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Full Summary: First Finn, and now Blaine. Kurt just can't seem to win, while Rachel gets everything handed to her on a silver platter. But Dalton hides many secrets, and can a mysterious boy Kurt just recently met show him the joys of life in the dark, or will it all fall apart once more?

Pairings: Kurtbastian, Finchel, BlaineXRachel, Brittana, Samcedes, Wevid, Niff, OCXOC

Warnings: Angst, fluff, dark themes, power play, fluff, hate, more fluff, Dalton Craziness, did I mention fluff? Caring!Finn(I already have one story where he's a dick, let's let him be the caring brother now.) AU from Rachel's party(Blame It On The Alcohol) on(but, the Animal fiasco still happens, let's say it happed the day after her party, just for this story.) Mixed up loyalties(ND likes Blaine more, Warblers like Kurt more), Mentor!Wes, putting-up-with-everything!Kurt

Warnings for this chapter: Slight Furt, slight Puckurt, underage drinking, Santana being a bitch(but an awesome one), angst.

Note: Glasz is a true eye color, this is just my spin on it that it can shift like mood eyes because I personally do not know a person with glasz eyes. There will be some times where Kurt's eye color will just be a mix. For a way to see what I'm talking about, the coloring that I use for glasz, is here: phoenixstarkina . deviantart gallery / # / d54fsdm (The smaller cat's eyes. Yes, I know my drawing is terrible. No need to point it out. There are also more examples in my gallery.) Also, Sebastian's eyes are going to be referred to as amber. That's gonna be cleared up in a later chapter.

The drinks mentioned, are only there because of my cousin explaining and making them in front of me. I'm using her recipes for them, which is just small adjustments from their original ones, like adding in something sweet or tangy.(The power of having a bartender for a cousin, using her for fanfiction.)

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Brad and Blake- The twins. Black hair and green eyes. Brad's the jokester, Blake's the smart one.

And one more character that makes an appearance. Not gonna reveal any big part just yet, only that his name's Cale. He'll be making an appearance shortly.

Chapter 1: A deal with the devil meerkat.

"Not all of us can be as lucky as you, just shut the hell up!"

The slamming of a fist hitting the driver's side door of a black Navigator sounded in the dark parking lot as the boy hissed in pain, his eyes glowing with anger.

"Stupid luck…stupid Rachel Berry…stupid Anderson." He muttered, checking once again in his wallet for something important. He smiled lightly as he found it.

"Remember Princess, fake IDs fetch a pretty penny. But, you've been through enough. Think of this as my 'I'm sorry for all the dumpster visits I forced on you' gift."

"Thanks Puck." Taking once last look at his car to make sure the door was not damaged, Kurt turned away from it and towards the building that held the answer to everything.

Scandals. One of the quietest gay bars in Ohio. It was Noah Puckerman who told him about it, Kurt decided it was best not to ask how he knew about it. The only catch to it was that you had to be over twenty-one, which was ahead of Kurt by more than three years. Puck had given him a fake ID though. Kurt thought it was well made, matching his legal one that was currently sitting in the glove compartment in his car.

He didn't truly understand how he came to be at this place, only that he wanted, he needed to be at this place. It was all Blaine's fault, really. Kurt finally had enough of being looked over in favor of a girl, even by his supposed best friend, who was supposedly gay.

That's why he was at Scandals, wearing his skinniest jeans and tightest shirt with designer boots and his hair slightly messy, but still neat enough for his liking. The what to why he was there, was that he wanted to see if it was him, or the people he sought after. Was he really just an unsexy baby penguin? Or was it that he was going for the wrong people?

He wanted a chance to find out. And that chance was here.

"ID?" The guy at the front asked as Kurt walked towards the door. He gave the man his ID, glad that he at least looked over eighteen. Checking the ID, the man looked up at him, nodded, and handed it back. "Go on in."

"Thanks." Kurt smiled softly. Taking back his ID, he walked inside. It was far different from anything else he was used to, or had expected. The music playing right now was soft. The people were all either quietly talking or, like the usual ones who came to Scandals, dancing. Kurt sat down at the bar, loving the look of the bar stools. They were antiques, he guessed.

He had expected the scene to be more like the clubs in movies. Fast, upbeat music, people randomly hooking up, guys getting drunk after being dumped. But taking another look around, everyone seemed to be peaceful here, and not too drunk either.

"What do you want to drink lovely?" Kurt's attention was brought to the bartender who was now standing in front of him, but still behind the counter. He didn't look a day over twenty-two in Kurt's eyes. "And don't worry, your parents won't find out. I think Mike let you in because you seem miserable."

Kurt couldn't help but wince. "Really? How can you tell?" No use keeping up the act if even a guy close to his age could tell. He didn't need to get in trouble with anymore lying either.

The bartender just smiled softly. "I've seen sixteen year olds come in here after a rough day. You can't be any older than seventeen. I've worked here since I was eighteen, you get used to seeing the younger crowd. What do you want?"

"What tastes good?"

