Stiles growled as he heard the soft ping from his computer, not wanting to be awake this early. Well this late, since he was trying to finish the 30 pound stack of Chem work Mr. Harris had decided to stack on him for no appearent reason.
He rolled off the shit bed and half crawled half walked over to his computer. Almost like those Thrillercats that walked on their hind legs when they felt in serious danger. When he finally found his computer a smile spread across his lips.

2:31 a.m.
Sourwolf13: Kill me?

Stiles pulled himself onto his backless computer chair, half typing as he ajusted himself so he didn't fall off the damn thing. Again

2:33 a.m.
ItTheClown: Did your little brother break the door again?

He cursed his best friend, Gabriel, for making "ItTheClown" his username and managing to make sure Stiles could never change it. Stiles got him back though by filling his gas tank with suger. Taught that bastard to mess with Stiles Stillenski.

Sourwolf13: No, I have about 100 lbs of homework taking up my bed currently and I'm barely done with Chem.

ItTheClown: Harris is a bitch right? Glad to see I'm not the only one who got my body weight in homework from him.

Sourwolf13: Why is he a teacher? Really the guy would be better as a drill sargent.

Stiles laughed quietly, making sure not to wake up his step-family. Though that didn't seen like a problem since the whole lot of them sounded like a bunch of chainsaws.

ItTheClown: It's true, the guy seems to have a stick stuck so far up his ass that I believe it's his spine.

To be honest, that's what Gabriel said about their chemestry teacher from hell.

Sourwolf13: Yeah. You gotta wonder though, how does Novak get away with, like, everything, ever in his class. I've never once seen that kid get detention from him.

ItTheClown: It's because the little bastard's his brother and he decided that he spended enough time with him at home and school, he doesn't particually want to spend an hour alone with him after school

It was true, Gabriel Novak was Mr. Harris' little brother. And since their father had up and left them and their mom had disowned them, Gabriel lived with Harris. Gabriel really tried to stay as far away from Harris as ever possible.

Sourwolf13: Poor bastard. So what grade do you have in Chem?

ItTheClown: A, u?

Sourwolf: A+ wanna exchange answers so we get this done faster?

That was an offer Stiles couldn't really refuse.

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