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Chapter 5: See the panic in my eyes. Kiss me only when I cry

"Well maybe if you had told me in the first place, this wouldn't be happening!"

Kurt and Brad flinched as another crash came from inside the Warbler's practice room. They were supposed to be practicing, doing warm ups for Nationals, but it was impossible with everyone crowded around the door.

Nick and Jeff were inside, and from the sounds of things, so was Wes. The yelling and quiet whispers could barely be heard over the sound of tables being shoved out of the way, chairs crashing to the ground, and everything smaller being tossed at what they assumed to be Nick's head.

"What's going on?" Kurt questioned.

"Dunno." Brad grimaced. They were the last two to show up, having helped each other study for an upcoming History exam. They lost track of time, not noticing when Blake had left. Their wake-up call though sure made them realize it, as Brad's phone set off an alarm to the tune of Party in the USA, courtesy of Blake's meddling with it.

"Jeff's pissed about something." One of the other Warblers explained. "He and Nick have been in there for about an hour. Wes went in about fifteen minutes ago, and I think David's about ready to go in to make sure he's ok."

"So…practice is cancelled then?" Brad assumed.

"Don't think you're off the hook." Sebastian looked back at the two younger boys. "Wes is preoccupied with Niff's first fight, but I want you two to practice a few scales. I know he has a few songs picked out for Nationals for a group number that includes you two."

"Damn…" Kurt muttered.

"I'm tired of this, you know what? We're through!" The doors slammed open as Jeff came rushing out, rubbing tears away from his eyes and not looking at anyone as he ran. The Warblers parted to let him through.

"Fine! I'm tired of you being a whiny little brat anyway!" Nick screamed after him.

The crowd stood in shocked silence as Wes walked over to Nick and led him back into the destroyed room, David following them.

Kurt looked down the hallway, the direction that Jeff had ran, and wondered where he could've gone. "Sebastian, I'm gonna go find Jeff."

Sebastian sighed, but nodded. "Alright, it seems like practice is cancelled, so go ahead."

Kurt rushed off before Sebastian had even finished talking.

"Let's hope he knows what he's doing." Erin said, coming to stand next to Brad.

"Eh, even if he doesn't, it's better than letting Jeff run off on his own." Blake pointed out. "Come on, let's let Kurt and Wevid handle this, I seem to remember a certain someone who needs to brush up on his math if he plans to pass."

"Aww." Brad whined. "I hate math!"

Erin laughed. "I can help with it." The rest of the Warblers went off in different little groups of their own, planning some studying of their own before the teachers started to pile on last minute work before final exams.

Kurt found Jeff not far from the dorms, sitting on a bench near the parking lot and staring out at seemingly nothing. The countertenor sat down beside him, saying nothing and waiting for Jeff to speak.

"I can't believe he got so mad over something so stupid." Jeff sighed. His voice was still watery, but he wasn't about to cry at least.

"What was it about?" Kurt asked.

Jeff slumped back against the bench. "Nicky wanted to meet my parents this weekend, as my boyfriend and not just a friend."

"Oh, are your parents…?"

"No, nothing like that." Jeff shook his head. "I came out to my mom eons ago, she's fine with it. It's just…" He laughed darkly. "Guess it's better to tell someone who doesn't know me as well as the others."

"You don't have to tell me." Kurt argued. If it was something big, why tell him before everyone else?

"Nah, I don't. But it would be great to have someone else to share this with." Jeff sat back up. "My dad's in a mental hospital. Nick doesn't know and I have no idea how to tell him." The blonde smiled sadly. "I don't have to worry about that now though, since we broke up."

"I doubt you two are broken up for good. You're just in an awkward post-fight stage." Kurt joked, trying to cheer Jeff up.

It seemed to work, somewhat, as Jeff laughed softly. It wasn't like the other boys' laughs. Jeff's sounded like it was always a soft tune just like his voice.

"Come on, let's go back inside. Sebastian cancelled practice today so all we can do that's productive is study. I'm sure we can join with the others and study whatever we need." Kurt suggested, standing up.

