Days Of Ruin18…Never Ending

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Zene, Tabitha, Bolt, 238B, and Jugger with his automated forces, now headed to the ruins of the capital that the raiders created. The group and company used the path made by the Diagnostic Test in order to avoid the hindrances made by forests. Zene and Tabitha were in their War Tank, and Bolt and 238B were on top of Jugger. It was only midday when they left the Arc; they had to pass through the scorched plains to get to the city or risk wasting time going around the plains.

The two large tanks led the way, artillery following right behind and tanks to the sides and rear of the artillery. Zene and Tabitha were currently inside the driving compartment of the War Tank. They saw the damage that Bolt could do with his ability. There were burnt husks of tanks, the ground was a scorched black, and the whole area was devoid of any active raiders. The two surveyed the damage shown on the onboard displays.

Zene broke the silence with some quiet words. "Those who enter war are those prepared to die." He looked across the displays that showed the impact of war.

Tabitha nodded. "All my soldiers were taught that, even the maintenance crews. If there is war, there is death." She remembered how her troops were trained after they were 'developed' they knew basic knowledge of war but needed to be taught how to discern enemies and use weapons. They free to choose their own regiment since Caulder said "I wish to research the effects of freedom one at a time." He was all about research, but the war with his clones left him with a tiny bit of kindness. It wasn't openly visible but it showed itself in the form of "Research Purposes." Like when he told the troops about death instead of telling them to go off immediately to war. Tabitha knew that if his kindness got in the way of research, he would prioritize research.

Off in the distance, the ruined skyline of the small capital came into view.

-Approaching Capital- … -Detecting Hostile Forces- … -Preparing For Battle- Jugger's robotic voice rang out from the radio. Zene let Tabitha have the controls since she insisted. She had complained that she hated feeling weak. Zene put on his gas mask and got up to take his position as the gunner. He stuck his head out to find 238B waving at him from the hatch of Jugger.

"Hey! Bolt told me to tell you just to use the radio to talk!" She said this over the noise of the engines. Zene wondered why she was so energetic, but passed it off as a normal behavior for children. He picked up the radio inside the turret and called out to Bolt.

"Bolt! Those are raiders, no need for mercy!"

The radio crackled back in response and Bolt's voice called. -I never show mercy in war! I'll be loading Jugger's ammunition and 238B will be using the machine gun! - Zene looked back at the happy-go-lucky girl, who waved back when she saw him. He spoke into the radio again.

"But she's only a girl! Can't Jugger load the cannons automatically?"

Bolt responded, laughing. -She knows how to fight in war! And I'm here to load because it's faster than Jugger's single-load system!-

Zene finished up his call when he began to see the enemy. "Blast them to smithereens!"

The enemies ahead of their position were the raiders that were once fighting against each other. They had called a truce ever since the plasma strike during their skirmish. The raiders had gathered up three artillery units, five recon units, two tank units, and seven mech groups. They took up combat positions; recons were in the front to slow the enemy, mechs stayed close behind to do a follow-up attack after the initial clash, artillery stayed back with the tanks.

Jugger's units went up and charged, the four tank units sped forward and decimated the recon units. The mechs took defensive positions behind the destroyed recon units. The raider artillery raised their barrels and fired. The raider mechs did a follow-up strike along with the artillery, destroying three of the four tank units.

Bolt wanted to hit Jugger for its stupidity. 'I thought Koal and Kindle would've fixed Jugger's attack style.'

Jugger's artillery did a counter-strike and fired into the defending raiders' position. Two of the mech divisions were eliminated and the raider's tank units began to make their move.

The raider mechs were in a state of panic. One of them called out.

"What the hell are those things?" More raiders began to join the confusion, their voices showing the panic and fear of the approaching behemoths.

"I say we run!"

"Y-yeah lets leave!" Panic filled the ranks of the raiders.


"NO! They are just there just to intimidate us! We took out their things that were charging at us!" What seemed to be the leader of the mech division, called out to his men. The men were shaking, unsure to trust their eyes or their commander. The commander felt the uncertainty that the men were feeling.

