Authors Note: Sorry that the chapter is late. It seems that I am suffering from a bit of writers block. I also had people over yesterday for most of the day and couldn't write it while they were there. I am sorry if it sucks a bit. But here it is, I hope you guys enjoy it. :)

Chapter 11: Angels

My reflection faded and I was left alone in the black void. My wings were gone and I couldn't see anything. I was left to fall.

I awoke in a room that was white, sterile and smelt of ammonia. I was in bed that had blue covers and these covers were right up to my face. There was a window to my right that shone daylight through it, which made the even brighter then what I first though it was. In front of me were cupboards and benches that were covered in all medical stuff. On my left there were posters about medical safety and there was one poster about safe sex which was slightly weird and there was a sleeping Fiona that was on a chair which was pulled really close to the bed. Where was I. Was I in a dream where I was hospital, but that was too weird even for me. I scanned the room again to make sure that I was or wasn't dream and -I didn't know how but I did- missed Murphy who was standing by the window but had his back towards me. He was staring out and probably waited for me to wake up. He didn't notice that I was staring at him. I was reminded of my dream. He pulled me close. Held my face and stared at me with pure happiness in his eyes. Just thinking about it made ace heat up and I couldn't look at him any more. What did that mean? Why did I have to dream about him like that? God. I looked away and Fiona was stirring around, then she woke up. She noticed that I was awake. She straightened up in her chair and said "Hey Phoebe, your awake."

"Sure feels like it."

Murphy turned around and walked towards the bed. He placed his hands on the end of the bed and leaned over. He had a change in clothes since I last saw him. He wasn't wearing the full on winter clothes that he wore before I slept. Then it dawned on me, I forgot that I was still in a room that was medical and was in a bed that was not my bed. "Where am I?" I asked

"You're in the school infirmary" Fiona said. I looked at her

"Why am I in the school infirmary?" I sat up in the bed.

"Because you collapsed yesterday" Murphy then said. I collapsed. I didn't think so. Where did I collapse? It must have been somewhere public or no one would have known I collapsed. Why don't I remember collapsing? It hadn't been a day had it? If it had then it did explain why Murphy wore different clothes.

"I don't remember collapsing." I said. Murphy and Fiona then looked at each other. What was I missing? What didn't I know? A strange feel came; I had this conversation before, with Cam. This then made angry. Why wouldn't anyone tell me anything? I am not weak. I could have handled what they had to say. "What do you remember?" Fiona asked.

"I remember that Murphy and I were going to the lodge that you showed the other day" I pointed to Fiona "I remember that I was going to get Murphy and I something to drink then…" I trailed off. I don't know what happened pasted that. "Then what" Fiona pressed. That's what I liked to know too. What had happened? I thought and thought about as both Fiona and Murphy were staring at me.

I remember something Fiona was there, she wanted something from me and made Murphy leave. "Fiona you were there."

"I wasn't. I was talking to Steven about something."

"Then who else was it because it was you that what something." T was Fiona wasn't it. She opened her mouth to talk but a female doctor came in though the door. She had light fair hair and light green. Green eyes I remembered that. It wasn't Fiona that was their but someone else.

"How are you feeling Phoebe?" She then came and checked my forehead and flashed a light in my eyes.

"I feel a bit tired." I was the truth. Even if I slept for a day I still felt tired. I guess my whole dream worn me out. The wings in my dream where probably thing that made me the most tired and were the prettiest thing too. I touched my back with my hand and was disappointed to find that I didn't have the wings. I didn't know why they were so sentimental. I didn't know why I would be an angel or even have wings. No one living being had wings. "Is your back sore?" The doctor asked. I removed my hand from my back and placed it on my lap. I looked down and said "No."

"If you're tired, I suggest that you sleep without you visitors." Fiona and Murphy left the room and the doctor followed. I was now left in a room to my own devices. I was tired but not too tired that I wasn't to the point where I was dead tired. Why was someone pretending to Fiona? How did they change my memory so that I couldn't remember that? What did they want with me? My mind raced on and on until I fell asleep again.

I was again in darkness, but this time I was in a hallway and not in an open field of darkness. I guess that was the best way to have described it. I followed the hallway and placed my hand on the wall. I was solid and liquid at the same time and had the texture or slime. It felt gross so I took my hand off the wall. At the end of the hallway was an open field of darkness. This time I wasn't alone in the darkness. There was a glowing light further ahead, so I ran to it. When I got closer I saw what it was. It was a girl with super long silver hair that was curly. By super long I mean that it was down to her but. She was facing away from me. She had wings that were gold with auburn tips. She turned and she was beautiful. She what you call a classic angel. Where they are all angelic and god damn pretty. If she was real she would probably rule it. She had the kind of beauty that was hypnotizing. She smile at me and held out her left hand that signalled for me to take it. "I can show what you want to know." She was loud and soft at the same time. Her voice was calm yet firm and I just stared. "I can show you what the others won't tell you." She continued. Did she mean what Cam won't tell me or just what anyone won't tell me? This was starting to feel less and less like a dream. It felt like it was becoming real. I didn't say anything for a while and I could see the beautiful angels smile falter. Just seeing her smile falter said that there was something wrong. She hadn't said anything more but there was something about her that I didn't like. "Come with me." Her voice held none of it's politeness from before. When I didn't move she actively went for my right arm. I moved back from her and looked at me angrily. I was so glad I didn't go with her as I known I wouldn't like it. I ran from her and all she did was laugh and this laugh was no laugh of an angel. It was a laugh of a demon.

I ran further and further into the darkness until there was a strange scene that folded out in front that involved my mom, dad, Cam and some familiar strangers.