Morning came and this time it smelled of French toast and cinnamon. Tsuki climbed out of her bed and poked the bat on her lamp. "Kudo, its morning, wake up."

The bat flapped awake and landed on her shoulder. Tsuki climbed down the stairs still in her pajamas, and everyone was there, it really surprised her. Each of them smiled at her, and Nozomu got up from the table, "Good morning Tsuki, your seat is over here." Nozomu pulled a chair from the table and Tsuki sat down.

Oboro looked at Tsuki and while everyone was eating, he decided to start up a conversation, "So, Tsuki, how do you feel?"

"Much better thank you for ask Oboro." She put a piece of French toast in her mouth.

Oboro seemed tense when he replied, "Well, I would prefer if you didn't go to school for a while, you might get attacked again, or the pain could return. I will call your school and inform them of the sudden absence."

"Okay." Tsuki nodded her head and Nozomu started to blush while he drank his milk.

The morning breakfast with everyone went well; afterwards, Tsuki went up to her room and poked her bat Kudo to wake up still. Kudo woke up and flew onto her shoulder as she laid across her bed to think about what she could do now that she was out of school for a while. She closed her eyes to think and started to fall asleep. The tracking device started to climb up her spine and Tsuki woke up and started screaming. Nozomu heard her scream and ran into her room, seeing her on her bed in pain.

Nozomu ran to her side as she clutched his hand tightly. She was starting to cry, but the pain stopped as quickly as it had begun, and Nozomu was still holding her hand. Tsuki looked at him, and then saw that they were holding hands, "Ah!" She pulled her hand away as she started to blush, Nozomu was blushing as well.

Misoka walked in soon after with everyone following him, but when they saw that she was breathing fine and completely safe, they left her room. Nozomu on the other hand stayed behind. "Are you alright?"

Tsuki nodded her head, "Yeah, it was just a sudden pulse from inside me. It hurt a lot too." She put her hand to her back where the pain had started.

Nozomu seemed worried about, feeling as though he should do something to help her, "Are you sure?"

"Yes." Tsuki looked at the clock on her desk, and then bolted out of her bed. It was already two in the evening, and the library closed at four.

She ran to her closet, throwing on a coat and ran out of the room. She headed down the stairs, out the door, off to the library. Nozomu wasn't as fast as her, so he got Akira to ran after her, and so he did. He caught up to her in no time, well; actually, he almost killed her by running over her.

He helped her up to her feet and stared at her in a quizzically manner, "Where're you going Tsuki?"

"I'm going to the library before they close. A book that I want to read just came out there, and I want to get it before someone else does." She started running again; Akira decided it fit to join her.

Once at the library, Tsuki got her book and went to the check out area. It was a fictional novel on demons and dragons, a series that Akira attempted to read, but choose not to. She went over to his side when she was down and he walked her home asking her some questions on the way, that seemed very late in the time to be asking. "So, when is your birthday Tsuki?"

"Um…December 25, why do you ask?"

"I wanted to know so I could prepare the best cake in the world for you to eat." Akira gleamed at her, and surprisingly enough she smiled back.

"Well, how old are you?"

"Sixteen." Was her answer, and that was what got his attention.

"You do know how old Nozomu is right?"

"Um…" Tsuki sat there for a moment pondering the question in her mind, then shook her head, "No, not really. How old is he?"


"What?" Tsuki seemed surprised that Nozomu had never told her how old he was and this upset her greatly.

They arrived home to Moon Shine, with Oboro, Shion, Misoka, and everyone else in the bar. They each looked up to greet them, then Mahiru walked over to Tsuki, "Will you come with me, I feel like I haven't gotten to know you, even though you are on our side."

"Okay…" Tsuki followed Mahiru up to her room and Misoka and the others turned to Akira.

"We may know what is causing the pain inside Tsuki." Mitsuru claimed.

Akira looked shocked, "What is it?"

"A tracking device that can move."

Akira jumped back in horror and Nozomu looked very depressed, "What does that mean?"

Nozomu tried not to sound scared when he said this, but it still showed, "She has about three more days to live with us because the tracking device will move up to her brain, and kill her."

Everyone looked scared, then Tsuki ran downstairs, "Sorry Mahiru, but I have to prepare for the bar to open tonight!"