"Well," The bartender began. "There's the Godiva Chocolate Martini, for someone who likes their drink a bit on the sweet side. The vodka in it does make it a bit strong, but I could cut that in half if you want. The Blue Hawaiian is also pretty good. It has a bit less alcohol than the GCM." He stopped for a minute to think before snapping his fingers. "I got the perfect one for you to start with. It's a Strawberry Daiquiri, perfect mix of sweet, with just the light burn to help you forget whatever's troubling you."

Kurt nodded, trusting what the bartender was telling him. He had no other experience other than with the few drinks April had forced on him. The only alcoholic drink he could even mix was a screwdriver, simple and easy. Of course, April had just told him to pour in a whole bottle of vodka into a gallon of orange juice, but he found out how to do that in moderation.

The bartender, finally saying that his name was Jay, brought the things over for the daiquiri so Kurt could watch as it was made. "This one's on the house, since it's your first." He began to put the ingredients into the blender. "How about you tell me what brought you here while this mixes? The blender's actually pretty quiet."

"Well," Kurt began. "I guess it began a year ago, but that's too far back. We'd be here until Monday if I tried to start there." He and Jay shared a laugh about that. "It's just boy troubles, really."

"Boy troubles? Boyfriend cheating, or does he not like you back?" Jay asked as he added in the strawberries, along with a small bit a sugar.

"He doesn't like me back, and what's worse, I thought he was- he told me he was gay." Kurt could feel his temper rising. "And yet here I am, being passed over, for a girl."

"A girl?" Jay looked up from the blender. "Oh dear, we're gonna need more than just this…" He grabbed the bottle of rum, tossing in another ounce to the mix. "So, he tells you he's gay, and then he chooses a girl over you?"

"Yeah. At her party." Kurt rested his head on his crossed arms that were settled on the counter. "Add in the last two crushes I had, that also went to girls, and you have the reason I'm sitting here today. Looking to just forget, even for one night, and find something to prove that it's not me that's turning them away."

"Oh sweetie, trust me, It's not you." Jay said as he turned on the blender. Kurt realized he was right, the blender didn't make a whole lot of noise like normal. He wondered if it was just the model of blender that was quiet, or if it was adjusted to be quiet. "I'm actually quite interested in you, and that doesn't happen often." Jay laughed at Kurt's appalled look. "Don't worry, I don't go for the under eighteen ones. I'm just saying that if you were older, I'd be doing more flirting and less making drinks." He shut off the blender, grabbing a glass and pouring the now mixed drink into it before passing it to Kurt.

"Thank you." Kurt said softly before taking a small sip. It didn't have the burn he expected the alcohol to give him. Instead it was sweet. Not too overpowering, but just enough to lull Kurt into relaxing. The only thing that reminded him that there was even any alcohol in the mix was the smell of it. The rum was almost too much, but the strawberries made it tolerable. "It tastes great."

Jay grinned, glad to hear that he had once again made a successful drink. "Glad you like it sweetie."

Kurt nodded, taking a longer drink before allowing his gaze to travel over the crowd once more. The music was picking up tempo and more people were up dancing now. There were still a few just sitting around though, and Kurt thought that his best bet to talk to anyone, would be to talk to someone sitting alone. Or let them approach him.

It wasn't something he would normally do. Then again, coming to a bar wasn't one of those things either. He had just had enough of New Direction's newest power couple. Not to mention the fact that Rachel, the very same girl who bitched about fraternizing with the enemy, was doing just that.

She was hurting his brother at the same time too. And that was just the icing on the cake for Kurt.

He couldn't help but wonder once again, the how on him being there. Sure, he could be sarcastic and bitchy to himself, and say that he got there by driving then walking inside. But it was more than that.

Maybe he just needed a therapist.

Or a boyfriend, that would be nice too.

"You looking for a quick hook up, or something more?" Jay's voice broke Kurt of his thoughts as he looked back at the bartender.

"I…have no idea actually." Kurt's confidence in the whole 'come to a gay bar to feel sexy and wanted' thing was wavering at the mention of what could happen.

'Stop it Kurt! What are you gonna do, save yourself for someone who loves you? Who knows how long that's gonna take!' His inner voice hissed at him. Kurt shook his head.

'I'll wait. I just came here because…I needed to.'

"Don't rush yourself, ok? Just do what feels natural." Jay gave him a soft smile once again before moving on to fix more drinks for others. The seat beside Kurt was still empty though as he drank his drink slowly. It was going to be his only one of the night. He did still have to drive home.

Even with that thought fresh in his mind though; he wanted something, anything to keep the pain from coming back. The alcohol that was buzzing lightly in his system was helping with it, but the pain was still fresh. It wasn't just about Blaine now, it was about everything.

The way that, even in Dalton, he was cast aside, like a shadow or the runt in a litter of kittens. How, before Finn became the overprotective brother, he accused Kurt of not stopping when someone told him no. Finn had never told him no, and neither did Sam. It was now painfully obvious though that they would've said no to anything Kurt would've wanted. He was barely even on the friendship level with Sam.

