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"What time is everyone suppose to be coming?" Kendall questions, going through Daisy's closet to pick an outfit out. Since they just got back from tour about a week ago, Daisy thought it'd be a good idea to have a little get together at their house. Their house is pretty big, so it's all good. Not a lot of people will be coming anyway. Just The guys, Jennifer, Mari, Abigial, Megan, Audrey, Corey, Anthony (the guy Megan has been seeing), Marcus, and Jo.

Kendall and Daisy have the house to themselves, because Sonny and Izzy are on their honeymoon. Yup, they already got married a couple days ago, and they are extremely happy. Daisy's very happy for her sister, and Sonny. He's legit like a big brother to her, so she's happy they're both happy. She hopes her and Kendall make it together that long.

"James texted me and said they're almost here, so they'll be here in about fifteen minutes," Daisy replies, beginning to change three month old Aliciana. "And Marcus is gonna come in a bit too."

"Okay," Kendall says, slipping his shirt on.

Once they're all finished changing, Kendall takes Aliciana into his arms and they all head downstairs.

"So, I was thinking about going to get my tattoo soon," Daisy starts. Before Aliciana was born, she was really wanting to get a tattoo. She decided she's going to get Aliciana's name in cursive on her wrist with a heart around it, but she wanted to wait until after she was born. Now that they're back from tour, she wants to get it done soon.

"What exactly are you gonna get?" Kendall asks. He knows she's gonna get a tattoo of Aliciana's name, but he doesn't know how exactly she's going to get it. Kendall also is going to get Aliciana's name. He was thinking of getting it on his hip or something. He isn't sure yet.

"I wanna get her name in cursive with a heart around it on my wrist," she replies. She can't wait to get it done, but she's scared because she knows it'll hurt. Kendall said it doesn't hurt, but she knows it did. He's just trying to be all manly. But Kendall agreed to hold her hand through it all. She's still kind of scared, though. Of course that pain will never compare to the pain of her giving birth. That was the worst pain ever.

"I wanna get mine done soon too," he says. "We should go this weekend."

"Sounds good," she replies. "I'm scared..I already know it's gonna hurt."

"Babe, it doesn't even hurt," he tells her. "Plus, I'll hold your I said."

She smiles, kissing his cheek. "It's still gonna hurt, though."

"It'll be fine," he says. "Just remember...that you gave birth to a baby, and I bet that hurt like ten times worse then getting a tattoo will."

"Trueeeee." she agrees.

Kendall gets up, laying Aliciana down in the crib they have set up for her in the living room, since she fell alseep. He leans down, softly kissing her forehead before covering her up with a pink soft blanket to keep her warm. While Kendall does that, Daisy lays down on the couch.

When he's finished, he approaches her on the couch.

"Scoot over," he says. Daisy does as told, scooting over a bit so he can lay next to her. Kendall lays down, facing her and wrapping an arm tightly around her waist, pulling her close.

"I'm so cold," she shivers, cuddling up to him. "Keep me warm."

"Of course." he smiles, holding her as close as possible, keeping her warm.

Just as she's all warm and comfortable, the doorbell rings.

"You wanna get that?" she asks. Daisy would get up and open the door, but she's super warm and comfortable right now. Plus, Kendall is on the edge of the couch, so it'll be easier for him to just get up and open the door instead of her climbing over him to open it.

"I guess," Kendall chuckles, getting off the couch and heading toward the front door. He opens the door, and everyone is out there. By everyone, he means the guys (including Cory and Anthony), and the girls (including Jennifer and Jo) are out there too. They all came in two cars. Kendall knows because he sees Carlos' car, and Audrey's car in the driveway.

"What's up everyoneee," Kendall greets, doing the manly handshake/hug with the guys as they walk in, then giving a small hug to each girl as they walk in. Once everyone is in, he enters the house and shuts the door behind him.

"Marcus isn't here yet?" Jo asks, as she looks around and he's no where to be found. She thinks Marcus is really hot. They recently started talking. They started off talking on Facebook, then Marcus eventually asked for her number, and they text and talk on the phone a lot. She really likes him, she thinks he likes her too.

