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23 years later

Chapter 1: Shoreline

"Phoebe, you will enjoy the school." My mother said to me while we were driving. I was sitting in the back behind her, looking out the window. Northern California was nothing I thought it would be. I thought it would be sandy and summer, but no the landscape is rocky and trees declared the land. The sky was grey. It seemed more like winter then summer. My father was sitting in the front driving the car. His blonde hair was turning sliver. Years of his work slowing wearing him out. My older brother was sitting beside me half playing with my hair. A weird habit of his, but that is want you get when there's an artist in the family. He was 2 years older but acted my age. He had my father blonde hair and he dyed the tips black. He also had my mothers hazel eyes.

"The was no reason why Logan could look after me for my senior year"

"I would have to go to university for you to stay." I looked away from the car window and looked at my brother. He held a smug look on his face. I gave him an eye roll. My mother laughed. We moved from Texas to California, because of dads work. I was moving from my old school to Shoreline. It was meant to be the best school in California. I really wanted to stay in Texas and Logan could look after me but his excuse was that he was taking a gap year.

Dad drove into the car park of the school and parked near the door. We all got out. My family was driving me off at the school before they settle down in the house mum and dad bought. I looked at the school. It was modern and white and it didn't look like a school. I kind of looked liked a modern residential building. "Are you sure this is a school?" I asked.

"Yes, this is the right address." My mother didn't sound so sure. My father was at the boot of the car and was getting out my suitcase and blue duffel bag. Out of the –I guess- the main door came a male in his late twenties. He saw us and asked "Are you the new student?"

"Ah, Yes" I replied

"Well, come on let's get you settled in." He mentioned us to come inside. I got my stuff and followed. We went through the glass door the man came through earlier. Inside was a reception type office. He led us to the receptionist and talked to her in a quiet voice. Then she spoke "Are you Phoebe Grigori?"

"Yes." As soon I replied she typed fast on the computer. The man then talked to my parents. He was saying something about that they could leave and I would be okay. After he talked to them, I hugged them good-bye, and my mother rubbed my shoulder. I knew that it was hard for her. She looked after me all my life, but she wanted her child to have a good future. They left and I turned to my brother. He waved at me and left himself.

The receptionist gave me a folder and explained about the school and the curfew. The man was still there. He would have to be a teacher. There would be no way that a guy this age would be at a high school like this. He stood by an other door near the desk. The guy motioned to me to follow him through the door. "I am Mr. Fisher and I will be taking you for English and Science." He said.

We went through a bunch of confusing and maze-like hallways. Then he stopped and turned to me. My shoulder was slightly sore from me carrying my duffel bag on the way over here. "This is your room and your roommate should be inside." That's all Mr. Fisher said before leaving.

I opened the door. A strong incense small wafted me face. It smelt like roses and lavender. I knew I would get used to the smell. I would be staying here for my last year of school. There was a bunk bed to the right of the door that was push to the wall. It seemed that the top bunk was taken but that didn't bother me. There was a large window to my left that over looked – I think- the rest of the campus. The was a desk and an interactive computer, draws and a TV that were opposite to the bed. There was a girl –my age- near the window attending small plants in pots. She had long, straight dark blonde hair that was close to her waist. She was wearing a light and bright dress that was knee-height. It was more colourful then my grey jeans, dull blue top and a grey, light cardigan.

I made my way in the room and she looked up from her planets. She had the most beautiful chocolate brown eyes that made her very pretty. "Are you Phoebe?" She asked

"Yes and you are…"

"Fiona." That name fit her well. "Do you need help unpacking? I bet that duffel bag would be over packed and heavy." I gave her a look and she stood up. "That's what my mum did when I first came here. Come on let me help you unpack."

By the time I unpacked it was lunchtime. Fiona told me that lunch was going to be out soon and asked if I was hungry. I didn't eat much breakfast, I was too nervous. She led me through the confusing maze of hallways. Then there was one that led to a big room filled with chairs and hungry teenagers waiting for lunch. At the back of the room was a massive veranda filled with more chairs. Fiona led me to a table that had a few people on it. We sat down and Fiona launched into a conversation with them. There was a menu in front of me, so I decided that to pick it up and have a look at it.

I was halfway through the menu when I noticed that someone was talking to me. I looked up from the menu and started at the girl sitting opposite me. "Sorry, what did you say?" I asked.

"I was wondering about your hair. It looks thick and it has a nice shine to it."

"Oh, I get it from my mum. She has thick, black hair too."

"I wish I could have hair like yours"

I gave her a small uncomfortable smile and returned back to the menu. A waiter came to our table and we ordered our lunch.

After we ate the two other girls left and it was just Fiona and I at the table. She got up and she said that she was going to show me around campus. She led me out of the veranda and went on the grounds. She showed me a beach and explained that's where they a private or public student parties. We walked past a building. It looked like a big cabin. "What is this building?" I asked Fiona as she walked by. "It's where the classes for the gifted program kids that they have here."

"Are you one of the gifted?"


Then she kept of moving. When I realised that she had moved on, I had to run up to her.

We got back to our dorm room. Fiona went back to attending her plants and I put the covers on my bed.