Finn though, was a whole different story. After the whole Sam thing, Puck had begun to steal Finn away more, and Kurt noticed how much Finn was changing then. He didn't know what Puck did, but he didn't know whether to punch the boy or kiss him for what he did to change Finn.

Puck was another mystery now. He was paying more attention to Kurt. It confused the smaller teen to no end, but he didn't truly question it. After all, it was Puck who told him about this place.

Kurt was caught up in his thoughts again, so much that he didn't hear someone approaching him and sitting in the seat next to him. Once he did notice, he took a chance and looked up at the stranger. He seemed to be just a bit taller than Kurt, and his eyes were a piercing amber. The color was so curious to Kurt, strangely, taking in to account his own eyes that had a habit to be blue one second, and almost golden the next.

"So, what's a little canary like you doing so far from the nest?" Kurt tensed at the boy's words. He knew that Kurt was a Warbler.

"Getting away from some things." Kurt said evasively. He avoided looking the other boy in the eye. There was only one way that he could've been recognized so quickly. "What are you doing here, Warbler?"

"Looking for a quick hook up." He admitted, smirking lightly at Kurt. "I don't usually go for other Warblers, but I could make an exception."

"Dream on." Kurt rolled his eyes. Inside though, he thought he could hear himself purring in satisfaction. He had caught someone's attention, now to keep it on him.

"Come on, don't I at least get a name?"

Kurt glanced over to the other Warbler, finally getting a good look at him. He wasn't anyone Blaine had introduced him to, which meant he could only be someone who Blaine didn't want to be around Kurt. "Kurt." He said shortly. There was no need to reveal a last name. They were in the same school, it would come around to the other boy.

"Sebastian." Supplied the taller teen. "Do you always dress like a girl outside of school or is there something your hiding?"

Kurt's temper was trying it's hardest to stay in check, but that control was wavering. He may enjoy the attention, but the biting remarks, he could live without. "Do you make it a habit to annoy people you want to fuck or is their cock so far down your throat you don't get a chance to?" The words were out of his mouth before he could stop them.

They did nothing to Sebastian though, who just smirked once again. "Actually, it's my cock down their throat. And usually it doesn't even take this long."

"Well, I'm not like other guys. I don't just toss myself at anyone." Kurt turned his head away from Sebastian. He barely knew the guy, but he could tell. This one was worth going after.

"No need to scream that you're a virgin….Cygnet." Sebastian was now staring at Kurt, almost studying him. Kurt could feel the amber gaze on his back, and it sent a thrill through his spine. The nickname did nothing to help either. But this is what Kurt wanted. Someone was noticing him, someone was paying attention to him. Someone was seeing him. Not some girl. He could still feel Sebastian's stare as he spoke again. "Tell you what. I won't pursue you…yet. If, you come to Dalton Sunday."

Kurt blinked in confusion. He wondered what could've brought on the sudden change in Sebastian. Of course, he didn't know Sebastian all that well, so he couldn't argue. It was only Friday night, and he wasn't going to go back until Sunday night. But, what could going back a bit early hurt? "Alright. Might I ask why?"

"Your Blaine's little toy." Sebastian said simply. "I know how he works, you probably don't know any other Warblers other than names and how they act at practice. I wanna give you a chance to meet a few."

"Alright." Kurt repeated, giving Sebastian a short nod. "I'll be there."

The lights were off in the house as Kurt snuck in at two in the morning. He had stayed at the club, Sebastian buying him drinks as they both flirted jokingly with Jay. Sebastian had also tried to get him to get up and dance as the music has changed to some up-tempo country song. Kurt just laughed at his attempts and said that he had to get home.

"Where have you been?" Kurt jumped back at the sound of a voice, worried for a second that his father had caught him. Looking around, he sighed in relief as he saw Finn sitting on the couch. He walked towards his brother, stopping as Finn fixed him with a stern glare. "Kurt."

"I went out, ok? Met with a…friend." It was safer to just call Sebastian a friend around Finn. It was better than saying the whole truth.

"You smell like alcohol. I know because Puck smells like it sometimes." Finn looked down at his hands that were situated on his lap. "I'm worried, Kurt."

He didn't know which would be worse, getting caught by his dad, or getting caught by Finn and having this happen. What made it worse was how naïve Finn could be at times. It almost physically hurt to lie to him during those times.

"I had a few drinks." Kurt admitted. Finn sighed and held out one hand to Kurt, who took it. He pulled his younger brother over as he lay down. Kurt climbed on top of Finn, curling up slightly and closing one hand tightly around the fabric over his brother's chest. Finn coaxed Kurt's head onto his shoulder before turning his own head slightly to look at Kurt.

"What's up?"

"It's Blaine and Rachel. I just, I'm so tired of it. Me and Blaine got into a fight at the Lima Bean earlier." Kurt buried his face in Finn's shoulder. "She always gets what she wants. It's not fair! Even when the guy's gay, she just…" The diva held back a sob.

