Peter unlocked the front door and quietly shut it behind him. He sighed as he noticed the lights on in the kitchen. He told Aunt May that she didn't have to wait up for him but she insisted. It was only two weeks ago that he fought Dr. Connors on the rooftop and the bruises were still healing, but at least he could walk without a limp.

Peter still half expected to see Uncle Ben whenever he came home. He could still feel that pit in his stomach every time he came home and Uncle Ben was gone. His nighttime activities hadn't done that much to lull Aunt May's fears of losing him either. So, he hoped for Aunt May to get some sleep and, when he called to check in, he reassured her that he would be fine. He wasn't really surprised to find her still up.

Peter nearly jumped to the ceiling when he heard a male voice coming from the kitchen, "Thank you for the tea Mrs. Parker."

Parker quickly stashed his backpack containing the Spiderman suit behind the coach and crept towards the kitchen. As he neared he heard his Aunt respond, "No problem Phillip. Peter should be home any minute. You did say Tony Stark was offering an internship? How did he hear about Peter?"

Peter froze as he entered the kitchen. An internship with Tony Stark? He hadn't applied for anything like that. Between school and being Spiderman he there wasn't any time to -

The man was sitting in his Uncles chair. Peter's heart clenched and he wanted to yell at him to just sit somewhere else, but obviously Aunt May didn't have a problem with it so there was no reason for Peter to. The man was dressed in a sharp suit and was slightly balding. He had to be an accountant. There is no way this slightly balding middle-aged man with a pocket protector would be allowed to be anything else.

"Peter! You're back," Aunt May smiled over her tea at him, "This nice gentleman is Phillip Coulson from Stark Industries."

Peter stepped forward as Phillip carefully set down the tea cup and stood to face Peter. Phillip's grip was strong and dry as he shook Peter's hand and their eyes met, "Please call me Phil. Your Aunt refuses to - "

"Phillip is such a nice name - "

"I was hoping we could talk privately Mr. Parker. This is just an informal interview, you understand. Let you know about what you'd be doing and what we would be doing for you. We have a lot of resources at our disposal." Peter still felt a stirring paranoia. Phil looked rather harmless and there didn't seem to be any harm in humoring him. But. There was something odd about Phil showing up without any notice or expectation and it set Peter's teeth on edge.

Still, Peter allowed his curiosity get the best of him. He would be able to take anything Mr. Accountant would be able to dish out. "Sure. We can talk in my room." All of his Spiderman gear, the sketches, the web slingers, were tucked out of sight just in case his Aunt went snooping and somehow got past the locks.

Phil turned to his Aunt, "Thank you for the tea again Mrs. Parker. Peter is lucky to have such a wonderful person looking out for him. I really am terribly sorry for your loss." Bonus points to the accountant.

As they went upstairs, Peter asked, "What do you do at Stark Industries?"

Phil gave a small smile, "I'm with HR. You wouldn't believe the crazies I have to deal with some days, but the work is worth it." Peter tried not to dwell on how out of place that response was. Phil was just your average middle management wife and 2.5 kids kind of guy. Peter had to stop getting paranoid about his Spiderman identity being revealed.

As soon as the door to his room was shut, Phil said, "Did you get the webs before or after you illegally broke into Oscorp?"

Peter jumped back quickly hitting the switch to lock his door and shot off a bursts of web at Phil's hands trapping them against the wall ignoring the pathetic, "Oh, don't do that." He needed to trust his senses more. This slime ball wanted to attack him in his home for Pete's sake.

Phil starts muttering into his collar but Peter is distracted by his spider-sense going off. He throws himself to the floor trying to become one with the carpet. Three arrows whiz by where he just was and slam into - oh he's going to kill these jerks. The arrows slammed into two of his skateboards on the wall. Two feet flew through the window shattering what glass was left after the arrows came through. A man in black leather landed and leveled a bow at Peter's position on the floor.

"Don't move Spider-boy or I'll -," the figure said as he glared menacingly down at Peter.

The effect is ruined by Phil shouting from where he was still pinned to the wall, "Damn it, Clint. I said stand down. If you don't toss your weapon on that bed right now I'll have you scrubbing every bathroom on the Helicarrier. With a toothbrush. In a tutu. And I'll tell Stark where to find you. And - "

The bow made a muffled thump as it hit Peter's bed and Robin Hood raised his arms. Peter could hear his Aunt yelling from downstairs, "Is everything alright up there?"

"Yes Aunt May. Sorry. Just got a little excited." Peter shouted back from where he was crouched on the floor. The last thing any of them needed was for his Aunt to come upstairs.

Standing up Peter glared at the intruder, "So why has Robin Hood left Nottingham? I don't think there's room for your merry men in my bedroom."

Phil looked apologetic, "I'm sorry Peter. Clint has apparently forgotten how to follow orders," and with a glare like that Peter had a hard time remembering why he thought the guy might be an accountant. He had to be a secret agent.

Clint walked over to Phil and started ripping away the webs covering Phil's hands as he said, "Maybe if someone hadn't died once already I'd - "

Phil practically growled, "I never died! Fury - "

"Is a goddamn bastard whose lucky he didn't get an arrow up his - ," Clint finished.

While watching these two fight was entertaining, Peter was starting to feel a little awkward. He cleared his throat. They ignored him completely. He grabbed the ball of rubber bands and threw it at them. Clint's hand shot out and caught it before it even touched his face.

"Nice reflexes," Peter said.

Phil straightened his suit brushing the last few webs off of his cuffs. He stepped forward turning his back on Clint. Someone was in trouble. "Again, I'm sorry about that. I'll make sure the window is replaced."

"Thanks, I guess? So. You know I'm Spiderman?"

Clint snorted, "Oh, like it was hard to figure out. You go around using superpowers while you're at school and thatsthat's not even mentioning all the security footage we have of your fight with Dr. Connors." Clint snorted, "Very subtle, kid."

"Clint, if you can't be quiet I'm going to ask you to leave." Strike secret agent and replace with school teacher. Phil continued, "I'm not technically with Stark Industries, as you might have guessed. Though, the offer is genuine and need not just be a cover." Damnit! Ok, secret agent, not school teacher. He was right the first time. "I'm with the Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement, and Logistics Division."

"SHIELD," Clint added.

"SHIELD for short. I wanted to ask you what you know about the Avengers Initiative."