Title: Life Without You


Summary:PLEASE READ! I am so very sorry for updating so late,but every writer needs a long break sometimes? I've been uploading videos and focusing YouTube for a little while that's why I am so late for the update,anyway you know the drill. Questions,comments,suggestions are greatly appreciated! Please enjoy!

"LAURA!" It just came out uncalled. When Luke saw the state Tracy was in,he had flashbacks. Pictures of Laura deteriorating right in front of him were etched into his brain. It was the worst feeling of Deja vu. His angel was calling out again and knowing he could do nothing but fight the people who were holding him back was mentally impossible for him to wrap his head around. He saw Tracy go limp and fall into the arms of the strangers who drugged her in the first place. They placed her into the room she was originally in. Luke pulled away from the nurses who were holding him back.

"I'm sorry we had to sedate your wife sir. Don't pull anymore stunts." But Luke wasn't listening,he was lost in his thoughts and forsaken memories. "Sir?"

"Huh? Oh um,I didn't think she'd,nevermind. Do you know what to expect? How long till she can come home?"

"We don't really know what to expect,only time will tell."

"Can I see her?"

"Yes." Luke walked into the dull room. It had a bed and a nightstand with a small vase of flowers. He didn't know what to think or expect,had this happened to him before,yes. Had he planned on it happening again,no. Luke sat at the edge of the bed and covered his face,he couldn't see her like this. He got up and kissed Tracy's forehead. Without a word he left the room and went straight to Laura's room.

"Hey there angel." Luke shut the door and sat on her unoccupied bed. He stared at her admiringly. "God,I don't know what to do anymore. I lost her Laura,I lost her. I wish,that I hadn't lied to you in the first place,then you'd understand. You'd understand that,that there's another angel in my life." Luke looked for any sign of anger or shock but the same blank expression shadowed her beautiful face."I'm sorry Laura but she saved me from myself and helped Lulu. If she weren't there for Lulu,who knows what would've happened. And me,if she weren't there for me,most would have figured that I wouldn't even be alive. Laura,when I lost you,I lost myself. I was,devastated. I did you wrong,maybe it wasn't,wasn't ment to be? The time we had together was priceless,irreplaceable. But,ended in tragedy,with the exception of Lulu and Lucky. I can't go through this again. I'm sorry angel,thanks for listening." He kissed the top of Laura's head and left the room. He went to the waiting room where Jason and Monica were.

"Well? What happened?"

"You were right. Tracy needs to stay here."

"Why the sudden change?"

"She was sedated,we don't need anymore loss or disappointment. So I agree that she should stay here till,she recovers."

"I'm sorry,Luke."

"No I'm sorry,for letting this get too far." And Luke walked off. Monica turned to Jason.

"Thank-you for the millionth time,I don't think we'd survive another loss if it weren't for you."

"I just happened to be there."

"Well," Jason's phone rang.

"One second. Hello."

"Jason,what happened? Why'd you send Bernie out to do the job?"

"I ran into some unexpected trouble."


"No. It was Tracy."


"Yeah,she,tried to commit suicide."

"W-? You know what,we'll talk tomorrow. Is she alright?"

"Yeah,she's at Shady Brook now."

"Ok. Bye." Jason closed his phone shut. Monica walked towards him.

"You should go back home. We can always come to visit her,not that I expect you to. Just because you saved her doesn't necessarily mean she praises you in any way. But I'm sure she's very grateful for all your support and reading the speech,you know."

"I don't mind visiting but,I've never really had a relationship with her."

"I know. I'm sure she respects or surprisingly loves you in her own,unique way."

"I guess we'll go home."

"Let's go." Monica and Jason walked out the doors and towards the car. Jason drove Monica back to the mansion,along with the car. Jason walked back to his apartment. Once Jason reached his apartment he found Sam sprawled out on the couch.

"Jason." She groggyly got up. "What took so long?"

"I ran into Tracy."

"On business?"

"Yeah,she was on the pier and-"

"What was she doing there? I'm sorry,just finish."

"She was trying to kill herself."

"Oh my God. Is she okay? What happened?"

"She's in Shady Brooke now."

"I'm glad she isn't dead. I mean after all she's been through,the gunshot wound. Her brother,her son,gone. If I were in her place I wouldn't be able to handle that." There was a moment of silence. "You know what,I'm really tired. Let's just go to bed." Sam got up. "C'mon." She pulled Jason up and they walked up the stairs to their bedroom,savoring the peaceful moments they had together. It was rare moments like that,during such times that gave them some kind of sunshine in the dark world they resided in.

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