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Emily had to admit, she'd had a good time that night. Even though it was a weird day, the night couldn't really have been any more perfect. But, there was one thing that made her question herself. She was so close to kissing Trellis. Trellis her enemy, she didn't know whther she could really call him an enemy anymore. Then she remembered that it was all Navin's fault. She had put the pieces of the days events to gether and had come to the conclusion that it had all been planned out by him! But now, instead of relieved that it didn't happen, she was disappointed. Maybe she had wanted to kiss him. He was certainly different from when they'd first met. Lighter and Gentler. She would have to talk to him later.

But, first...

She marched to Navin's room, determined to give him every piece of her mind. She didn't bother to knock when she reached the door, opening it wide and hard. Navin was there, sitting on his bed casually.

"Oh, hi Em. What's up?", he said

Emily was slightly shocked at his nonchalant attitudem,


"Yeah, what's goin' on?", Emily felt her anger rise

"I think you know exactly what's been going on today, Navin.", she sais stiffly

Navin then got that guilty look in his eyes, and that's what gave him away,

"Okay, okay, I know..."

"What were you thinking? Trying to match me up with Trellis?", she asked

"What do you mean? You two obviously have a thing for each other, everyone can see it. Or, at least, me and Morrie." he replied defensively

Emily stopped. What? How could be so obvious to them when it wasn't to her?

"It's a brother thing, Em.", he told her

"Maybe. But, that still doesn't give you any right to minipulate our relationship!", she raged

"It helped it, didn't it?", he had a point. It had helped. A lot...

Trellis leaned on the railing of the ship. It was a very nice night. He watched the moonlit clouds go by ,and felt the cool wind against his face. He looked up to the sky. It was a lovely full moon, he could almost make out all the details on it, and it mirrored itself in his eyes. He looked back down with a sad smile, turning his amulet back and forth between his index finger and thumb, it was all so beautiful...

"Just like you were...", he said to himself, deep in what little memories he had. That face. Her face. Snow white hair that went all the way down to her ankes in thick, neat curls. Her smooth, pale skin. Eyes full of kindness and pride. He couldn't really remember when she didn't have a smile on her face. And he'd remembered her saying that she would always plant a white rose on every full moon. He smiled. He looked at his Stone. This used to be hers...

His gaze at the moon turned from happiness to longing. Oh, how he missed her. How many nights he'd spent missing her. He let go of his amulet and reached getly into his pocket. Taking out 6 tiny seeds looking at them lovingly as they sat in his palm. He sighed,

"Every full moon...", he says quietly, taking one of the seeds in a tripod grip, and stretching his arm to hang over the edge of the railing.

"...Is for you.", he whispers as he lets go of the small seed, watching it drop to the earth far below, the wind fanning his hair slightly.

The seed fell and fell. Through the thick clouds and through the breeze, until it met the earth with such force that it buried itself within the soil...

"Trellis?", Trellis quickly turned to see Emily.


"Um...about today..", she stumbled over her words, "It was all because of-"

"Navin.", he finished for her.

"How did you know?", she was confused

"Who else would it be?"

She was silent as she came to stand beside him, looking at the full moon. Trellis was looking downward into the dark abyss below them when,

"Beautiful, isn't she?", Emily said, still marveling

Trellis shot up, "What?"

"The moon."

"Oh, uh..", he smiled to himself again, "Yeah...she is.."

"My mom said that her name was Luna. And she would always tell us to prey to her before we went to sleep at night, when we were little.", she smiled warmly at the momeries. Trellis looked over at her, then looked back up.

"So, what about you?", Emily shot in

"What about me?"

"Did your mom tell you any stories when you were younger?", she asked

Trellis paused

"No. Nothing really. Not that I remember.", he said quietly

Emily's smile dripped away. Nothing? What kind of mother told her kid nothing? Emily then realized that she knew nothing about the woman.

"Why don't you tell me about her?", she said hesistantly

"Sorry.", he shrugged

"Oh come on!", she shouted playfully, making him jump, "There has to be something!"

He set his eyes downcast in thought. What could he tell her? He was practically the spitting image of her, without all the female traits, of course.

"Well, there is something..", he said, " A phrase of sorts..."

"Which would be?"

"...The Moon Is For You.", he said, "She always told me that very full moon."


"I've been meaning to ask, but...", he started, she looked at him

"What about your father?"

"Uh...", Emily breathed it was only two years ago, but to her it felt a one hundred, "He's..dead..", she caughthis look, "Car accident."

"Oh...I'm sorry..", he said

"And what about your mom?", she said in a rush, she never did like talking about her fathers death...

"...It was a long time ago, but she's dead as well.", Emily gave him her questioning look, "...Murder."

Emily's heart dropped down into her stomach. Murder? Yes, her fathers death was terrible, but it wasn't murder! At least, she hoped.

"Oh...", she said. Both were silent a long, agonizing few moments.

"Um..again, about today..."

"Don't worry about it. It was nothing." he gave her a smile, but she didn't smile back. She wanted it to happen, she realized. The kiss. She hadn't known it until today, but she had really wanted it to happen. She liked him because he challanged her, he wasn't like other boys she'd meet, the kind who would do everything she wanted when she wanted without even a word of protest. No, that wasn't him. If he didn't like something, she knew that he would speak out against it, it was his nature.

And a very good nature, she thought, blushing a bit. She glanced at him from the side, he was looking out into the night, peacefully. Now or Never, she thought.

"Trellis..", she tried to sound confident and firm, but her voice shook nervously and it made it sound like a question. He turn his head to look at her with those eyes. The eyes of a curious and wandering child. That had helped her gain what she needed. Their eyes locked and they stood there a moment before moving in unison towards each other. Now, they were only inches apart..

Why wait? They both thought at the same time. Then it happened. That kiss that Emily had been waiting so long for. Sparks flew in her mind. It wasn't even night time, birds sang and fireworks went off inside her, and it took almost all her will power not to wrap her arms around his neck and pull him even closer. They parted and Trellis let out a laugh at the heavy blush that stained her cheeks. She smirked and kicked him hard, but playfully in the leg.

They spent the rest of the night together. Sharing stories and jokes and a few more small kisses before finally falling asleep wrapped in each others arms.

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