At approximately 8:00 am Arizona woke up, it was a pretty quiet sleep in general, with some exceptions of agitation in which she thought she had some not very pleasant dreams, however, she did not remember. But now the important thing was not what she dreamed or stopped dreaming, now the important thing was there on her shoulder, snoring softly. Arizona, happy as a worm, kissed her wife's forehead and hugged her tightly.

Callie felt the big hug and woke up, as she opened her eyes she saw Arizona and a look of relief and happiness came over her face with her most glorious smile, "Oh, God, what a relief!"

"What?" Arizona asked, although she almost knew the answer.

"Being awake and open my eyes to see the person I love the most in life looking at me". Both women smiled.

Callie looked for Arizona's lips, almost with a friction, they initiated a tender, sweet kiss, Arizona responded with equal tenderness. A sequence of alternating warm kisses with eyes full of adoration between the two, and it was time: where the words are useless, because are more worth the gestures, the looks… the caresses.

Callie placed her hand on the belly of Arizona and slowly began her journey towards her center, initiating a sequence of gentle strokes on her throbbing clit. Arizona arched her back against the expected contact, and moaning in pleasure with her hand sought the center of Callie, to caress her clit while achieving the same effect on her pleasure. Amid warm kisses and overflowing love, while they were moaning and breathing hard, they came face to face with that all-consuming love, that it is more powerful than passion or lust, love in its pure state. In the end both got their reward, but not only physically but also spiritually, had made love in its entire lyrics, with all its meaning. So along with the last groans of ecstasy reached, more than evident by the moisture overflowing their pleasure centers, also their eyes watered, tears of happiness were proof that their souls were also rewarded. Finally they hugged sobbing, both knew without saying what they were celebrating, immensely happy to be together again, for the great joy to be taken to each other in this new dawn.

And then, without premeditation or tests, eye to eye, they both said at the same time in Spanish 'I love you', the coincidence brought forth a genuine smile on their faces, then Callie began to joke, pecking kisses in Arizona's neck and tickling her until the smiles of both became loud.

Taking advantage of the excellent mood, Callie told Arizona:

"Arizona, I know I am the official chef but today I'd love to eat that continental breakfast you prepare so good, I'm hungry, I'm very hungry", Callie said mockingly, knowing that some toast with jam and butter and some coffee that even Cristina can make would be enough, she still believes that the only useful kitchen appliance is the microwave oven. Arizona caught the mocking tone in the voice of Callie and said laughing: "If you didn't have the bandage on your head and the wound on your ass, instead of your 'continental breakfast', I would give you a slap and spanking".

Callie replied, smiling: "If I don't take the moment now, right now I'm half dented, I'll never have another opportunity to get involved with your best "exclusive" breakfast and you know why it is "exclusive", don't you?"

"Yes, I do…" Arizona said laughing as she stood on the bed. "…Because it is the "only breakfast" I can do, right?"

Callie laughed out loud again and Arizona feigning a discomfort she didn't feel, threw Callie a toy of Sofia that was on the dresser, as she entered to the bathroom.

Arizona left the bathroom and went to the kitchen, before leaving she did a child grin sticking her tongue to Callie, but Callie shifted his gaze to an expression of love and told Arizona throwing a kiss outdoor "I love you". Arizona also changed her look and replied: "me too… so much". Arizona came into the kitchen smiling, happy, incredibly happy, and ready to prepare to Callie the "exclusive" continental breakfast.

While Arizona was in the kitchen, her cell phone rang, it was the Commissary Cooper. "Good morning Officer Cooper"

"Good morning Dr. Robbins, I'm calling to see if I can go to your apartment now to remove the equipment we installed and if it is possible, take a statement to Dr. Torres to close the case. By the way, how is she?" He asked.

"She is very well, thank you, yes, you can come to remove the equipment, with respect to the statement, let me ask if she wants to declare today, would you mind to wait in line for a moment?"

"Yes, of course"

Arizona went to the room, she realized that Callie was in the bathroom, so she opened the door and leaned out to ask about the request of police. Callie replied: "Yes, no problem, the sooner I get out of it the better, the only thing that worries me is that there is a trial, if so I will have to testify in court. Well we'll see, please tell the police he can come to take my statement"

"Ok", Arizona said. She picked up the call and informed to Cooper about the positive response from Callie.

"Perfect, how about in one hour?"

"Yes, sounds good"

Callie left the bathroom and put on a flannel sports. Arizona also took a quick shower and had breakfast. An hour later, the doorbell rang. Arizona went to open the door, it was the Commissary Cooper.

"Good morning officer, come on in please"

"Good morning, thanks"

Arizona made the introductions and the three sat in the living room, Arizona and Callie on a sofa and Cooper on the other one. Arizona took Callie's hand while the officer began his interview:

"Dr. Torres, first, I want to say that I am glad you have got out of this unharmed…"

"Thank you so much officer" Callie said smiling.

