I own nothing, just this humble plot. Harper Lee, bless her, owns all. I wrote this in part because I read TKAM and loved it, and partly because I didn't think there was enough Dill and Scout, nor was there nough of Boo, who I really wanted to know more about. So, and thus this fanfic was born! Read on, and enjoy!

The spring following Jem's elbow break, my encounter with Boo Radley, and Mr. Ewell's death, brought even more oddities. Dill came early—again. He seemed eager to hear about Boo's saving Jem and me, and I told him as wholeheartedly as I could. Second, Aunt Alexandra became much more kind and understanding of my 'tomboyish' appearance. Third, and the most amazing, Boo Radley became my friend.

When Dill came in April, I was happier than a puppy with butter-biscuits. He turned up on the front porch, me on Atticus' lap and Jem on the swing. This time, I didn't need to ask him why, I knew. Miss Rachel didn't mind keeping him, either, and I was happy knowing he'd be enrolled into third grade like me until summer.

So we played together, the three of us, until spring rolled around and fishing season began. The creek seemed more inviting than ever, but Jem said he wanted to fish with Dill alone, that he needed to talk to him about this 'engagement' thing Dill conjured. I didn't argue and spent the day playing with the new baton Atticus had gotten me for Christmas. I twirled around in the yard, catching wistful glances of the Radley place. And when I saw the shadowed silhouette, I stopped abruptly and waited for another movement.

Nothing. The shadow stayed in the window, unmoving, as if a statue. But I knew better. Slowly, silently, I opened the gate and walked down the sidewalk to the Radley yard. That was when I looked back to the window and the shadow was gone. At the curb, I sat hunched, with my back to the house, waiting.

It wasn't long until Atticus came strolling by with briefcase in hand. As he saw me, a small frown played on his lips and he looked at me inquiringly. I then left the curb and stalked back to the confinement of our fenced yard, ignoring the cold stare Aunt Alexandra presented me. But her resentment didn't last; she soon lead me into the living room and to her favorite knitting chair, where she fumbled in her bag for something. Slowly, she drew out a pair of patched overalls with slight traces of a floral pattern set on the pockets. Comprising. She was compromising with me, and I would obediently meet her halfway, despite pink flowers and yellow stitching.

I sat in my room for the rest of the day, reading, drawing, anything to quench the boredom I felt all the while Jem and Dill were away. Eventually they came back, at the first sign of night, and past my bedtime, too. I was sound asleep in my bed, dreaming of fish in the creek up yonder, when a soft poking in my side woke me.

"Scout." I recognized the voice, but couldn't place it for the life of me through all of the drowsiness I felt then. The voice came louder. "Scout!"

I shifted under the cover, crawled over, and waited for the empty space to fill with Dill's presence. "Why're you still out and about, Dill? Where's Jem?"

He shushed me and took hold my wrist underneath the blanket. "He's been asleep as long as you have."

I pondered that. "Then why're you here and not at Miss Rachel's?"

"Cause I haven't seen you that much today, Scout," he said as low as he could. Going on ten, his voice still hadn't lowered, and the suspense was killing him.

"Should it matter, though? We all know you'll be here bright and early in the morning, waiting on me and Jem—"

"I guess it doesn't matter, Scout, but I still wanted to see you." His hand squeezed mine and he smiled shyly. "I think Aunt Rachel is taking me to a dentist tomorrow, might not see you until tomorrow night."

"Dill, if Atticus comes in and sees you, I really don't know what he'll do… Or Jem, for that matter."

He shrugged, sat up, and pulled me up, too. "Scout…?" he asked, hinting his sudden anxiety.

"Yeah, Dill?" I hung my head, expecting something drastic and weird.

He only blushed and scooted closer to me. "I was just wondering, are we still engaged?"

I laughed. "Sure, Dill, if you want to be."

He grinned. "Well," he whispered, reaching behind him and gripping his shorts' pocket. His hand came back into view, but with something nestled in his palm. "I have something, ah, girly for you…"

I gently pushed away from him, but he wound his arm around my waist and pulled me back again. "No, Scout, I know you don't like that sort of stuff, but I think this should seal the deal." I glanced at the foreign object in Dill's hand and felt a smile playing on my lips.

"Even though I'd already asked 'ya, Scout, I want to see the ring on your finger. I want to know that no Cecil Jacobs or some other poker out there won't think twice about leaving you to me."

Dill's speech shocked me; I gasped slightly and bit on my bottom lip. "Sure… Dill, I guess so…"

He gently slid a tiny, gumball machine ring onto the fourth finger of my left hand. I glanced at it, smiled, and cracked my knuckles. When I made for my right hand, his own hands stopped me, gingerly keeping them in place. "I have to go now, Scout. Good night," he whispered, and kissed me, before creeping down the hall.

"Night…" I whispered back, falling once again, asleep.

In the morning, I set out for Jem's tree-house, as he was out at football practice and wouldn't be home for a while. As soon as my feet hit the pavement of our walk, I saw the silhouette again in the window of the Radley place. This time, I knew my determination wouldn't waver at the sight of suspicious passerby. I knew what I wanted, and that was answers from Mr. Arthur (Boo) Radley.

I knelt at the tree with the cement in its crevice, waiting. Boo seemed to stare back from his shadowy perch in the window, oblivious to the world in which I sat, watching him back. Finally, after what seemed like hours (mere minutes), I stood and marched to the Radley door. My pounding on it seemed to shake the porch, vibrating beneath my shoes. Nathan Radley opened the door, unsurprised, and looked at me expressionless.

I swallowed, glanced around, anywhere but at the sullen man, and found my voice. "Good afternoon, Mr. Nathan Radley. I was wondering if Mr. Arthur were descent for company…" I let my voice trail, suddenly fearful of what I had done. How could I have been so stupid?

Mr. Nathan narrowed his eyes and opened the door wider, implying I walk through the threshold.

"Me?" I squeaked, pointing shyly to myself.

He nodded, smiled, and looked at something inside the house and to his left. I heard soft murmurings, inclined my head to see, failed, and rocked back and forth on my feet. After another moment, I was gently ushered inside without my consent; I hadn't decided to come inside or not. Boo had done it for me.

Well, there was the first chapter. I hope it was enjoyed by all. :)