"I'll lead the charge! ATTACK!" The commander charged forward toward the approaching tanks and their squad leader motivated the men, causing them to follow his decision. All the mech divisions charged forward and fired their rockets at the two tanks.

Zene saw the charging raiders. "Incoming! Let's gun them!" She nodded and went down the hatch to operate the Megatank's internal machine gun. Zene heard Bolt over the radio.

-Those are brave men! Lets go kill them!– Zene heard Tabitha laugh at Bolt's comment. Zene hadn't learned about the difference in strength, so he thought that the raiders had a chance at winning but Tabitha and Bolt knew the outcome when a War Tank/Megatank went up against regular soldiers. He decided to pay attention at the threat ahead.

The machine guns of the Megatank and War Tank ripped through the charging raiders, they had no chance and they placed their bet that the enemy was just putting up a front…they weren't. The raiders who managed to survive long enough to fire off their rockets found out that their weapons didn't even dent the approaching Tanks. The lucky few who survived were mowed down right after they saw their ineffective strike.

The raider tanks were charging forward, their artillery was attempting to soften up their targets. The shells hit the front of the tanks, but the combination of Zene's defense boost, Bolt's defense boost, and Tabitha's major defense boost rendered the shells ineffective, not even a scratch. Zene saw the incoming tanks and picked up the radio.

"I want a full salvo, NOW! FIRE!" Bolt heard his order and pressed the trigger, he had already pre-loaded the cannons. Tabitha shifted the turrets to the appropriate angle and pulled the triggers.

The ten blasts produced ten deadly rounds. It took only four out of the ten rounds to utterly decimate the tanks and the remainder blasted past the destroyed tanks and into the raider artillery. Ahead of their position the group saw the raider artillery get wiped out. Jugger's voice echoed through the radio.

-Hostiles Eliminated- … -Calculating Losses- … -Three Tank Units Lost- … -Disengaging Battle Mode-

238B popped out of the Megatank and began to sit atop the turret.

"The wind feels great! …But it doesn't smell so good…" She had mixed feelings since she liked the wind but disliked the smell of smoke and gunpowder.

"You're lucky." She pouted as she saw Zene with his gas mask on. He enjoyed the joys of the wind while avoiding the smell of smoke with his mask. He gave a thumbs up and that made her pout even more, apparently she doesn't like him so much.

The remaining units passed the burnt-out husks of the raider forces. Up ahead the city was coming into sharper view. There were skeletons of the buildings, collapsed brick buildings, smoking vehicles both civilian and military, and numerous scorch marks throughout the streets.

Zene's forces decided it was better to head to the center of the capital to begin their search, since it was an ideal place to defend against the raider forces.

The Tanks and artillery rolled through the streets. The two large tanks led the way, pushing aside debris, creating a path for the vehicles behind. The group began to slow down as the objects ahead came into view.

Down the main road of the capital was a formation of Anti-Tank units forming a perimeter, blocking all roads into the center of the ruined capital. The tanks stood a good distance in front of the guns; the unknown units held their position and lowered the barrels so the tanks could look straight down them. There was a silence between the two forces, save for the humming of the engines. Zene had to risk an attack if he went for a diplomatic approach, or he could just get ready for an attack and minimize the damage taken when a counterstrike began.

Jugger's artillery began to angle their barrels up for a potential salvo. The machines whirred and began the numerous calculations for the shells.

The silence was deafening, in a way. Several minutes have passed and not a single unit moved, both forces tensed in preparation for an attack.

A soldier, presumably their leader, walked up with a megaphone. "State your business, Raiders!"

Zene disembarked the tank and walked up with a smirk and pointed with his thumb to the supplies on his War Tank, "Commander Tasha sends you gifts"

An image fades in...showing a handshake...the two hands were like father and hand, old and worn...the other, growing and unblemished...but...they both wore the essence of, death, anger, and joy...

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The story will never stop...just like the march of time...~Zavefed