovered the biological differences that separated her from the people who raised her; that Regina had known, for 13 years Regina had known that she had had the wrong child. She… didn't understand what was happening. Her parents, no, they weren't her parents, John and Kathryn didn't want her, Regina didn't want her, Melody hated her, Daphne wanted nothing to do with her, and Emmett was sending mixed signals. Bay just wanted to cry. She wanted Toby, her big brother. She wanted Wilke, her best friend. She wanted Angelo, her dad, the one who actually wanted her.

As soon as they pulled to a stop in that oh-so-familiar driveway, Bay leapt from the car, gaining as much distance between her and Regina as she could. Chest still heaving and tears beginning their earthbound descent, she looked for somewhere safe, safe from everything; she felt like an animal on display as she realized, nowhere was safe for her anymore; there were no more mother's hugs to depend on, or father's strong shoulders to cry on. Regina placed a gentle hand on Bay's shoulder. Bay jumped as if shocked. "Don't touch me." even as she clutched at herself, holding herself as if to keep from shattering into thousands of pieces. Years and years worth of confusion and anger and neglect and hate boiled up inside Bay just looking at the woman before her. "You were supposed to protect me. You were supposed to love me. ME! Your daughter! Flesh and Blood. Why?" She turned to look Regina dead in the eyes, stumbling slightly as she did so, her whole body trembling, "Why wasn't I good enough?" Regina opened her mouth to respond. With hate and hurt bubbling like acid in her chest Bay didn't wait to hear the answers, Bay fled; she fled to the emptiness of that full house. And Bay knew she would never- could never- be the same again, because something inside of her was different; something inside of her was broken.

The cool and dark of her room enveloped her; she fell gratefully onto her bed, no longer trying to stem her soul-shattering sobs. Bay cried herself to sleep. Bay cried alone. Bay swore to herself as she lost consciousness, she swore that she would be alone forever; people can't hurt you if you're alone.