She walked to class with a book in one hand and her bag in the other. She was oblivious to the fact that she was being watched by a group of young gentlemen and a young girl. As she headed into the school building she bumped into one of them and dropped her book falling onto the ground. The boy blushed and sighed, "Ah…I'm sorry."

As he looked up so did she and they caught each other's gaze and stared at each other for a minute before she blushed and replied, "I'm fine. I'm sorry I should look where I am going when I read."

"It's alright, don't worry about it." He looked her up and down as he helped her up to her feet and picked up her book.

It was a book about demons, and he looked at her in surprise, "Demons?"

She smiled as she took the book from him and picked up her bag, "Mythological creatures fascinate me."

As she waved good-bye to him he headed back to the group of people that were watching her. A short boy with long green hair walked over to him, "Anything?"

The boy that she had bumped into smiled and replied, "She seems to be the one, but Mahiru is going to have to be the one to test her."

They all looked at the girl then, and she blushed as she tightened her grip on one of the boys' hands, "If it is up to me to find out if she is a demon of tremendous power, then I will help."

They all headed back and prepared for a false attack to get the girl to transform or deform in front of them. It was hard work and took the whole evening. It was very difficult and consumed a lot of their time. When school let out for the girl, a blonde haired boy, the same boy that bumped into the girl, ran off to her school to see her.

He waited, and when he saw her walking with the same book in her hand heading for the library, he ran after her. "Hey, Miss!"

She turned her head, and then her face went bright red at the sight of him. He caught up to her and she smiled a bit and asked, "I never got your name this morning, sir."

"I'm Moegi Nozomu, and who do I have the pleasure of walking to the library?"

She started blushing again and then she gave him an answer, "Um…Yumizaki Tsuki."

"Tsuki huh? That's a lovely name, it means moon, right?"

Tsuki nodded her head, "Yeah, my adopted father gave me that name because of the choker that I was wearing when he found me."

"You were adopted?"

She looked down in depression, but sighed out a reply, "Yeah, I don't even remember what my real parents looked like or anything. Dad said he found me when I was about three years old."

"That's terrible. I'm sorry." Nozomu tried to smile to make her happier.

"Oh, it's okay. So, you want to talk to me?"

"Yeah, so…can you follow me please?" He started walking towards an area of Osaka that was near the bar district.

Tsuki hesitated when he opened the door to a bar known as Moon Shine. He walked in and waved, "I'm home, and I brought a guest!"

A boy with red hair ran down the stairs with glee, then saw Tsuki and stopped. He blushed at her and then walked over calmly holding out his hand to her, "Um…I'm Yamabuki Akira, it is nice to meet you."

Tsuki took his hand and smiled, "I'm Yumizaki Tsuki, it's a pleasure to meet you Yamabuki."

After that a group of people came down the stairs, and each of them introduced themselves. A green haired short guy name Asagi Misoka, another boy with green hair, but in a lighter color: name Suou Mitsuru, an old man named Kurosaki Oboro, a tall woman named Katsura Shion, and another young girl named Shirashi Mahiru. Mahiru walked over to Tsuki, "It is a pleasure to have you on our team Tsuki, and what might your power be?"

"P-power...? What do you mean power?" Tsuki looked a little scared, but Akira went over to her side.

He smiled, "Like a demon power, similar to the books you are always reading, or studying. Like the Lunar Race."

She clutched her choker in her hand and looked down, "That…sounds familiar."

"That is because you are the most powerful demon in the Lunar Race. A demon of untold power and destruction." Misoka stated.

"Then how am I supposed to tap into this power?"

Nozomu picked her face up and looked into her eyes, "By transforming into a demon. Would you like a demonstration?"

"…Sure…" She looked at him and nodded.

Nozomu held her close and then he carried her to the roof of the bar. "Are you ready for this?"

She closed her eyes and gulped, then opened her eyes and nodded. Nozomu smiled and then closed his eyes. He transformed into a vampire demon and Tsuki took a step back holding in her screaming. She had tears trailing down her face and Nozomu changed back, "Please don't cry Tsuki. Please…"

Tsuki opened her eyes and hugged Nozomu tightly and he hugged her, "I'm so sorry Tsuki."

Misoka came onto the roof after and walked over to him, "It might be too soon for her to witness the horror of our true selves."

Tsuki pulled away and looked at Misoka, "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have started crying like that. May I try transforming please?"

Nozomu looked at her in surprise, "Um…sure…"

Tsuki walked over to the edge of the roof and closed her eyes. A gust of wind wrapped around her and she was closed inside it. When she opened her eyes, she saw that she was floating over the street. Nozomu and Misoka stared at her, and she started to hesitate. The last thing she remembered after that was screaming.