Title: Belong

Characters: Bo and Lauren

Summary: After episode 2x22, Bo finally decides who she wants to be with. What happens though when an old love comes back.

Disclaimer: All Characters belong to the writers of Lost Girl. I do not own anything.

Three Years

"Come back to bed." The man said as he saw the woman putting on her clothes.

"I'm sorry but I can't. I am working on a case and I want to get it over with. It has been three weeks since this fae has been killing people and I have not been successful. If I cannot find this thing soon, I am going to have to get help from the Ash. The brunette said hoping that he would leave her alone.

"I bet you'll find him Bo. If you need anything just let me know." Dyson replied as he saw her leaving. He felt as if Bo was hiding something. She has not been the same for the last year. Every time he would get close, she would shut him out and pull away but he did not know why. Nothing was standing in their way. He got his love back and Lauren was long gone. Nothing was standing in their way. At least that is how he felt.

Bo's POV

"I don't know how much more I can take. I thought that Dyson was the one I was in love with but now I am not so sure. Every little thing or gesture he makes has become very annoying. Don't get me wrong, the sex is good but I don't even crave that with him anymore. Yes how can a succubus not crave sex, but it's true. I crave it with other people and lately the people I have sex with are girls who have blond hair. I know that I shouldn't be cheating on Dyson since he is my boyfriend and I chose him but I realized that I don't love him anymore. I was stuck on the past. Stuck on the "what if I still love him" that I let the person I really do love go. Now she is gone and there is nothing I can do. She left without any trace. Now all I have are memories of her and what we would get into. Yes, she kept the whole Nadia thing a secret and the whole sleeping with me because of the Ash, but she was always there helping me whenever I got in trouble. I don't know how but I made my way to the Dal. When I arrive, I see Trick and Kenzi talking.

"Hey Bo Bo!" Kenzi exclaims quickly enveloping me in a hug.

"Hey." I said as I grab the nearest seat available. What are you guys up to?"

"Oh nothing much just talking about the case that has us sweating like crazy."

"Tell me about it. I don't know how much longer I can keep going. It's as if I'm at a dead end. Bo said as she sat down and drank her first shot. I think I'm going-" she stopped as she felt somebody walk in. She recognized this aura from afar even if it has been a long time.

"Hello Trick." The woman said making Kenzi spit out her drink and Bo to take another.

"Hey Lauren. How are you?" Trick said smiling. How long has it been two or three years?"

"I'm doing well. Thanks for asking and yeah it has been three years since I left but I'm here strictly on business. I've heard about the Fae who is killing innocent people." Lauren said simply.

"Ahh I see." Trick said realization dawning on him. The doctor would not be here for anything else unless it was for Fae business. "Well we have Bo and Kenzi working on the case as well." He said looking towards the two women who stayed quiet. Bo hasn't said anything since Lauren came through those doors. What would she say? After all, it was because of her the blonde left.

"Hey Lauren." Bo finally said as she turned to face the blonde. She couldn't help but feel her heart skip a beat. The blue jeans that she wore hugged her in all the right places and the white shirt that she had on made her look like an angel. How are you?

"I'm doing well. How about you? How's Dyson?

He's doing well, working on the same case s us but with no luck." She said as she saw Dyson coming in with a girl in handcuffs. Bo couldn't help but look at the woman. She had straight black hair, a pink shirt that showed her cleavage. She had some blue jeans but what got to her were her clear blue eyes. They were mesmerizing. She could feel the aura of the woman and it was burning hot. When she finally looked away from the woman, she saw Dyson who was shocked and mad to see the woman he felt he had to compete with for Bo's affection. Granted, she chose him but still she was someone who had a part of Bo's heart and Dyson did not like it at all.

"Lauren? What are you doing here?" He said with a low growl.

"Dyson." Bo said trying to calm him down. Lauren is here on fae business. She heard about the killings and is here to help. She looked at Lauren and what she saw was a look she never thought she would see in her. There was look of hate and she could swear that her eyes turn into a hint of gold.

"Yes Dyson it's me, Lauren. I'm here on Fae business. Now let the girl go before I do something I may regret."

"Please, what can you do? You're just a human. You can't hurt me. I can't let her go because I found her near a dead body and is now the prime suspect of the killings." Dyson said smiling as he saw Lauren getting angry.

"LET HER GO NOW!" Lauren yelled out making everybody scared. She was always a calm person but this Lauren was different, more violent and aggressive.

"Lauren, please why don't you calm down. I guess seeing old friends bring out many emotions." Kenzi said hoping things would calm down. Bo for the first time was scared. There was something different about Lauren. It excited her but also scared her. "What could have happened in these three years?" She asked herself but was interrupted when she heard something crash. She found Dyson on the ground, and Lauren hugging the girl. She felt a twinge of jealousy. Who was the girl who was touching Lauren? She asked herself as she saw Dyson getting up.

"Who do you think you are?" Dyson yelled out.

"She is not the Fae that you are looking for. I asked you to let her go nicely and you didn't obey." Lauren said releasing the woman from the handcuffs.

"How do you know that?" Dyson asked.

"First because she came with me and second because she is my fiancée." Lauren said bringing up her finger to show the ring. "Hey babe. Are you okay? Did they hurt you?" She asked as the woman gave Lauren a kiss. "No sweetie. I'm good." I found a clue that might help but then he showed up."

"Fiancée." Was all Bo could think of as she sat down trying to control he emotions to the fact that Lauren was getting married.

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