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"Wake up, Priest."

Jay responded with a mumble. His mind was drifting somewhere and he couldn't think. A splash of cold water suddenly shocked him back into reality, the bright light blinding him to the point of becoming almost white. Once his pupils had shrinked smaller, he saw a middle aged man, sitting directly across him, with a smug smile on his face. He wore a tuxedo, much like a detective. They seemed to be in a cell, with a desk and a lamp. The man directed a light at the Priest. Jay struggled to get up, only to find that an energy cuff connected his hands to the steel chair. Jay glared back at the man again, noticing that this man had a demon hand. Only one sealed lock.

"Don't try to hide the truth from me, you so-called 'holy' Priest. You have been hiding a fugitive for a long time now." the man said.

Jay shot the man a bewildered look. A fugitive? Jay was confused, why would he help an Impostor?

"I know what your thinking. It's not an Impostor. The fugitive is that Slayer you've helped."

"Valufor? Is this another demon extremist group?" Jay thought.

"Take a look at these photos a Gunner brought to us. Look closely at this part."

The detective pulled out some photos from his pocket and laid them out on the table. Pictures of burning houses and people strewn on the ground horrified Jay but that wasn't the most disgusting part. A child was standing over a dead body and licking the blood off of a dead body. The child seemed to have been controlled by the demon Kazan. The second photo showed a photo of the child looking directly at the camera. The photo seemed so intense that the eyes almost burned through the picture.

"This was the last photo the Gunner ever took. He was killed by this demon child. I think you know who the demon child is." the detective said solemnly.

The Priest shook his head. Slowly at first, then more rapidly. It couldn't be Valufor. It just couldn't...

"I know you're in denial. I also couldn't believe that a child could cause such a mess."

"You sound like you don't care. You just sound like you need someone to blame." Jay said.

The detective slammed his hand on the table.

"Don't tell me that I do not care that my own parents died that night!" he bellowed.

Jay felt sudden sympathy for this man. But Valufor couldn't control himself, it was the demon! Or was it...

The detective took a deep breath. "Tell me where he is. You know he did wrong."

"I won't speak a word." Jay said.

"I knew you wouldn't. You are loyal. But to the wrong cause."

The detective raised a hand and two burly guards came in with someone in a black bag.

"I think this will convince you to change your mind."

A girl rolled out of the bag onto the floor. The guard held a gun the girl's head.

"Rian! How could you, you son-of-a-...!" Jay yelled.

Jay struggled to get up. He was going to kill this detective. He didn't care anymore about keeping his temper.

"Well now, let's not start with profanities. Tell me where he is and I just might let you go. Don't tell me, I'm fine. But I hope you'll be fine with her brains splattered all over the walls." the detective said with a grin.

Jay finally gave up. He turned wearily to the man and said, "I don't know. I really don't know. All I know was that he was late for dinner."

"Liar! You helped him escape, didn't you?"

"What escape?" Jay asked bleakly.

The day before...

The Thief smeared a dark purple liquid onto a Shuriken and twirled it around. As fast as light, the dart sunk into the Slayer's leg and the poison started to gradually spread into the veins. The blood quickly coagulated into a thick layer. Valufor shouted in pain and pulled the dagger out, attempting to hit the Thief, but he realized, he couldn't move. He was paralyzed!

"Don't worry, they want you alive. I'm not going to kill you. Yet."

Valufor felt his anger boiling again. Gaining energy, he slowly moved his arm and touched the coil entangling him. His energy burned the coil to a melted puddle of steel. The Thief turned around and was smacked by a giant blade. She fell unconscious.

Valufor looked around and limped away. He struggled to get to Jay's house, but his efforts only resulted in the wound bleeding again and dripping all the way. Leaving a trail of blood, he arrived at the house and was about to knock when he decided against it. He didn't want him to get involved in any of this.

"Goodbye, Jay. Wish me luck..."

The Thief regained consciousness and rubbed her aching head.

"Oh shit... he's gone!"

The Thief observed her surroundings and found a trail of tiny blood droplets and sprinted her way down the path.

"I need the money... I'll find you, Slayer..."

Valufor limped on, all the way to the West Coast and collapsed on the floor, exhausted.

He propped himself on the wall and held his aching leg. He ripped a piece of cloth armor and wrapped it on his leg.

He took short breaths and moved slowly. The poison that had paralyzed his nerves had now worn off, making his every breath hurt.

He got up, only to fall again. He gave up and slouched against the wall, taking a brief nap.

A Fighter came back from her training, rubbing her sore knuckles. A group of kids got her attention. She walked over and shooed away the kids. She was surprised at what she saw. She knelt down to the Slayer and poked his face.

Suddenly, his eyes popped open and his hand grabbed the Fighter's throat. They connected eyes a bit and the Slayer loosened his grip. He slouched back again. The Fighter stopped her ragged breaths and swallowed her fear. She gingerly carried the Slayer on her back and trudged back to her small house.

She didn't notice it then, but the red skin on the arm of the Slayer slowly crept up his shoulder.

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