Jeff nodded. "Yeah. I need to work on some papers for Minority Literature anyway. Can you help me out with the French stuff though?" Jeff was a natural when it came to Spanish, but French confused him to no end. Spelling was his worst part. How could get they get some strange sound starting with a 'g' from quatre?

Kurt smiled. "Of course I can! Coach Sylvester didn't have me sing in French for fifteen minutes at Cheer Nationals for nothing."

"You're so going to have to show us that video someday."

"Erin, can you help me with this? I don't understand it."

Blake looked over to his younger twin, watching as he pouted to Erin. The other boy simply laughed and grabbed the math book.

"Sure, you just need to move this over…then divide these two…"

"Close, aren't they?" Sebastian chimed in, tapping the paper that Blake was working on.

"Yeah," Blake sighed. "But it's a good thing. We've just been together for so long that it's taking some getting used to."

He was used to it just being Blake and Brad, no one else. It had been that way since day one. Even after they were recruited by Sebastian, they always acted together, sang together, did the same things. 'It's alright. Erin's a good friend. We need to branch out.'

"Well come on then, Wes said you can't let your English grade drop or he'll kick you to the back of the performances."

Blake grimaced. "He wouldn't do that. Brad would still be in the front then, and it would throw everyone off because our voices keep the higher notes. It would be like moving Nick to stand with Thad."

"Don't think he won't do it though if your grade falls." Sebastian batted Blake's hand away from the paper, filling in one of the corrections. "And don't think I won't move your performance back a week."

"Alright, I'll keep my grade up mom."

Sometimes it really tugged on his nerves, having to listen to both Wes and Sebastian. Not many people could tell him and Brad apart, but Wes and Sebastian were two who could from the start. It didn't mean they couldn't be tricked into confusion though. All it took was a slight change in Brad's hairstyle(Blake always wore it just a tiny bit shorter than Brad's, it was only noticeable to those leaning towards hair styling as a career, or those going for fashion.) and they couldn't tell the difference.

"I can't believe she'd say that to Britt."

Kurt set down his phone after putting it on speaker. Santana had called him just as he began planning an outfit for the weekend. He was going out with the girls, Mercedes, Brittany, Santana, and Tina.

"I know! It's not Brittany's fault that hobbit number two decided he likes guys! Besides, they're still together, aren't they?"

Kurt sighed. "I have no idea. But it wouldn't surprise me if they were. Anderson's a spineless idiot and Berry's a controlling bitch."

"Ugh, speak of the shrieking devil, she just walked in." Kurt could almost hear Santana rolling her eyes.

"How lovely. You know, there's no reason for you and Brittany to stay in Glee Club, since you guys lost Regionals." Kurt said smugly.

"Yeah, I know. The only problem being Dave. He's in the club now and I have to play the girlfriend role and stick with him. And hush with the smugness Mr. I've won more titles than New Directions all by myself."

With a Regionals win, and the Nationals win with the Cheerios from last year, he had things to brag about. "You love it Satan."

"Santana? Who are you talking to?" Kurt could somewhat hear Rachel's voice from the other line.

"My best gay who's phone is about to die." Santana retorted, and Kurt glanced at his phone. The red battery sign confirmed Santana's words, and Kurt wondered how she could've known that.

"Then run his battery out. It's not like he has anyone else to call or text anyway, seeing as no guy would want to."

That had stung.

"Shut it man hands! Gay or not I'd take his hot ass to bed in a heartbeat if he wanted! You on the other hand seem to turn every guy you've ever been with gay. And let's not forget-"

Kurt's phone died as Santana began her rant in Spanish. 'She meant that no guy wanted to be your fri-…no that makes it worse.' He shook his head. 'Why would they text when I live with them?'

He put his phone on the charger before getting up.

'I'm losing my touch if I let this get to me.' Kurt grimaced as he paced the room. 'Come on, I was able to put up with Sue and the other Cheerios tearing me down. I'm stronger than this!'

But the nagging voice in the back of his just grew stronger and stronger with those memories.

