A/N: DRABBLE! I'm extremely bored right now, and there hasn't been any recent stories with Rouge in them, so I'm randomly going to write this. The writing style I'm going to use is based on 1Past and Present1's style. Enjoy!


How long have I been this way? For a few months? A few years? My whole life?

I have everything I ever wanted as a little girl; riches and beauty. So why do I feel this way? Empty. Lifeless. Vacant.

Just like the jewels I've always wanted, we are alike. In a bad way.

I pushed everyone away from me, thinking I didn't need them in my life... thinking they would only get in the way of my dream.

Now I realize, in my empty apartment, that they were only trying to help me. Trying to save me. From the monster within me...

Why didn't I listen? I have the biggest, most dumbest looking ears ever... and I decide not to use them.

Every night, I cry. I used to never cry. Ever. But what else can you do when you've pushed everyone who's ever cared away?

My best friend is gone, because I told him I didn't need him anymore. I loved him too. But I was obsessed with jewels more...

The blue hedgehog and all his friends moved on, because I pushed them away. Why did I have to do that? I needed them.

But, I have what I want now. I shouldn't be complaining. The old me would've been happy. I should just shut up.

I have no one to talk to, no one cares like I thought they all would. I'm a beautiful, young woman. Who wouldn't want me?

No one. No one wants me. They're all intimidated by me. They're afraid of being pushed away. By little ol' me.

Just like I did him. Like I did everyone...




Why didn't I listen to Mother?

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