Camp of Cool

By: KaitoMagico

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A sudden stop knocked over the kids in the bus and brought Gina back to earth. 'What was that?' Looking at the other kids -even the Jefferson bullies- get out of their seats and stretch, she guessed it was time to get off the bus. How troublesome.

Covering up a yawn and getting out of her seat, she turned to one of the windows on the bus and looked out to see what the camp would look like.

There wasn't really much- not that she expected that. There were a few cozy and humble looking cabins, a trail leading over to a deep blue lake, trees surrounding the area, a large flag in the middle of it all (probably where they would all go first), and, if she looked hard enough, she could see a large cabin out in the distance.

'Hmph, not bad,' she thought, letting others pass in front of her. 'It seems this camp won't be terrible in terms of looks. Now to see the activities.'

Stepping out of the bus, she thanked the driver and went over to where she saw a large group of kids. They were near the flagpole- just as she expected. Strolling over, she took some time to stare at the lush green trees, and the shining blue lake. It was magnificent.
"Oh! Hi Gina! What a surprise to see you here!"

Jumping slightly, Gina turned to where the voice came from. It was Jenny. Relaxing, Gina smiled. "Hello Jenny, how are you? It's been awhile. And really, it had been quite a while since the two girls saw each other, without Artur or someone else in the picture. "I'm doing great! My relationship with Artur is better than ever! It was such a coincidence that we both decided to go to the same summer camp though!" Jenny paused for a moment and the beginning of a blush was starting to form. "Not that I mind..." She then proceeded to ramble on about her love life, oblivious to the fact that Gina had already left a long time ago.

Quickly walking- more like running- away from the flag area, Gina sighed. 'Why does it seem that all Jenny talks about these days are Artur and romance?' But she didn't get far into her thoughts because, yet again, a voice interrupted. "Hallo Gina!"

Growling, she faced the person. It wasn't Jenny, seeing the light and coming after her, no, it was her best boyfriend, Artur. Not in the mood, she snapped a, "what do you want?" He blinked, as if surprised by her tone of voice but regained his smile a second later. "I came to tell that camp peoples want everyones to be at flag. Come with me back?"

Smiling at his broken English (it was cute!) She took his hand and they headed back.

"Hey Gina?"

She blinked, Artur had never come up to talk to her before, she usually came up to talk to him. 'He probably has something very important to say, maybe he got into a fight with one of his friends, or Jenny and wants some advice. Yeah, that's gotta be it.

The boy shifted around a little and fiddled with his fingers. How would he tell Gina that Nate liked her? Hmm... The best way to go was being direct. No beating around the bush, quick, and to the point. Yes... Nate was going to love him for this!

"Well, Nate-"

'Is a jerkface.' Gina ended, in her mind.

"- Likes you."

Wait... "WHAT!?"

The surrounding P.S 38 students all looked on in surprise at Gina's outburst and at what Artur said. Even Francis looked a little shocked, and he was Nate's best friend!

"Yep, he was talking about you all time and how he thought... You two would make great pair?" Everyone looked on in silence until Gina broke it by saying: "... Thank you for telling me. When we go back to school I'll talk to him."

'That went better than expected,' Artur thought. 'She'll talk to him! Maybe Gina will say that she also likes him!' "Hokay Gina."

But little did he know, Gina was planning bloody murder on the one he tried to help, Nate Wright.