She couldn't believe it. It was just one time. One drunken hook up. How could she be so stupid? She should've layed off the alchohol. Now look at the mess she's in.

Now here she is. Sitting in here bathroom, with a positive pregnancy test.

All she could do was think back to that night. How she met him, and how it happened.


She walked into the club with her closest girls, Abigail, Megan, and flashed their fake ID's, which fooled the securities and got them in. They immidietly to go the dance floor and begin dancing.

As she's dancing with her girls, she notices a short latino black-haired looking guy walk up to her and her friends. She smiles a bit. He's cute.

"Hey," he greeted over the loud music. "What's your name?"

"I'm Daisy," she replied. "You are?"

"Carlos," he grinned. He stuck his hand out, and she shook it, but he didn't let go after that. "Who are your friends?"

"This is Abigail, Megan, and Audrey," she replied, pointing to each of them as she said they're name with her free hand.

"Hey cutie," Megan winked.

Carlos chuckled. "You guys wanna go take some shots with me and my friends?"

"Hell yeah!" Audrey exclaimed.

Carlos not letting go of her hand, he began to lead Daisy with her girls right behind her over to where Carlos' friends were.

When they finally reach them, Daisy sees three good looking guys there.

"Guys, I found these four beautiful ladies," Carlos smiled, catching all four guys' attention. "This is Daisy, Abigail, Megan, and Audrey."

Carlos introduced them holding up Daisy's hand when he mentioned her name, and pointing to the other girls when he mentioned theirs.

"Girls, this is Kendall, James, and Logan." Carlos introduced the guys, pointing to them as he said their name as well.

They all greeted eachother, and James began to fill eight shots of Vodka. He handed one shot to everyone when he was finished.

"Do you drink?" Carlos asked Daisy, handing her a shot.

She nodded. "Yeah, a bit."

Carlos smiled and finally let her hand go, and they both took the shot together.

Before they could both even say anything else, Megan had already grabbed Carlos' arm and dragged him to the dancefloor.

Audrey and Abigail began to chat it up with the other guys, while Daisy just stood there awkwardly, watching as Carlos and Megan dance.

"You like him?" she hears a voice say beside her. She turns her head and sees Kendall standing there with a smirk on his face.

"I don't even know him," Daisy replied.

"I see," Kendall nodded, still with that smirk on his face. "You wanna take some more shots?"

"Sure," she smiled.

Kendall took her hand, and they both headed to the bar.

With only a few shots, Kendall and Daisy were both still drunk. James and Logan were still talking with Audrey and Abigail, and Carlos and Megan were still on the dancefloor.

"Let's go to my hotel room," Kendall said loudly into her ear, since the music was loud.

Without thinking, she nodded. "Okay!"

Kendall grinned and wrapped an arm around her shoulder, as they both walk out of the club.

They arrived at Kendall's hotel room, after shutting the door Kendall took no time into grabbing her and kissing her. Daisy put her hands behind Kendall's neck, deepening the kiss.

Not breaking the kiss, Kendall picked her up and she wrapped her legs around his waist.

He walked over to the bed, and layed her down.

Things went from there. They had sex, unprotected, and she regrets every bit of it. She hasn't talked to Kendall since. Her and Carlos have gotten pretty close though. Carlos has no clue that Daisy and Kendall hooked up. No one does. But she has to let Kendall know she's pregnant with his baby. He's the only one she slept with, ever.

That's another thing. Daisy has a virgin before that. She didn't get to lose her virginity the special way, by that special guy, the way she wanted to. Kendall, on the other hand, he sleeps around from what Carlos tells her.

She quickly grabs her iPhone, and dials Kendall's number.

It rings a few times, before he answers.

"What do you want?"

"Kendall, I need to talk to you, in person."

"I'm busy right now."

"This very important! I need you here, now!"

"Fine. I'll be right over."

With that, she ends the call and walks out of the bathroom, sitting on the couch of the shared aparment of her and her older sister. Her sister is working right now, so she isn't home.

About 40 minutes later, Daisy hear's a knock at the door. She sighs, rolling her eyes as she gets up off the couch to open it up.

"Can you make it fast?" Kendall says. "I have to be somewhere."

"Kendall, I'm pregnant!" she blurts out.

Kendall goes wide eyed and just stares at her in shock. "You' you're not!"

"Yes I am!" she replies, beginning to cry again as she shows him the pregnancy test.

"Well it's not mine!" Kendall says loudly.

"Yes it is!" Daisy yells. "You're the only person I slept with, ever!"

"I want nothing to do with it." Kendall replies. "I'm young, have a great music career going on. I can't let a child ruin it."

"Kendall.." Daisy says, really hurt. She can't believe he just said that. He wants nothing to do with it? Nothing to do with their child. She can't do this all alone. She regrets being so stupid!

"I already told you, I want nothing to do with it." Kendall tells her, walking out and slamming the door.

Daisy begins crying, sliding her back against the wall and sitting down.

What has she gotten herself into?

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