Finn just tightened his arms around Kurt as the younger's tears soaked his shirt. He expected it to happen sooner or later. Kurt was strong, on the outside at least. But alone, with just his family, the ones that love him, it all shattered. And he could do nothing but hug Kurt tightly, remind him that his older brother was always there for him now.

After a while, Kurt finally settled down. Any buzz the alcohol could've given him was gone. And with it went the protective fog that kept the memories away. It was a reminder, that no matter what, the memories would always come back.

"I know it's hard." Finn whispered. "You really like him. And she had no right doing that to you."

"He compared me to Karofsky." Kurt added silently. "He said I was just like him."

"You're not." Before he could stop himself, Finn pressed a light kiss to Kurt's forehead. "You're nothing like Karofsky. He's more like that dick than anyone. He hurt you worse than anyone else could."

Kurt blinked before looking up at his older brother. They had come a long way from where they started. From the fighting and cold shoulders. If someone had told them they'd be like this at the start of Sophomore year, Kurt would've laughed, saying they'd be more like boyfriends and not brothers. Finn would have been freaked out.

But there they were, cuddling on the couch. Finn comforting him like he would one of the girls. And for once, Kurt didn't mind being put in that category.

He could feel the tears starting up again as a soft tune started to play. He looked through the tears to see Finn setting down his iPod.

"I think I've already lost you, I think you're already gone, I think I'm finally scared now. And you think you're weak, I think you're wrong." Finn began to sing. Kurt allowed his fist to unclench around Finn's shirt, choosing to instead let his palm rest flat against his chest, right over his heart.

"I think you're already leaving, Feels like your hand is on the door, I thought this place was an empire, And now I'm relaxed, and I can't be sure." Finn wrapped both his arms around Kurt's waist again before sitting up, Kurt sitting lightly in his lap. The taller boy brought one arm under Kurt's legs, the other behind his back, and picked him up. They both knew that falling asleep on the couch would lead to Burt questioning them and soreness from the awkward ways they'd have to sleep to be comfortable.

But I think you're so mean, I think we should try, I think I could need this in my life, And I think I'm scared, I think too much, I know it's wrong, it's a problem I'm dealing

Kurt was half asleep as Finn carried him up the stairs and to his room. Finn's room was the one place in the house Kurt swore he would never go into, and Kurt's bed was larger.

"Learned your lesson about alcohol fully now?" Finn teased lightly.

"Yeah…it sucks and hurts everyone and can go die." Kurt said sleepily.

If you're gone maybe it's time to come home, There's an awful lot of breathing room but I can hardly move, And if you're gone, baby, you need to come home, 'Cause there's a little bit of something me and everything in you.

Finn chuckled at Kurt's reply before setting his baby brother down on the bed, climbing in behind him. Kurt made no protest as Finn tossed one arm around his stomach. Pulling him closer and resting his head in the crook of Kurt's neck.

There would be questions in the morning, but for now, there was just peace.

Waking up for Kurt was the most wonderful and most painful thing he had ever done. Even worse than the time when he was five and fell out of a tree(He couldn't remember exactly how that happened.), but far better than any other time. His usually cold room felt comfortably warm now with Finn still against his back. His head was pounding from the hangover he anticipated would come from last night. Getting up to get some medicine was out of the question though, Finn had him effectively pinned to the bed with an arm around his waist and his head buried in Kurt's shoulder. Luckily, he could still move his arms just enough to grab his iPhone, which was ringing it's familiar tune. Seeing that it was a FaceTime request from Mercedes. He answered it and smiled lightly. "Hey Merce."

She smiled brightly as he greeted her. "Hey boo. Who you getting to sleep with?" She questioned as she noticed the clash of brown hair against his shirt.

"Oh, it's just Finn. I came home late last night and upset." Kurt explained, shifting a bit to better see Mercedes on the screen. The glare from the window was hitting it just right in his previous position. "What's up?"

"New Directions is getting together for lunch today outside of Lima believe it or not." Mercedes said. "I wanted to tell you first before Berry could get a hold of you. You and Finn are bringing your baby and sitting with me, Mike, Tina, Puck, and Brittany. It starts at 11 so we gotta be out of here by 10."

Kurt looked at the time on his phone. It was only 8:52. That gave him plenty of time to wake Finn up and get rid of the hangover. "Yeah, alright Mercedes. Do you need picked up?"

"Please boo?"

He smiled fondly at the screen, but squeaked as the phone was taken out of his hands. Finn was awake, barely. "We'll be there in time, let us sleep now." He said before letting Kurt get in a quick good-bye and pressing the end button. He set the phone on the bedside table and wrapped his arm around Kurt once more.

"You do know that we need to leave by nine thirty if we are gonna get Mercedes? And my head hurts." Kurt shut his eyes tightly as Finn pressed a kiss to his forehead, just like he did last night. What was different was the hand gently rubbing up and down his side. Kurt had expected it though, Finn was cuddly and touchy when he was half asleep.

