Days Of Ruin…Never Ending

I do not own Advance Wars or any of the series…if I did I would have made the Beast a playable character, along with Cyrus.

…She looked in the distance; the smoldering ruins of the impenetrable fortress throwing up smoke as more explosions appeared on the structure. Craters dotted the land around the fortress and lines of scorched earth streaked across the grounds.

A girl stood at a ridge a few miles away overlooking the destruction with a Rig parked a few feet from her. She had two ponytails to the side of her head tired with pink ribbons, she had an attire which completely went against that of a soldier in battle, her doll-like clothing covered with scorch marks.

"…This…can't…be…" Whispered the girl; her face was full of anger as she saw the enemy celebrating.

'They…Will…Die!' Thoughts raged around her mind, gears going into overdrive, forming plans, strategies to crush those fools who dared to kill her father.

Her face began to show signs of fear and horror as she came to a realization; she had just lost her home, her family, and her means of survival. Noticing that even with her skills, above-average strength, reaction, and perception coupled with her knowledge of warfare, she would not live long without supplies.

'Now is not a time for revenge…the enemy is in high spirits and I lack the required forces to defeat them…' the girl threw her fist at the nearby vehicle, the glass cracked but held due to the flexible reinforcement required to 'catch' bullets.

'Well, I have ammunition but no weapons to use them and enough rations to last another day…two if I hold back.' Thought the girl as she climbed into the rig to evaluate her situation. She had no problems dealing with raiders since she could just overpower them at close range, but hoped that she would find supplies first since she lacked the energy to take care of even a couple of raiders.

'This area may have forests but it definitely has no life, except non edible vegetation' the girl thought as she remembered how the new troops practiced their targeting skills in the forests around the now burning fortress. She started up the rig and headed southeast from her position. The collapsed fortress in the distance now shrinks as she moves forward.

'I need to find a town…quickly' noting the state of her supplies in the rig. She had been rationing the supplies already and cutting back even further was putting a strain on her body.

'Well the north is too cold considering what I'm wearing, the east is just a barren plain, and the west would just bring me back to some unpleasant battlefields.' She mapped out the various routes she could take but cringed at what she would encounter if she went south.

'Surrounded by defeat in the northwest, west, south, and southwest…blocked by the snow in the north and northeast…and also blocked by the east…well this is one of the most unfortunate situations in my life!' She adjusted the direction of her vehicle to the southeast wanting to avoid staring at defeat if she went directly south.

'Ugh…it's been hours and not a single sign of civilization in this forest!' her mental self was screaming at this predicament but her physical body wanted to rest.

'Mustn't overwork my body now…ugh this seat is too rigid' the girl ripped off the passenger seat leaving the upright section intact. She headed to the back of the rig to lie down in the aisle between the munitions and used the ripped seat as a makeshift pillow.

The rig was feet from the edge of the forest and out in the distance was numerous hills dotted across the plains. The sun set slowly as time passed, the shadows of the cracks on the window door elongated as the sun drifted lower into the horizon.

Various vehicles were approaching an empty forest, the machines kicking up dust pushed forward on the plains. There was a figure in his mid-late teens, 17-18 years old, leading the various men forward toward the north.

"Sir! Do you see the smoke in the distance?" one of the ragged men gestured to the rising smoke with a flag, the flag bearing a crest with an axe to the right and left of the flag.

"Yeah…some of the northern raiders must have found a city to play with!" The teen looked happy at the sight knowing he could finally feed his men when they reached the smoking city.

"That must be some huge city if we can see the smoke all the way from here!" The man beside the flag-bearer yelled proudly.

The teen looked up at the drifting smoke 'when we reach the city I can finally feed my men! …Wait if those northern raiders did take a city of that size down then we might have a problem' the teen soon hanged his head in thought.

"MEN! Lets Stop!" The teen voiced out his thoughts and the trucks around him stopped. The clouds of dust slowly lifted as they stopped in their tracks.

"Why?" a young boy whined at the though of having those disgusting rations again. The thought of having stale crackers did not appeal to his tastes.

The teen got onto one of the trucks to talk to the men in front of him "We need to rest here! If there is a raider group strong enough to take a large city down then we need to rest up before we reach there!" All of the men accepted his reasoning and walked off to find a good patch of land to sleep, some taking longer but soon laid down. A couple of the boys whined about sleeping since they wouldn't be in the fray tomorrow.

The teen walked up to a group of men discussing how to organize the raiding parties when we reach the city. "I'm going to scout ahead and see the status of the city, you guys need to rest up and I'll get what we need to know"

"But Boss!" one of the largest men in the group complained "What if you get hurt without us to be there for you?"

'He was right…what IF I met some trouble and got hurt?' the teen frowned slightly at the man's words.

"Don't worry do you forget what I can do? I can ride away when I meet some trouble, terrain means nothing to me!" the teen beamed as everyone nodded knowing his skill would come in handy if he did meet trouble.

The group knew that they would only slow the boss down since his skills only worked for himself when they weren't in battle. They also knew that he was pretty capable but had some weird tastes when not in battle, the group sighed as they watched the teen walk away with his favorite gas mask tied to his arm.

'Maybe that forest can provide us with some meat as we get closer' the teen thought as he walked toward his motorbike.

'Well it might not be much but it will keep us happy if I ever find some meat…no no no I need to scout…but first I need this on' the teen took off this gas mask from his arm and put it on, the filtering canister off to the left of the mask. He always felt relaxed whenever he had his mouth and nose covered for some reason.

"I'll be back tomorrow morning! Get some rest guys!" as he pulled the mask aside to yell back at the group and quickly repositioned the mask on his face. 'Hopefully the men had enough brains to decide against getting a hangover for the upcoming battle.' He sighed beneath his mask as he saw the men laughing and lightly hitting each other.

The teen started up the motorbike and drove across the wastelands with ease; any other person would take hours to traverse this.

"Hmm?" he looked forward to see what seems to be a box-like thing near eastern side of the forest. He stopped the motor and took out a sleeping bag attached to his bike.

'Well it IS getting dark…I might have been seeing things.' He rubbed his eyes but found it hard to yawn with his mask in the way so he retied it to his arm.

'Damn…if I had known that large cities looked like closer small cities I would have led the men closer before resting.' He thought as he mentally facepalmed himself. 'Might as well check out that box-like thing in the east before I get back to the men.' He drifted off to sleep his bike to his side and the sun already downed on his left, the dark gray clouds parted a bit to show the lowering orb.