"Ok, I wanted to stop by to remove the equipment installed in the apartment and to take the statement, is the only thing left to close the case, there is no trial, because the three men involved in the crime are dead."

"Dead?" The two women amazed asked almost in chorus.

"Yes, Robert Planton, the man who was pointing a gun when the helicopter arrived, he fled, he shot up and from the air a sniper shot and killed him instantly. There was a second man involved, Peter Camel, who fled in a vehicle, the helicopter chased him from the air while two were patrolling the ground, in their attempt to flee, Camel lost control of the car, slammed into a tree and died. So my questions are directed to the third man named Alberto Campos, who was found dead, shot in the head, tied to a chair in the basement, the same basement where you were chained. Ballistics tests have confirmed that the weapon used to kill him was the same Robert Planton had with him when he died…"

"So… did you get to see Alberto Campos?" The officer handed a photo to Callie to identify.

"Yes, that's him; he was my "jailer""

"Ok. Second question, do you have idea how this man ended up dead tied to a chair, in the same basement where you were detained?"

"I don't know how he died, when I went running, he was tied to the chair but he was alive, and I know this because it was me who tied him to the chair"

Arizona shook, since the day before either of them had spoken about it. Cooper continued:

"Can you give more details, what happened? Basically we want to know how you managed to flee the house. Is a technicality but, as I said before, we need certain information in order to close the case."

Callie's hand squeezing a bit Arizona's began her story:

"The second night I was in captivity, I injected into my right buttock, a satellite tracking device, when I remembered that I had it in my pockets and kept the other two I did not use with syringes in the back pocket of my pants. However, I had not realized I was in a basement and I doubted that the effect device signal would work from there, so that night I started to try to devise a plan to escape, or at least for a few minutes to go upstairs, with the hope that you detect the GPS signal…"

Arizona was staring, listening very closely the story of Callie, Cooper hearing too:

"The third night I discovered that the only weak link from my ankle to the center of the room was the bolt that held the chain, which was tightly fixed to the floor with 16 screws. I searched and searched all over and finally I found under the bed, that one of the metal strips that held the mattress was partially loose, so I removed it to use it as a screwdriver…"

"Very ingenious" Cooper said.

Callie said, smiling: "These animals did not have my profession; I make my living by screwing and unscrewing bones". Arizona smiled as Callie continued:

"Well, this was not easy, the screws were too tight and my makeshift screwdriver was a bit weak, it took me three nights take out the 16 screws, only worked at night to avoid being discovered, it was in the morning when this man entered the room to clean it, to clean the bathroom or to give me food, but sometimes he did not fall for that, simply passing the food through a grid that was installed in the door. Finally, the 15th I was ready to escape, only had to wait for the man to come into my room to make the cleaning"

Callie briefly interrupted her story and going to Arizona. "Honey, please, don't freak out by what you'll hear now". Arizona, was a little frightened, the police intervened and asked if she preferred to continue declaring without the presence of Dr. Robbins, but Callie said without hesitation that no, she had the right to hear everything, so Arizona, grateful by the show of confidence from her wife, said:

"Thank you, Ok, speak, we're listening"

"Ok… The man looked at me with eyes of desire from the beginning…" Arizona got tense. Callie felt the slight contraction on her fingers… "…When he went to clean the room, he had orders to tie me to a chair, so that day while he was tying me to the chair, I pretended I was interested, sexually speaking… I mean…" Another contraction in Arizona's fingers. "I said I wanted to have sex with him…" A new contraction, louder this time. "… The man got nervous and untied me, I stood up and pretended I was going to kiss him and when he closed his eyes, waiting for the kiss that never came, what he received was a push, I pushed him so hard that he fell and was stunned with a blow to the head". Arizona's fingers were decompressed; obviously her tension had decreased, like if she had expected something worse… "… So I used that moment and I tied him to the chair and ran down stairs to escape from the house".

Arizona was absolutely shocked after hearing the story of Callie, and she noted with pride that her wife fought effectively from the outset tirelessly to escape, it was obvious that only someone with the fighting spirit and courage of Callie Torres could be there sitting beside her, telling a policeman how she had escaped, rather than be dead in a morgue. Arizona shuddered at the memory of the morgue. Her thoughts were confirmed by Cooper, who stepped in to tell Callie:

"Doctor Torres, thanks, that's what I wanted to know, I will remove equipment to leave, but first, if you let me, I'll congratulate you, your courage and a dose of good luck, I will not deny, is the real reason why you, unlike the other three unfortunate victims, are telling this story. If you ever get tired of screwing and unscrewing bones, I am sure you would be an excellent police" he said jokingly, but it was true. All three laughed.