"We'll make it." Finn said. "As for your head…just close your eyes." Kurt did as Finn told him to, almost moaning in relief as his older brother got up to get the medicine. If there was one thing Finn knew how to do well, it was help Kurt feel better if he was sick or sad.

The teen's mind drifted as he waited for Finn to come back. He thought back to last night, or what he truly remembered of it. Some was a bit fuzzy. One part stood out like a sore thumb though, telling Sebastian he would be at Dalton tomorrow.

He wasn't going to back out on it. Sebastian promised to introduce him to a few other Warblers. It wouldn't do him any harm to meet them.

Kurt could also remember Jay. The bartender who was nice enough to let him drink and even show him a bit about how the drinks were made. He seemed so gentle, and was even nice to Sebastian.

"Here you go, Kurt. Sit up." Finn was finally back with the medicine. Kurt opened his eyes to his much darker room, noticing that Finn had shut the blinds and the bathroom door(Kurt kept the light on for reasons he told no one.)

He sat up as Finn handed him a glass of water and two small pills. Kurt placed the pills in his mouth before downing the water as Finn crawled back into bed.

"We still have time before we gotta get dressed."

Kurt shook his head. "You have time. I don't." Finn watched silently as Kurt got up and walked over to his closet. The fasionista knew the perfect outfit for what the girls had planned, but couldn't help the pause as he caught sight of the familiar blazer.

"You're probably the only one who could make that blazer look good."

He hoped that Finn couldn't see that he had gone tense as his hand reached out to grab the Dalton uniform.

"Dude, you're gonna wear that?" Finn asked.

Kurt looked for a second before replying. "Just reminding the others where my loyalties are now." They sure were not with Blaine now. Nor Rachel and her little group of followers. He wasn't a member of New Directions any longer. And maybe it would do good to remind Anderson that he wasn't a part of them either.

The horn of Kurt's Navigator was heard loudly outside of the car as Mercedes ran out of her house with Tina and Brittany trailing behind her.

"Hello ladies." Kurt smiled as they got into the back seat. Mercedes and Tina smiled back as Brittany threw her arms over the passenger seat and around Kurt's neck lightly. He decided to let Finn drive while the last of his headache went away.

"Dolphin! Are you ok? You seemed so upset after the party…" Brittany said worriedly. Kurt laughed and pressed a gentle kiss to her connected hands over his chest.

"I'm fine Britt. Or, I will be." He told her, getting a squeal of approval from the girl.

"I know you don't wanna see them boo, but we just never hang out any more." Mercedes started apologetically.

"It's ok Merce. I want to go. At least I can talk to you guys."

Tina nodded. "We'll always be here for you Kurt. So will Mike and Puck, they're coming in Mike's car."

"Alright." Kurt turned back around. Brittany looked closely at him before noticing exactly what he was wearing.

"Dalton outfit!" She squeaked, slipping her hand inside of the blazer. Kurt smirked and leaned back into the seat.

"I figured I might as well wear this. I'm not going to be the only Warbler there anyway, so it's not like I'll be alone." He explained as Tina and Mercedes looked over the outfit. Mercedes was the first to catch that something was different though.

"Boo, I know they don't let you wear pants as tight as that in Dalton. You took me with you to get the outfit, remember?"

Kurt shrugged. "Just wanting to prove a point…"

Mercedes looked pointedly at him. "You're never 'Just wanting to prove a point.' Now what are you planning?"

The countertenor couldn't help the grin that formed on his face. "Well, since I'm already out of my comfort zone, I figured I could just jump right off the diving board and into the shark infested water."

"We're going swimming?" Brittany asked confusedly, causing the whole car to burst out in a fit of laughter.

The group reached the restaurant safely, after swapping drivers halfway there. Mercedes parked the Navigator carefully next to Mike's Elantra. Everyone hopped out of the car, Mike and Puck joining them.

"Princess!" Kurt squeaked as Puck hugged him tightly, picking him up off the ground and twirling him. "You actually came down from that tower of yours and what the hell are you wearing?" He held Kurt out at arm's length and looked him over. The familiar Dalton crest was on the blazer, but it was a darker shade of blue and red.

"Dalton outfit. I figured that since we're near the school, it might be good to wear it. Besides, Dalton students eat free here." Kurt said, noticing the sign on the door. 'Really glad I wore it now.' He carefully escaped Puck's grasp before looking at him and Finn. "You two are acting so different now."

"Thank Mercedes for that." Puck grimaced. "She read us the riot act after you transferred. And then I got a hold of Finn and did the same thing."

Kurt shot Mercedes a grin before looking to Mike, who was standing next to Tina and Brittany. "She didn't read you it, right?" Out of all of the jocks, Mike was the only one to never do anything bad to him. He actually helped him more than the others, whether it was getting out of a dumpster or getting the last of a slushy out of his hair.

"Nah, she did try to make me and Sam take your place as her school gay though." Mike said cheekily as the group made their way inside. Kurt linked his arm together with Brittany's, causing the girl to giggle and rest her head on his shoulder.

"Hi Kurtie." The waitress at the front smiled as the group came inside. "You with Blaine and the other group today?"