"He just texted me saying he's on his way," Daisy tells her, sitting up. She can tell that Marcus and Jo like each other. Daisy is trying to hook them up. She thinks they'd be really cute together. But if Jo does anything to hurt him, Daisy will get her. Marcus means a lot to her, and he's a really nice guy that wouldn't hurt a girl. Daisy would hate to see his cute little sensitive heart broken.

"Oh now you get up," Kendall retorts, sitting next to her.

"Shut upppp," she replies, grabbing his face and leaning in to give him a little peck on the lips.

"Aw, look at little Aliciana!" Megan exclaims, smiling down at the sleeping little girl. "Can I hold her?"

"Can you wait till she wakes up?" Kendall asks. "She just fell asleep and she hasn't tooken a nap in all day."

"Okay," Megan says, before approaching Anthony and sitting on his lap. Megan and Anthony are now officially a couple. Carlos is really relieved that Megan finally found someone of her own. He was starting to get really tired of her trying to get at him when he clearly has a girlfriend. Even Jennifer was starting to get bothered. But Carlos always told her to just not say anything.

Just then, the door bell rings again.

"You wanna get that?" Kendall asks, looking at Daisy.

She just giggles, nodding. "I guess."

Daisy gets up off the couch, heading toward the door. She opens it up, and there's Marcus standing out there.

"Hey dudeeee!" she greets, giving him a huge hug. "I missed you!"

"I missed you too!" he replies, giving her a squeeze.

They pull away from each other, and Daisy steps aside to let him in. Once he enters, she shuts the door, locking it.

"Hi Marcus," Jo greets, heading toward him.

"Hey cutie," she replies, wrapping his arms around her waist as she wraps his around her neck.

Daisy just smiles, looking at them.

"Just go out already!" Carlos finally says, causing both Marcus and Jo to blush.

"Hey, we should play truth or dare." James randomly suggests.

"Nothing stupid though, right?" Logan asks.

"Duh." Abigail retorts.

"Alriiiight," James says. "I'll start!"

Lucy sits at the Palmwoods park on her laptop. She's really bored, so she's on Facebook scrolling through her newsfeed. She comes across a picture of Aliciana. She's wide awake, and it almost looks like she's smiling. Lucy can't get over how gorgeous this little girl is. Probably one of the cutest baby girls she's ever seen. She's just jealous that another girl had Kendall's baby rather than her.

"Is she yours?" she hears a voice say behind her.

Startled a bit, Lucy turns around and sees a tall dark haired boy. He's really cute, but she's never seen him around. He must be new to the Palmwoods.

"Oh no," Lucy replies. "She's my ex boyfriends daughter."

Okay, Kendall and her never officially went out, but they kind of did. So he'd still be considered her ex boyfriend, right?

"I see," the dude says. "Well, I'm Brad. I just moved here to the Palmwoods to become a male model."

"Niice," she grins. "I'm Lucy..a rock singer."

"Cool." he smiles. "So, can you show me around?"

"Sure," Lucy says, shutting her laptop. "Let's stop by my apartment to drop off my laptop then I'll give you a tour of the Palmwoods."


Kendall enters Daisy's room, shutting the door behind him. It's about 9 PM, and everyone just left. They had a pretty good day. They played truth or dare, then just listening to music and talked. They all barely get to do that anymore. They also got Jo and Marcus to kiss, which it was obvious that they both enjoyed.

He approaches Aliciana's crib, and his little girl is sound asleep. She only took about a thirty minute lap earlier, then she woke up and was awake ever since. So she must be really tired.

"Well, it's just us now." Kendall grins, crawling onto the bed and hovering over her, giving her a quick passionate kiss before planting kisses all down her jaw, and neck.

"Kendallll..I'm tired," she whines, trying to push him off of her. "Tomorrow, okay?"

"Fiiiiine." he sighs, before giving her one more kiss and laying beside her, wrapping his arms tightly around her. "Daisyyyy, I love you so much, more than words can even explain."

"I love you more than words can even explain too." she smiles. "You, and Aliciana are all I need."

"You guys are all I need too." he replies, kissing her forehead. "You're all I'll ever need."

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