After Cooper left with the equipment, Arizona hugged Callie and said in a tone rogue:

"So, police huh? I think three things saved you: Your courage, good luck and being a sexy Latina beauty."

Callie smiled and said: "No, only one thing saved me…"


"You, you were the one who saved me, the whole time I was captive, I thought about you, I missed you so much, when I imagined how much you were suffering for me, the wish of seeing you smile, happy in my arms like now, was what motivated me to not give up, to keep fighting till the end". Callie finished saying, while in her eyes a few happy tears began to slide down her cheeks. Arizona got emotional, heartfelt words of Callie moved and with tears of joy in her eyes, raised her head to look for the touch of Callie's lips, and they kissed while Callie hugged her tightly.

It was nearly noon, when the doorbell rang again; Arizona looked through the peephole in the door and smiled when she saw Sophia, Lucia Torres and Carlos Torres on the other side. Arizona opened the door, bowed politely to parents of Callie and took Sofia in her arms, giving her many kisses on the cheek.

Callie was lying in her room reading a book, she got out of it to see who had rung the bell and when she saw Sophia, did exactly what Arizona had done minutes before, then with Sofia in her arms, waved to her parents.

Mr. Torres told Callie and Arizona that they had passed by a nearby restaurant and bought food to have lunch together before going to the airport on the way to Miami. Enchanted with the idea all ate and had very pleasant conversations during lunch, it was a very pleasant meeting.

At the end of lunch, Mr. Torres told that Callie before leaving that he wanted to ensure that the three: Arizona, Callie and Sofia had injected their new GPS chips; he would go to the store to remove them and come back in minutes. Mr. Carlos would not take no for an answer, so Callie said yes, they would wait for him.

When Mr. Torres left the apartment, Ms. Lucia was sitting on the couch, almost in the same place where a few hours before Commissary Cooper had sat. She waited for Callie and Arizona to leave Sofia's room. When the two left the room, laughing at some of the occurrences of Callie, Ms. Lucia beckoned to please sit down, they obedient sat, ready to hear what Mrs. Lucia wanted to say. This is what she said, taking Callie's hand in hers:

"When you were going to marry Arizona, I told you many things, among them, I said I felt very sad because after raising you I would not be able to see you in heaven".

Callie swallowed, remembering how hard it was for her that time, Ms. Lucia continued:

"Everything that has happened has made me think a lot and one of the things that got me thinking was something I saw here in this apartment while you were kidnapped. One night I heard Arizona crying in her room and what I saw and heard shocked me: Arizona was crying with a crucifix in her hand, she was talking to God, pleading, she told him that if He knew everything, then He should know how much she loved you, she asked to bring you back and told him that if He wanted to take a life, it was hers the one to take, but bringing you unharmed…"

Callie with tears by the confession of her mother, turned to look at Arizona, she wasn't surprised to see that she was crying and not minding the presence of her mother, Callie took her hand squeezing tightly. Ms. Lucia continued:

"… I immediately realized that those words were sincere, words from the heart, she was offering her life in exchange for yours, and that impressed me. It is true that the Bible says that Sodom and Gomorrah was an abomination and that men should be with women, but it is also true that the same Bible says that Jesus Christ once said there is no greater proof of love than be willing to give the life for the beings you love… and that's exactly what she did when she prayed for you: She sincerely offered her life in exchange for yours…"

Callie squeezed even harder Arizona's hand; her mother's words came ever deeper into her soul, feeling at the time that her love for Arizona was infinite. She continued:

"All that made me rearrange my beliefs, I'm still against this type of relationships in general, but after what I saw and heard, I feel I can't be against your relationship… because a love like that, a love willing to these sacrifices… such love… can not be sin."

By the time that Ms. Lucia spoke those words, not just Callie had tears in her eyes, she was crying profusely. So Callie's mother stood from the couch, still squeezing with one hand Callie's hand, and with the other free hand took Arizona's, attracted them to her and when the two women were standing, holding onto their hands, Callie's mother, said:

"I just want you to know that you two have my blessing". And tearfully she hugged them. Still hugging, Callie pressed closer to Arizona and Callie whispered to her mother: "Thanks, mom, love you" "I love you too". And not to be outdone, Arizona said: "Me too". Everyone laughed and sat on the couch to enjoy a glass of wine to celebrate.

Arizona, pleasantly surprised, she was happy at what had just happened, she knew how much Callie got hurt, the position her mother had taken regarding her marriage and her new way of living and seeing the glow of happiness in the eyes of her wife, could not help but feel immensely happy for her. Finally, Arizona thought of all this tragedy, something good had come. What Arizona didn't suspect at the time, is that Callie had in mind big plans, new dreams, and the good things coming out of this tragedy, were just starting…

Hope you enjoyed... ;)