She bumped into Nozomu and fell to the ground, "Ah!" she looked up at Nozomu, then blushed instantly, "Um…sorry Nozomu, I didn't watch where I was going."

Nozomu got up to his feet, helping her up as well, "Its okay, I don't mind as long as it's you."

A grin with a blush came across Tsuki's face, and Oboro with Misoka walked over, "We are closed for today Tsuki. Misoka wants to have a word with you though."

Misoka took Tsuki's hand and they headed upstairs together. Nozomu looked at Oboro in amazement, "Is he going to tell Tsuki about him?"

Oboro nodded his head, looking at the stairs and praying that nothing would happen. Misoka sat Tsuki down in her bed and then took a seat in her desk chair. He stared at her with needy eyes, hoping that what he was about to tell her wouldn't back fire in his face. Taking a deep breath, he stated to break the silence, "So…Tsuki, do you remember your family before you were found?"

Tsuki shook her head, "No, why?"

"Because I know your family, in fact, I am part of it."

"Wha-what?" Tsuki lean away from him in shock, "I…I'm an orphan…I don't have a family."

"That is because I am your family. I am your older brother."

Tsuki closed her eyes, tearing up, then ran out of her room into the cold, rainy night. Nozomu ran after her, finding her up a tree in the park crying. He sat next to her, and held her in comfort, "It's okay Tsuki, don't cry, I'm right her."

Tsuki clutched onto Nozomu and cried against his chest, "Why did they throw me away if I was their daughter, and they were demons like me? What did I do wrong?"

"It wasn't your fault Tsuki, you're perfect in every way. I know you are." Nozomu held Tsuki there, until she fell asleep in his arms. After, he took her home to her room and laid her across the bed. He saw a picture above her head on the wall of a flower on a hill. He stared at it in wonder, then knew what it meant to her alone.

She started to wince, Nozomu saw that immediately, as a reaction he immediately laid next to her and held her. The tracking device was already half way to her brain, which meant that Nozomu only had a short time left to live. He knew that, but still it was nice to fall asleep next to her and just be part of her life while she still had it.

It was morning, and sleeping in for her was great. She rolled over to snuggle up against the warm object in her bed, doing so, she heard someone talk to her, "How was your sleep?"

Tsuki's eyes popped open, and she saw Nozomu next to her with his arms around her. She hesitated and started to stutter, "N-nozomu? What are you doing?"

"Comforting you."

Tsuki pushed herself away from him in fear and started blushing hysterically, "Why? I don't need comforting…not that I don't like you…but why did you sleep in my bed with me?"

"I didn't want to bother you while asleep, and since you had my arm in your grasp I couldn't move. Also I was afraid that if I moved you would wake up."

Tsuki laid there in disbelief that the guy she liked had slept in the same bed as her. Suddenly the door opened and Misoka walked in with a breakfast platter for her. When he saw Nozomu in her bed with her, he immediately transformed into a were-fox and was on the attack.

Tsuki smiled at him, then took the platter, eating it with a smile still on her face. When she looked up at Misoka in demon form, she grinned, "Thank you Brother."

He changed back, blushing, and then glared at Nozomu, "What are you doing in her bed?"

Nozomu didn't know how to answer, but he had to saw something, "I didn't want to wake Tsuki by moving her in her sleep, so I stayed in her bed last night."

"You pervert!" Misoka grabbed Nozomu by the ear and dragged him out of the room. Tsuki tried to get up and chase after them, but when tried to walk away from her bed, she fell to the ground.

The sound caused Mitsuru and Mahiru to hear it, and came running into the room. Once they saw Tsuki on the ground Mahiru pushed Mitsuru to help her back to her bed. He followed her orders, laying Tsuki gently in her bed, where she had woken up from. After she looked up at Mitsuru and gasped, "Suou? What are you doing here? What happened?"

Mahiru walked over with a look of concern on her face, "You collapsed on the ground. I don't think you have the ability to walk anymore."

Tsuki looked down, then sat up on her bed, "That can't be, I have to help you if we have to fight Dawn's Venus, what use will I be if I can't walk?"

Oboro walked in then, with the others right on his heels. He smiled at her with love, and gave her a reply, "We will wheel you there. You may not be able to walk, but you fighting spirit is strong enough that your demon form can possibly still fight. Today is the day that we will attack Dawn's Venus."