"Unfortunately Sammy." Kurt sighed. "Could we get the table next to them?" Sammy nodded and brought them to said table, leaving the menus with them.

"I was wondering when you guys would come." Quinn smiled softly as they sat down. "It's great to see you again K."

"It's great to be with the group again Q." Kurt replied, giving her a quick hug before sitting down next to Brittany. "How are things?"

"Difficult. We're trying to figure out what to use for Regionals." Quinn told him. "And since we're missing our countertenor, we can't have any of the guys in the girls' songs. Mr. Shue said that we're probably going to do origin-"

"Quinn!" Rachel interrupted. "What are you doing? Kurt's part of the rival group!"

Quinn shot the other girl a glare before her gaze flicked over to Blaine. "You told him. And last I knew he was still a Warbler."

"He's my boyfriend too though."

Kurt scoffed. "And here we go again." He looked down the table to Rachel. "St. James was your boyfriend too, wasn't he? And looked where that landed New Directions. It got Finn and Puck in trouble too! Besides," He wrapped one arm around Brittany's waist, the other around Quinn's shoulders. "Britt's my ex-girlfriend. And, you know, we didn't break up because one of us cheated. It's only a matter of time before you or Blaine cheat."

Blaine coughed after that statement, saying something that sounded very close to 'hypocrite'. Kurt turned his glare to the other Warbler.

"Actually, Anderson, I'm not a hypocrite. I only dated Brittany because I thought if my dad believed I was straight, he would spend more time with me. I went from being an only child to being cast aside for Finn so quick that it hurt." Finn couldn't hold back a flinch at the mention of that. "She knew that, I wasn't the only one using someone in that relationship. I was the only guy she hadn't made out with." Kurt pressed a quick kiss to Brittany's cheek. "And I can't let my bicorn go without a perfect record."

"So you dated her, so she could have a reputation as the school slut?" Blaine countered. Brittany shrank back against Kurt as the countertenor, and surprisingly Santana, jumped out of their seats.


"Say that again Hobbit and the Warblers are gonna be missing a canary." Santana, being held back by Quinn and Puck, looked ready to attack the smaller boy.

"Woah, what's going on here? Blaine why does this lovely lady look ready to kill you?" Kurt froze before turning around, noticing Sebastian with a small group of Warblers behind him. "Kurt, can you explain?"

"Sebastian!" Kurt smiled. "Nothing's going on. Santana's just overreacting." He rubbed Brittany's arm reassuringly to keep her quiet. Santana glared at him, but sat back down. "What are you doing here?"

"Important meeting with a few Warbler members. I was going to invite you over, but it seems that your girlfriend needs you more." Sebastian looked at Brittany, who seemed ready to cry after what Blaine said. Sebastian had heard all of it and decided to intervene before things got bloody. "You're really lucky to have one as beautiful as her."

Brittany's eyes brightened a bit at the compliment. Kurt looked down and smiled at her. "Well, she's actually an ex, but I have to agree, I am lucky."

"Yes. Oh, and before I forget…if you ever want to bring a future date here, guy or girl, it's perfectly fine. Everyone here is very gay friendly." Sebastian threw a glance over to Blaine before nodding to Kurt.

Kurt sat back down in between Puck and Brittany as Sebastian and the rest of the Warblers took a table nearby and began talking quietly to each other.

"Dolphin, I like him." Brittany smiled. "Is he a dolphin too?"

"Yes Britt, he's a dolphin."

"How do you know Sebastian?" Blaine interrupted.

Kurt rolled his eyes. He knew that Blaine would freak out as soon as Kurt even looked at Sebastian. He could feel the familiar amber gaze on his back as he replied. "Oh, we've met somewhere before…" He said vaguely. "Let's just say I know him very well."

Puck whistled and held up his hand for a hi-five, which he got quickly from Kurt. "Go Princess! No, wait, you mean someone got to you before I could?" He half moaned, before laughing loudly at Finn's murderous face.

"You're not touching my brother Puckerman."

Puck raised an eyebrow. "Really now, Hudson-Hummel?" He asked mockingly before placing a hand on Kurt's shoulder. Finn glared harder as Puck turned Kurt to face him.

"Noah I don't believe this is such a good idea." Rachel said. "We don't need anyone fighting this close to Regionals."

"Huh, and here I thought you wanted us to get our 'Enemies' off guard. Well, I know the best way to do that!" He placed one hand gently around the back of Kurt's neck, pulling the boy in for a rough kiss. Kurt kissed back just a fiercely, ignoring the squeal of excitement from Brittany and slight growl from Finn. The only thing he focused on was the tongue invading his mouth, and the gaze of approval on his back. His and Puck's teeth clashed once before Puck pulled away, going instead for Kurt's neck.

"That's enough!" Finn's yell pulled the two boys back to reality as Puck moved away from Kurt. The diva leaned back against Brittany, pupils wide from what just happened.

"And that, is how you catch someone off guard. Of course, it works better if they don't fight back." Puck smirked. Kurt, finally out of his daze, smirked back.

