Title: Life Without You: Series


Summary: Well this is my first story/series and I hope you guys enjoy it! Basically its during the time of the metro court hostage crisis and i made some major what ifs and re-do's the whole series revolves around Tracy,Luke,The Q's and will involve many,many leave me your constructive criticism,comments,compliments,reviews,suggestions,and ideas!_


4:00 pm Metro Court Charity Benefit

"Whats taking Lulu so long.I'm going to get her."

"You know we are supposed to be here as a united front,why isn't Alan with us?"

"Edward he'll be here."

"I'll go get him,I need to go get Dillion and Lulu anyway."

Tracy had gone down to the Metro Court lobby to retrieve her brother,son and step-daughter and found them all arguing about this Ric Webber "investagation" her son and Lulu had brought upon themselves.

"Is this really the time and place for this,daddy wants us to be presented as a united front please don't bring this situation up in front of people."

"Ok,let's go."Dillion pulled Lulu aside him and slowly walked towards the elevators.

"Did you really have to make a scene?" He whispered

"I'm sorry I tried not to!" She whispered back.

Alan began to walk away but Tracy pulled him by the sleeve,"Ah,ah,ah,can you tell me as to why they were dragging you into their little, investagation?"


Gun shots rang throughout the hotel lobby and heads turned.

"Everybody stay where you are! This is a robbery and if you cooperate it will be over in five minutes!"

So how did you like it? Did you even like it, I dont care just gimme some feedback Lol. Thanks for reading even if you didnt enjoy is definietly more to come sorry if the first chapter was wayy too short I just wanted to get the inro out the way.