Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters from the Marvel and Metal Gear Solid universes; they belong to Marvel Comics, Stan Lee, Konami Studios and Kojima Productions.

Author Notes: I had this idea for a long time, and the time feels about right to try writing it at last. This fic is about the Metal Gear Solid universe merging with some elements of Marvel Comics characters. In order to make things clear for you readers, I want to say that I'm basing the Marvel characters on their cinematic versions, rather than the comics'. That's because Marvel comics tend to be retconned all the time, and merging their timeline with Metal Gear would be a mess. Aside from that, some of the more outlandish characters of Marvel won't be here at all, such as Galactus or some of the omega mutants. I'm sorry if that bothers you, but I want to keep this fic down to earth, which means the characters appearing here will be more human, instead of gods and such.

That aside, expect both universes to change a lot, and yet I'll try to keep their essence intact. Nick Fury, Iron Man, Wolverine, Black Widow and many other Marvel characters could be merged with Metal Gear with ease, and that's precisely what I'm trying to achieve. I hope the idea interests you, and if it does, I hope you'll like the fic and leave a review.

This fic was cowritten with Devil Boss. I had the original idea for it, and he helped me a lot to develop it and even wrote segments of the action himself. I want to thank him dearly for that and recommend you to read his works, which are very good, well paced and thoughtful.



'Once you go beyond 65 north, you are beyond the reach of divine protection and human law. To survive in such surroundings, you have to be strong enough to not rely on God or anyone else.'

Rudyard Kipling


Metal Gear Solid: Marvel Crisis


The Ohio Class Submarine USS Discovery travelled deep within the Bering Sea, nearly invisible in the darkness and lost to any civilization. Cruising near 600 feet deep underwater, the submarine was undetectable, coming ever closer to its destination, Shadow Moses Island. A crew of 150 men manned the submarine, keeping it going, busying themselves with the vast number of tasks demanded for such a sensitive operation as the current one. They couldn't come closer than three miles of the island, for if they did, the state of the art sonar detection systems in the facility they were targeting would spot them.

And the retaliation could mean the destruction of entire cities, and an irreversible shift in the balance between the superpowers.

Inside the submarine, a lean, athletic man known only by his codename 'Solid Snake' sat in a Two-man SDV (Swimming Delivery Vehicle), already dressed in scuba gear and waiting for the order to be given and the mission to start. He felt slightly cold, the chill that comes from within, from dark thoughts and a sense of foreboding. Snake didn't want to fool himself: this was to be one of the toughest missions of his life. He recalled his house in Twin Lakes, the Iditarod sled races he would be missing, and pointlessly wondered why in hell he had accepted this assignment.

But he knew it was futile to think about that: his former Commander and for-now mission director, Roy Campbell, had been eloquent. The world was in peril this time.

"The Nuclear Weapons Disposal Facility on Shadow Moses Island, in Alaska's Fox Archipelago, was attacked and captured by Next Generation Special Forces and Mercenaries, being led by members of FOXHOUND. They're demanding one billion dollars and that the government turn over the remains of Big Boss, and they say that if they're demands are not met within 24 hours, they'll launch a nuclear weapon."

"Do they really have the ability to launch a nuclear missile?"

"They say they do. They even gave us the serial number of the warhead they plan to use."

"Was it confirmed?"

"I'm afraid so..."

Snake shook his head, disgusted. After the end of the Cold War, the black market was filled with weapons that could mean the end of entire countries. Even ICBMs could be obtained if one man had enough money and the right connections. But that wasn't the whole problem: it seemed the terrorists had managed to capture three VIPs who shouldn't have been on the island at all.

"You'll have two mission objectives: first, you're to rescue DARPA Chief, Donald Anderson, the President of Arms Tech, Kenneth Baker, and the owner and CEO of Stark Industries, Anthony Stark. The three of them are being held as hostages."

"Those are some heavy duty hostages."

"Secondly, you're to investigate whether or not the terrorists have the ability to make a nuclear strike, and stop them if they do."

"Is the National Security Agency in on this?"

"Yes, and so are the DIA, the Defense Intelligence Agency, and the Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division."

"SHIELD? I'm starting to get a bad feeling about this..."

"They haven't worked with us ever since Hawkeye aided you in your mission in Zanzibar Land. But they know FOXHOUND, and besides, some of the mercenaries the terrorists have hired are old enemies of SHIELD. Nick Fury is coordinating the mission from the Third Fleet; he's sent one of his operatives to work with you here."

"An operative? Someone is going with me?"

"Yes. A man that is no stranger to black ops, just like you."

Snake's thoughts drifted to the man next to him, squeezed into the SDV just like he was. Of course, he knew him, by name and reputation alone. It was hard to belong to the intel community and not have heard of him. He had fought side by side with Big Boss himself in the seventies and eighties, and had helped FOXHOUND with a few missions in the past. Now, he and Snake would have to work side by side to stop them.

The SDV was launched. It was almost like a torpedo, only it didn't have any propulsion of its own. The whole vehicle was shaking violently, speeding towards its destination, the frozen and lost island of Shadow Moses. Snake and his companion were both holding on to whatever they could to keep themselves from getting hurt with the jolting. The mercenary wondered how much longer it would take to arrive, and to start the mission at last... The jolting subsided gradually, as the SDV came closer to its destination and the speed was reduced. They were now in dark, deep caves, surrounded by sub-zero water and dark rocks.

Campbell reminded the two operatives of their objectives, and repeated the key elements of intel regarding the terrorists: their army was comprised by the Next Generation Special Forces, or Genome Soldiers, with some men that were veterans of many wars and even old comrades of Big Boss, and some other that only had Virtual Training (VR) and no real battle experience. The terrorists had hired mercenaries from the whole world, some of them mutants: as far as NSA and SHIELD had been able to determine, the subjects known as Sabretooth, Lady Deathstrike and Agent Zero were among the terrorist ranks; there could be more of them that Snake and his teammate would have to face. And in charge of the whole bunch, the deadliest black ops unit in the world, now turned rogue, High Tech Special Forces FOXHOUND; led by none other than a man that shared Snake's codename.

The hatch of the SDV opened at last. Even though he was wearing a state of the art suit with thermal protection, Snake felt the cold water chill him to the bone. He exited the SDV, watching his partner do the same with practical moves, and wondered if he also felt the cold with such intensity. Discarding the thought, Snake swam upwards, edging closer and closer to the surface. He was about to enter the nuclear disposal facility. His tactical mind started to work, carefully noting his partner's moves, watching his body balance and the way his muscles worked: everything mattered in these missions, every little detail.

"This is a top secret black op," Colonel Campbell reminded them through the codec "Don't expect any official support."

The two operatives reached the surface at the same time. They swam silently to a small set of stairs that led to the underground dock south of the facility. Solid Snake and Wolverine were now inside Shadow Moses.

Snake removed his fins, keeping the rest of his scuba gear on in case he needed to make a hasty exit; he always kept an escape route should things get too complicated. Wolverine was more direct in his approach: he swiftly removed all his scuba gear, uncovering his face in the process. He had a rough face, and eyes that weren't as cold as Snake's, but more haunted instead. A messy beard gave him a gruff look, the same Snake himself had when he forgot to shave. His dark hair tended to curl upwards, which made him appear almost funny, if it weren't because everything about him spoke of deadly force.

Solid Snake felt almost pleased. True, he liked to work alone, and was well aware that a partner would only slow him down, yet he felt that Wolverine was the best ally he could ask for in this situation. He raised a thumb to his partner to start working.

Wolverine answered by drawing his adamantium claws from his fists.

"Let's do this, bub."