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All I need is a bitter song
To make me better
Much better

All I need to write is a bitter song
To make me better
Much better

"I am very sorry, Dr. Lewis. We did everything we could, but the trauma was far too severe and she just kept hemorrhaging. We lost her." The doctor's voice kept resonating in Lauren's head. She found herself on the floor as she held her knees and started to cry.

Bo heard everything and sat by Lauren. She wanted to say something but there was not any words that could make this situation any better so they sat there in silence until the silence became too much and Lauren started to get up and go on her own accord.

It found me
to hold me
But I don't like it at all
Won't feed it,
Won't grow it
It's folded in my stomach

Bo immediately followed suit as she worried that Lauren might do something that she would regret but found that they ended up in the OR room where Parker's body still was.

Lauren could not help as the tears started to come in full force. She got closer to Parker and hugged her in a death grip hoping that what was happening was just a dream and Parker would wake up. "Why, babe? Why did you leave me? We were about to get married, and start a life together. Why?" She kept on crying as she rocked back and forth with Parkers lifeless body in her arms.

It's not fair,
I found love;
It made me say that.
Get back,
You'll never
see daylight;
If I'm not strong
it just might

As Lauren kept on crying, she started to feel other emotions that were not good. It was a mixture of pain, hate, anger, rage and she was having a hard time controlling it.

Bo felt how conflicted Lauren was and saw her eyes flash from brown to gold and knew that the blonde was about to explode. Against her better judgment, she went and touched Lauren just to find herself being pulled up in midair as Lauren was strangling her. "Lauren." Bo said as she tried to release herself from the death grip she was in.

"Lauren!" Bo yelled. Her life escaping through her eyes as Lauren kept on strangling her.


"Lauren-" Bo said as she tried to wake the blonde up from her sleep. It seemed that she was having a horrible nightmare and could not wake up from it. "Lauren." She said it a little louder.

When Lauren finally woke up, she realized that she was in a room with Parker unconscious still and Bo trying to wake her up. "What happened?" She asked still in a sleepy state.

"You were having a nightmare. Do you want to tell me about it?" Bo offered hoping that the little progress she made with Lauren was still intact.

"No, its fine. I am sorry that I disturbed you. You can go home, Bo. You do not have to be here." Lauren said as she was checking Parker's vitals.

"Lauren-" Bo tried but was interrupted.

"Bo, really I am fine now. Thank you for everything but Dyson must be waiting for you and he must be worried."

As much as Bo did not want to leave, she knew she had to since the reality was that Dyson was her boyfriend and no matter how much she wanted to be with Lauren, her duties was with Dyson. "Okay, but I'll be here tomorrow morning to check on you and Parker."

"You don't have to." Lauren tried to argue.

"I know I don't have to but I do." Bo reassured Lauren. She knew that this would happen. She knew that once Parker was out of surgery and in recovery, Lauren would push her away and that is what she was doing. However, Bo was not going to let Lauren get away with it; not after the progress she made with her during the OR gallery.

Lauren nodded, as she knew that she was not going to win this fight. As soon as Bo left, she sat by Parker once again. She was so peaceful even if she was medicated. It was one of the many traits that Lauren loved about Parker. No matter how hard things would get, Parker always had a smile on her face and was always calmed. While sitting there, Lauren could not help but remember everything that happened.

"Quick, we are losing her charge to 350!" The doctor yelled out as he grabbed the paddles and applied it on Parker. There was no sign.

"Again! Charge to 350!" The doctor once again shocked Parker but the only thing that resonated in the OR was the sound of the machine flat lining.

Lauren watched helplessly as the doctors were fighting to save Parker's life. She did not know when it happened but the monitor picked up a beat.

"We got her people! Now, let's finish what we started shall we?" The doctor said as he started to work on removing the bullet from the skull. While the other doctor was working on her chest. She found it difficult because it was right by the aorta, but the doctor was able to remove it without causing any injuries.

Nobody could figure out how lucky Parker was that the bullet did not go through the brain but missed it and was just lodged in the skull. It would have been a sure kill if the bullet had hit the brain.

The surgery took about two hours when Lauren saw the doctor giving her a thumbs up. She made it to where the doctor was. "How is she doctor?"

"She will be fine. She is on anesthesia and then we will have her medicated so she can recover from her injuries. Overall, she was a fighter in there. I am guessing it's because she did not want to leave you. That, and she is about to get married." The doctor smiled as he hugged Lauren.

"Thank you so much doctor. I do not know how to repay you." Lauren said smiling back.

"Don't worry. It's my job but if you want, you can invite me to your wedding." Dr. Lopez said.

"Done. I'll see you at my wedding." Lauren said as she headed in the room with Parker.

Lauren was thankful to say the least. She did not know what would happen if she lost her too. She did not have much luck in the love department but Parker made her realize how wonderful love can be.

"Babe, don't you ever do that again." Lauren said to a sleeping Parker. "You scared the hell out of me when I saw you coding in that operating room. You changed my life, Parker for the better that is. When I met you, I was barely hanging on. I did not want to keep on living or at least I did not see the point in it, but you pulled me in and showed me how important life is. You showed me how living is worthwhile." Lauren said as she grabbed Parker's hand and kissed it finally letting herself succumb to sleep again.

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