Everyone was watching in complete silence until Mike broke it. "So who else is ready to order?"

At the other table, Sebastian's eyes were still glued on Kurt as the conversation turned. One of the other boys, with straight black hair and gleaming green eyes, looked at Sebastian.

"So, that's Kurt then?" Sebastian nodded. "He'll fit right in. Expect Wes to take special interest in him."

"Oh, I expect more than that." Sebastian set down the menu he was holding. "I found our little Cygnet, and I don't plan on letting him go to waste."

The rest of Saturday whet smoothly for Kurt after the outing with New Directions. After his and Puck's kissing performance, things had taken a turn for the worst for the most part. The table was split almost in half, most of the group choosing to ignore Kurt. He, Mercedes, and Brittany had drug Finn and Puck out shopping with them at the mall, the two boys being the only ones, besides Tina and Mike, to still talk to Kurt. Quinn had gotten upset after Puck and Kurt's kissing, and Sam took her side. Santana, shockingly, did too.

It didn't bother the small countertenor though. He wasn't a member of New Directions anymore. He was a Warbler. He only needed the Warblers. New Directions was so full of drama, it was nice to escape it.

But of course, he could never fully escape it. Not while Blaine was together was Rachel. It was just a thorn in his side, one of many.

Another one was Blaine's attitude during Warbler practices. It was like the council had no control, only Blaine did. Even with try outs for solos, Kurt noticed that neither Nick nor Jeff got one. Blaine had gotten the solo. And the major part of the group number.

It had to change. If it came down to it, Kurt would use the fact that Blaine was dating Rachel against him. Why let him get all the solos, if he's always around her? Wouldn't she hear him? Get to know their set list? Kurt wouldn't put it past Rachel to steal the set list and use it for New Directions. They needed new soloists. Ones who wouldn't be tempted. Ones who knows how dangerous it is.

Ones like Kurt.

That was just another reason why Kurt was currently parking his Navigator next to a familiar Ultimate Aero, instead of the Camaro it was usually parked next to, that was a few spaces away. He was wearing the Dalton uniform once again, this one with the red trim.

"Well well, Cygnet decided to show." Kurt blinked and looked over his shoulder to find Sebastian leaning back against his car. Lifting himself away from the Aero, Sebastian walked over to Kurt, grabbing the boy's bag before Kurt could protest. To get to the bag, he had to reach around Kurt; his chest pressing against the smaller's back and causing Kurt to blush lightly at the closeness. "Wes'll kick my ass if he sees you carrying this when I was here to help."

"I don't need help…I'm not a girl." Kurt grumbled. "And what's with the attitude changes? First your snarky on Friday night, then buying me drinks and offering to introduce me to more of the Warblers, and now this."

Sebastian smirked lightly. "You're quite observant, little Cygnet." The two walked towards the dorm rooms. The Warblers had a whole wing to themselves, it was easier for if emergency practices had to be called. They were also the students most likely to sing in the shower or in their rooms at random, so it was more cost effective for the school to place them with people who didn't mind. "For each situation, there's a perfect attitude. Of course, outside of all this, my attitude is what you called 'Snarky'."

'Of course.' Kurt thought. 'Of all the attitudes he could choose…'

They walked through the main doors in silence, Sebastian nodding a greeting to the Warblers in the large room. Kurt followed Sebastian down a corridor that he hadn't known was there.

Blaine had captured his full attention so well; Kurt was surprised he knew the way to his own room. He could clearly remember the staircase that he met Blaine on, and the room that Blaine led him to the first day he was here. Kurt realized that most of his memories of Dalton had Blaine in them.

Except one, the only slushy incident he had at Dalton. It was a boy with black hair and mischievous green eyes. He had heard about Kurt's struggle in McKinley. Kurt had no idea how or why the kid did it, but he had found Alzimo and Karofsky, standing in the middle of a hallway, drenched in what seemed to be a grape slushy. The boy, along with two others- Kurt swore that one was Jeff, but he wasn't sure. The other had darker hair, with lighter brown natural highlights- were nearby, slushies in hand.

There was something familiar about the last one, but he had left before Kurt could get a good look at him. The diva had shrugged it off, the boy must've been a Warbler, and that's where Kurt saw him, or in one of his classes.

Kurt couldn't help but notice how long the hallway was. Compared to most that just wound around in a circle or led upstairs, this one was just one long stretch. When Kurt thought that the hallway could go on for miles, they reached the end. A door was in front of them, signaling the end of the hallway.

"Here we are, Wes' room." Sebastian said as he opened the door. "Hey Wes! I found your lost canary."

Kurt walked inside after Sebastian and froze in a shocked silence. Sitting on one of the beds was Wes, with David snuggled comfortably in his lap, the younger seemingly asleep. On the other bed, Nick and Jeff were curled up together. 'Is this what Blaine was keeping from me? But…why?'

"Kurt? Are you ok?" Kurt shook his head at Jeff's question.

"Uh, yeah. I think."