Tsuki nodded her head, "I will be ready." Everyone left the room, except Nozomu, who seemed fearful for some reason. He glided over to her bedside, and helped her out of the bed. With a gesture of his hand he called Mahiru into the room. She smiled and nodded her head at him.

He left the room, and Mahiru turned to face the now wobbling Tsuki on the bed, "Nozomu wants to take you out on a date, so he wants me to help you get ready."

Tsuki blushed, then nodded her head in a yes. Mahiru helped her change into an outfit that she claimed Nozomu would love. After she helped her out of the room into a wheel chair that Nozomu had set up for her, Mahiru and Nozomu helped Tsuki sit down in the chair and after she gleamed at Mahiru, "Thank you Shirashi."

Wheeling her chair out of the bar, Misoka stopped them not far from the door, "Wait you two!" Nozomu stopped for a moment and they both turned their heads. He caught up to them holding a rose in his hand. He gave the rose to Tsuki and smiled, "I hope you have fun."

Tsuki blushed at her new found brother as Nozomu wheeled her off to her first date. She waved to Misoka, "Thank you Brother!"

Nozomu stopped in front of a large tree with a picnic underneath it; Tsuki looked up at him as he looked down at her. Their eyes met and she grinned at him. She winced a bit from the pain of the tracking device making its way up her neck to her skull. Nozomu held a hand out to her, that way she could get up and actually sit down at the picnic. Nozomu smiled as he offered her food, as she gestured to say no thank you, he voice didn't come out. She tried to talk but she couldn't. Tears started to fall down her face, but Nozomu held her against his chest. He held her there for a while and told her, "Don't cry Tsuki. It's okay, you'll be better soon."

She curled up against him and then she started to twitch. The tracking device was cutting a hole in her skull to get to her brain. Nozomu didn't know what to do, so he put her back in the wheel chair and ran to the bar. When he got inside she looked basically dead. Misoka ran over first and held his sister in his arms, glaring at Nozomu, "What happened?"

Nozomu shook his head, "I don't know, at first she lost her voice, then when she was crying and I was holding her when she started twitching for some reason."

Oboro with the others already in uniform came to her aid, "The device has accessed her brain, she may only have a little bit of time left. We have to go fight Dawn's Venus now." Oboro helped Misoka place Tsuki in her wheel chair and headed to the location of Dawn's Venus.

On the way there, it started to rain, and the lighting struck through the sky. That made Nozomu worry that Tsuki might get shocked, so he took her off the wheel chair and dropped it. Holding her, she was still twitching badly and it was getting worse. They landed on the roof and Dawn's Venus appeared. The leader walked forward and smiled, "I see you have brought our jewel."

He pushed a button and Tsuki opened her eyes and started to change into her demon form. She started to scream because of the pain that she was going through. After she floated above their heads and, glaring at them she tried to attack. The leader grinned evilly and pushed the button one more time. The tracking device in Tsuki's head exploded and she screamed as she fell to the ground of the roof. Nozomu ran over to her, holding her in his arms. She started to cry again as she changed back into her human form.

Nozomu held her there as she gently laid her hand on his face with a weak smile, "Nozomu…I…love…you."

Nozomu nodded his head tears trailing down his face as he gave her an answer, "I love you too Tsuki, that's why you can't leave, not now." He held her there and then he kissed her passionately.

That one kiss was going to be the last thing she would remember, as she kissed him, then went limp. He laid her down on the concrete and cried over her dead body as Misoka and Yamabuki came over and cried as well.

It was two days after the death, and the funeral ceremony was held in solitude. Nozomu held onto the locket that she had given Nozomu when she brushed his hand across her face. As he looked at her open casket, Misoka walked by him, "I know she will be waiting for you in a better place." He patted his back and walked away as Nozomu looked up at the ceiling.

Tsuki's angel was above him, and Nozomu could see that, as she floated down to his side she smiled sweetly and kissed his lips saying, "I will be waiting for the day that I can be with you again, my love. I will love you forever."

Nozomu held her face as she kissed him and after he replied, "I will come for you some day, and I swear that I will show you the love that you will so miss, my princess."

At that, the angel Tsuki left and Nozomu looked stunned and tearful as he felt the love of his life leave for life.