AUTHORESS: Amaya-Ikari


TITLE: The Horror of her Mind

SHOW: Powerpuff Girls

PAIRING: Hetero: ButchXButtercup

STATUS: Multichapter: Incompleted


WARNINGS: Sex between male and female, violence, hints at rape, abuse, self-harm, underage drinking.

~If we want to change this world, we have to start with the children~

She panted hard as her already ragged voice formed another scream. She felt the bonds captivating her dig into her wrists, bruising her ivory skin. The pale sixteen year old girl glared angrily with electric green eyes. She didn't know where she was or why she was there, but she had a horrible feeling, as though something bad were going to happen.

She felt afraid, something she rarely ever felt. She shook her chin-length black hair from her eyes, looking desperately around her for an escape, for help. For anything. She heard a quiet creak,


She jolted as something loudly slammed down, or maybe shut. It sounded like a door…. She set an enraged look upon her pretty face, fighting against her bonds. Willing her body to fight, but nothing happened. Nothing at all. She felt weak, she felt helpless.

She was useless.

A dark chuckle entered her senses, her eyes widened at the sickeningly familiar voice.

"Well, princess, is that all you've got? I was expecting more of a challenge." She shivered at the low tone. She glared up to see a male with pale skin, slightly darker than hers. His dark hair had grown out to cover his eyes a little, lime green eyes boring straight through her. This boy, same age as her, was the only one in the world she knew was a match for her.

At the moment, stronger than her.

He smirked as she growled threateningly. He walked slowly to where her body laid, chained to something she somehow couldn't see. She was hit with a bolt of realization; she couldn't see anything but herself and the man before her. It was blurry darkness. She tried jerking her hands free again, only to hiss as they dug into her arms even more, and jarred her bones. Her legs wouldn't move either, she felt nothing wrong. They' just wouldn't move. She felt so confused and frustrated, why couldn't she move? Had he drugged her?

She gasped as the raven male gripped her chin harshly and forced her to look into his startling stare. He eyed her a moment, as she returned his gaze with malice.

"Let me go, bastard! She yelled. She'd been yelling with all her might. Wherever he'd taken her was secluded or surrounded by deaf people. He grinned smugly, and she narrowed her eyes. She spat in his face in fury. He jerked his face from hers, wiping his face with his sleeve. With a low grunt he turned back to her. She felt her fear swell without explanation and without reason. It was instinct, beyond her control. "You're going to regret that, princess…" He muttered before lunging toward her.



God damn fanfiction. I have schoolwork! It isn't being done! This story is instead! You're WELCOME, readers. I knew if I didn't write it now, though, I never would. I depicted the dream as best I could, using experience. Has anyone else ever had a dream where you had unexplainable fear? It's awful! Same for when your FREAKING limbs won't work when you need to MOVE. It's like your brain attached puppet strings to you and is saying SUP BRO YOU NEED TO MOVE OR YOU'LL BE EATEN BY ZOMBIES?! SORRY I CAN'T HELP LOL

I warn you now before you enter this Fanfic's world, this is for mature audiences. I wrote about sensitive topics, including self-harm. Another note this didn't start off as a Powerpuff Girl story, I had written it starting as Naruto oneshot, but it didn't work out and I got into PPG stuff one night so yeah. Enjoy. Also this is them, as anime characters. Not the shitty Japanese version of PPGZ or whatever, as in actual… Realistic human anime, like the image. They're all sixteen.

And this has been laying around for a damn long time. I've tried finishing all other fics I had going on, but I just keep on starting others. And I like this one. So hop on the train.