A pair of giggles came from the couch in the room. 'Just how big is Wes' room?' Kurt wondered. From what he could see, it was at least two of the room he shared with Blaine.

"I think we've confused the poor little kitten."

"I don't think he's a kitten, not enough prissy in him." Kurt jumped as two hands landed on his shoulders. He looked to his left side, then his right side. Two identical pairs of green eyes stared back at him from either side.

"Brad, Blake, stop scaring him." Sebastian ordered, placing Kurt's bag down near the pile of other bags and taking a seat next to the brown haired boy on the farthest end of the couch. "Kurt, you know Wes, David, Nick, and Jeff already. The two terror twins beside you are Brad and Blake. Brad's on your right," The boy grinned. Kurt noticed that his eyes were a neat green, like grass or the wallpaper Carole had tried to buy for the house. "And to your left is Blake." Kurt looked at the other twin. His eyes were a sharper green, traces of hazel concealed in them. He would have no trouble keeping track of who was who.

"This one next to me is Erin." Sebastian nodded to the brunette, who was more interested in the book than Kurt.

"Why'd you bring him Sebastian? You always have a reason for things like this." Erin muttered, eyes never leaving the page.

"I'm wondering the same thing." Jeff said. "Last I heard Blaine kept you on a very short leash."

Kurt bristled at the comment. "That was before he became so interested in his girlfriend." Nick and Jeff blinked confusedly.

"But Blaine's gay."

"According to him and Rachel, he's bisexual." Kurt rolled his eyes. "All it takes is one drunken kiss and suddenly he likes girls."

"What do you mean drunken kiss?" Wes' attention moved to Kurt. "Were you with him? Did you both drink?"

"I didn't." Kurt admitted. "But Blaine was wasted."

Sebastian chuckled. "Idiot." Kurt glared at him. "Not you, Cygnet. Anderson. Warblers aren't allowed to drink unless Wes gives permission. And no permission was given for this, if Wes didn't know about it."

"What happens if we do and we get caught?" This was new to Kurt. No one had told him about that rule. No one had told him about any rules.

"Suspension from the group." Wes answered. "Don't worry," He noticed Kurt stiffen at the punishment. "I know about Sebastian buying you drinks at Scandals. I allowed that. You seemed miserable on Friday, figured it could help take the edge off."

"Wait, how did you know about that?" Kurt asked.

"Wes sent Sebastian after you!" Blake said as he figured it out. "So it wasn't Sebastian who brought him, Wes did!"

Wes nodded. "Yes, I did. I wanted to talk to Kurt about…our group."

"What group?" The diva glanced around the room. It seemed like just a group of Warblers that Sebastian wanted to introduce him to. Nothing was said about another group.

"I wanted you to meet them before I told you about the group, Cygnet. That way, even if you decline, you'd have friends." Sebastian answered. "As for what group, we're an elite group of Warblers carrying on an old tradition."

The twins pulled Kurt over to the couch, sitting him down next to Sebastian and grabbing two chairs nearby to sit down themselves. "A tradition that was forgotten until Sebastian opened it again." They continued.

"What's the tradition?"

"It's basically a club of sorts." Jeff said. "But…it's way different too."


"Kurt, we're performers. Not like the other Warblers.." Nick said, not happy with how slow things were going. He tightened his grip on Jeff's waist before continuing, "And Sebastian and Wes want you to join the group."

Kurt blinked. "Performers?"

Nick groaned. "We're a separate group from the Warblers, but we're still a part of them. We're different because of where we perform at."

"It's an old Dalton tradition that Sebastian put a twist on. The tradition was a select few Warblers chosen each year to basically entertain the other students, and a few others at different places. Nothing ever went over PG though, and sometimes they'd host events and have students from other schools come. Now though, with a redecorated room, we have a totally new set up."

"And you want me to join, why?"

Sebastian tossed an arm over the back of the couch, his hand resting on Kurt's shoulder. "Remember what you told me and Jay Friday night?" He whispered gently to Kurt. "I'm giving you a better chance at proving to yourself, and everyone else, that what Blaine and those bullies said is not true. I'm giving you what you want. All you have to do, is say yes."

'Prove them wrong, get what I want.' Kurt thought. Sebastian was giving him the chance to feel wanted. It would allow him to get to know the group better too, and from what he'd seen so far, they seemed like a great group. They weren't fighting, there was actually a peaceful silence.

Kurt looked down at his lap. From the movies Finn had that he was forced to sit through, he knew that strippers were usually making a lot of money, the female ones anyway. But he also knew it was dangerous. If they were found out, it was jail time. If something went wrong, someone could get hurt. His mind always went back to what Sebastian told him though.

Kurt was brought from his musings with his phone vibrating in his pocket. He pulled it out and checked the message, glaring at who it was.

Blaine: Kurt, Rachel said that you weren't the best dancer in ND, so how about some dancing lessons before Regionals? She said that you'd be ok with me and her giving you them.

He growled, hitting the delete button on the message before looking up at Sebastian. "Alright. I'll join."