One minute, I was alive, in great pain, but alive. The next minute, I had woken up in a seemingly twilit world, with a dark-haired girl's face looking down at me. She was not my mother [as I expected] in anyway, except she had the same exact eyes as my mother, and therefore me. I closed my eyes again as weariness took over, not knowing where I was or who the girl was.

I opened my eyes again and managed to sit up. To my surprise I felt weary no more. Looking around, I seemed to be at the foot of a large stairwell on the outskirts of what looked like a high school campus. Again I saw the same girl whose face I had woken up to. "Well, this definitely isn't my room at home," I said in a flat voice. "Hmm," said the girl, standing up. "All people say these days are 'Where am I?' and 'What is this place?' and that kind of stupid crap." Looking at me from the corner of her eye, she said, "I can tell you're a bit different from we usually get. See if you can stand up, kid. What you're gonna go through next isn't paradise, or hell. This is gonna be so stupid."

"Let me guess what I am, then."

"Be my guest."


Thus started my life after death as a member of the [currently named] Afterlife Battlefront, or the SSS. Shinda Sekai Sensen, led by Nakamura Yuri.

My name is Miyakawa Sayumi. I am 16, and as you can tell, I am dead. Alone. Far from the drug cartel I would visit time to time. Far from anyone I knew, anyone I recognized, at all. Never had I felt this lonely. Not that I didn't appreciate the company the dark-haired girl gave me, but inside I was truly and mentally alone.

After a brief introduction that went like this:

" I'm Miyakawa Sayumi."
"Come on, kid. We're headed to the battlefront headquarters. Get you acquainted with our leader, and everyone else."
"Wait, battlefront? Leader? Everyone else?"
"Yeah. The stupid part is how we keep changing our name. I mean, I personally don't give a damn about our name. Everyone else just refers to it as just the Battlefront. But Yuri insists on giving it a stupid name. We don't have time for all this shit."
"... I see."

Shiina led me to a large building in the middle of the school campus. "Our headquarters are in the teachers' building, mainly in the principal's office. It's called the Anti-Angel Headquarters." I blinked. "Who's Angel?" Shiina was quiet for a moment. "Angel is our enemy. At least that's what Yuri says. She was the first to fight back, and the rest of us rallied with her. Yuri thinks that God didn't give any of us a fair life when we lived. Anyway, it's stupid."

She gave me a sidelong glance. "We need more recruits the Battlefront. Will you do it? Usually I don't give a damn and all, but you're new." I thought. A lot, actually. "Alright," I finally said. "I'll do it." Anything to get back at God or any angels who kept me from having a fair life. It wasn't my damn fault I was born to have that life. Shiina didn't say a word. All she did was lead me up to the principal's office. Finally, "The password is 'No God, no Buddha, no Angel'. Got that?" "Yeah, got it."

She muttered the password, then entered the room. I hesitated, unsure of whether I really wanted to do this. Shiina noticed me. "What are you waiting for? Come in already." I was about to reply when I heard someone else's voice, a girl's voice, from within. "Hey Shiina, you got another recruit? It's rare to get two recruits in one day. Well, come in. I don't bite." Then I heard a boy's voice, "Not that you know of, Yuri." I entered the room and closed the door. The girl who I heard before was yelling something at a boy who was sitting on one of the side sofas. "Shut up! Don't let the wrong idea about us get into the recruits' heads!" The other boys in the room snickered. The girl, who I presumed to be Yuri, the leader, sat herself down at the principal's desk. She studied me for a few moments, then said, "You probably figured out by now that I'm Yuri. If you don't know, we're the -"

"This is so stupid. I already got her join the Battlefront, and gave her the password. Just brief her on more of the basics and all the operations." Everyone grew quiet for a moment. Then most of the boys yelled, "THAT WAS THE MOST SHIINA'S EVER SAID AT ONCE!" I managed to crack a smile. Looks like this would be a bit fun, after all. Yuri yelled back, "SHUT UP! YOU ALL GOT THE CHANCE TO TALK, NOW LET ME DO IT!" At that I actually laughed. More than i ever did in my entire life. "I'm sorry, it's just that you all seem to get along just fine, so I hope I don't have any problems with any of you," I managed to explain between fits of laughter.

Just then a large axe-thingy [halberd? i don't really know, i searched the anime up on wikipedia] flew towards my face. Surprisingly I thrust out my arm on instinct and flipped the handle around, causing it to slam in the wall. "What the hell? Yuri, why are you letting her join? I already suffered enough from her when I was alive, dammit!" An infuriatingly familiar voice broke through the short silence after that thing flew at me. I scowled and crossed my arms ever my chest. Which is slightly difficult to do, because my chest is larger than an average sixteen-year-old's chest. Much to many boys' interests when I was alive. "The person who I did not want to see at all is standing in the very same room," I grumbled. "The only person I would have a problem with." Yuri rested her head on top of her folded fingers and upright arms. "Well, you're going to have to deal with each other. That's the way we do things here. We have to work together to fight Angel. I don't give a damn if the two of you are gonna fight whenever we're not doing any operations or fighting Angel, just make sure it doesn't disrupt our flow."

My lips in a straight line, "Fine," I muttered. "Fine. As long as she stays outta my way," Noda shot back.