Itami + Akatsuki =?

"Everybody shut up!" Pein yelled. Everyone stopped and looked at the pierced nin.

"Now, this isn't why I called the meeting. The reason I called this meeting was to have a vote. See, I'm not sure I want Itami to join Akatsuki. I just got her back, I don't want to lose her again," Pein explained. Itami was shocked.

"Now wait just a minute! I will be in Akatsuki! I want to be so there! Also I have ways persuade you," she spoke the last sentence darkly. Pein smirked.

"Oh, how will you persuade us?" Pein asked. Itami smiled.

"I'm glad you asked. You see I am friends with the nine tailed fox jinjuriki AND the one tailed. So you see, I'm an excellent source of information but I won't tell unless I can be an Akatsuki member," Itami persuaded in a smart Aleck like tone with a smirk on her face. Pein was shocked.

"How do you-"

"I took a shot. I assume my shooting was spot on," Itami cut her father off. He stayed still with a shocked face but then he smirked and sat back in his seat. Everything was silent for some time.

"I don't give a fuck if she has fucking information. I still vote for fuck yes!" Hidan yelled, breaking the silence.

"I'm not sure I want to see Itami get hurt but, I think she is more then capable to take care of herself," Sasori stated. The blonde turned his head to the puppet next to him.

"So, is that a yes then Danna, un?" Deidara asked. Sasori gave a long sigh.

"You know it's a yes, brat. Why do you insist on asking?" Sasori asked angrily.

"Well then, I voted for NO! Just to annoy Sasori," Deidara ignored Sasori's question.

"Don't take your artistic problems out on Itami she has nothing to do with it," Sasori growled. The two started bickering on which style of art was better.

"Art is all about personal opinion. Each artist and person views art differently. And, art comes in many forms, so, I think, every single person in the whole world sees art differently to everyone else," Itami stated calmly. Everyone was staring at her. She blushed and looked down.

"Or at least that's, um, WEREN'T WE VOTING?!" Itami changed the subject.

"You're right, Itami. We were voting. So, I vote for yes," white Zetsu answered.

"Me too," black Zetsu added. Itami smiled.

Yes, two more people on my side! Well, one person but, still!

"Tobi votes yes too!" Tobi yelled. The masked moron jumped up and down. Everyone stared in disgust for a moment, except Kisame who watch with amusement and Zetsu whose expression was confusing. Everyone looked back and dismissed the man child from their thoughts.

"I vote for hell yes," Kisame got out of his chair and hugged her from behind. Itami laughed and pushed his arms away from her then turned and smiled at him.

Kisame sat back down in his seat. Itami looked around at everyone.

"Sure, she can join. She might bring in more money," Kakuzu voted. Itami smiled.

Yes, now only one person I need to know the vote for.

"Big brother?" Itami asked sweetly Itachi. He looked up in thought.

"Well, I don't want you to be sad or mad but I also don't want you to get hurt. Hm, I think that it's a yes, just promise me you will be careful?" Itachi pleaded. Itami smiled and nodded.

"Okay, big brother! You see, everyone voted yes, well, apart from the blonde bimbo but, he seems like a dick so," Itami pointed out. Pein smirked.

"Well, alright I guess you can join," Pein gave in to his daughter.

"I AM NOT A BIMBO! OR A DICK! I'M GONNA KILL YOU, YOU LITTLE PEICE OF SHIT!" Deidara yelled. Everyone ignored Deidara's outburst.

"Well, since you're going to join Akatsuki, you will be the perfect Akatsuki member. To do this you will be trained in a certain field by every one of the Akatsuki members. Konan will teach you the paper jutsu, Itachi will teach you genjutsu and fire style, Kisame will teach you both water style and sword play, Zetsu will teach you chakra control, Tobi will teach some of his jutsu, Sasori will teach you puppeteering, Deidara will teach you bombs and things of that nature, Hidan will teach you weapons, Kakuzu will teach you how to find a bounty and I'll convince Orochimaru to let kabuki teach you medical ninjutsu. Also, I'll teach you everything else you need. That means wind style, lightning style, earth style, yin style, yang style, yin-yang style, summoning jutsu and anything else I can think of, including how to use your Rinnegan," Pein instructed. Everyone nodded in agreement. A realization dawned upon Itami.

My Rinnegan is on. And? And they don't care. I will be the ultimate weapon. I will please my parents. I will.