No guy would want to

Pear hips


Attention whore

The words were still in his mind even as he fell back against his bed. Cale still wasn't there, it wasn't near curfew yet though, so that was expected. He was probably out doing something with the guys.

'Even here, I'm too different- STOP.' Kurt growled to himself. 'Stop it right now Kurt Elizabeth Lucas Hummel. You have friends who like you, Brittany for your girlfriend and she loves you, Satan who actually likes your company, an accepting father and step-mother, and a step-brother who would die for you. You have it better than most kids like you.'

Even with everything bad that had happened, he still had it pretty good. Sure, it wasn't perfect, but what good was perfect anyway? Perfect was boring. And he did have it better than most, especially with the accepting father and friends. He looked to the bright side of things, but the darkness was still there. It always would be.

The weekend snuck up on the Warblers and soon, Saturday night was upon them. It meant a longer curfew, parties, and the specialty of Dalton.

Kurt decided to sit this weekend out. It was supposed to be his first, but not even shopping could calm his nerves. He came back with six bags of things, Cale helping him put them up while suggesting that he waited another week. Kurt readily agreed. The confidence he had when he told Sebastian he would join was long gone, replaced with nerves and thoughts of what his dad would think, what if he was caught, what if his friends found out?

"Hey," a tap to his nose brought him back to what he was originally doing; homework with Jeff in the blonde's room. "You ok? There's no need to worry about this stuff." The other boy had stayed behind on Wes' orders. He was in no condition to get up and sing just yet, not so soon after his fight with Nick. "Sebastian'll probably help you out this week."

Kurt shook his head. "It's not that, I'm fine." Kurt lied. What was really bothering him was what Rachel said. He couldn't shake it. 'It must be Dalton,' Kurt decided. 'I've been safe here since Sectionals, it's lowered my guard.'

"There's no way you're fine." Jeff said. "If you were fine, you'd realize that you were writing your math homework on your history paper."

Kurt looked down. Right there on the white sheet explaining, in detail, the Fertile Crescent, were math problems. "Oh…"

"What's wrong?" Jeff shut their books, pushing them off to the side of his bed.

"It's just something that someone said, it's nothing." Kurt shrugged, looking down at his lap.

Jeff moved closer. "It's something if it's bothering you. What did this person say?"

"To put it bluntly, no guy would want to ever talk to me."

"Really?" The blonde huffed. "Then I must secretly be a girl, because I'm talking to you."

Kurt shook his head. "No, she meant like, flirt and stuff."

"Everyone flirts with you."

"They don't."

"Well, ok. Not everyone. But that's because either they're straight, or in a relationship."

"Which is everyone."

"Sebastian isn't."

"He's a mentor"


Kurt sighed. "Cale's… different. With him it's, familiar. Almost too familiar to be comfortable…" He laid back in the bed, staring up at Jeff when the boy scooted closer to sit next to Kurt's stomach. "And there's more to it than just what Rachel said."

"Well what else is it?" Jeff asked.

"I was a Cheerio before." Kurt explained. "And…some of the girls were ruthless, Coach Sylvester included, with the pear hips comment…"

"Your hips aren't pears. Hell, you're too skinny!" Jeff protested. "Cale said you weigh next to nothing and always feel like it when he picks you up. And I don't doubt it," he continued and poked Kurt's stomach, "there's like, no fat to be found there."

"So there is something wrong with me."

Jeff glared at Kurt, poking him harder and making the other boy squeak. "Kurt Warbler," he began, "you are perfect the way you are. You're a bit on the tall side so being this skinny is ok. Could you use a few more pounds to fill you out better? Yes. Do you have pear hips? No. Are you, as Blaine and you yourself put it, an unsexy baby penguin? Hell no! If I wasn't with Nick I'd-…" Jeff trailed off, realizing what he had said. "…I'm not with Nick…"

"You'd what?" Kurt whispered.

The blonde moved slowly over Kurt, hovering with their noses almost touching. "I'd do this," He said softly, before connecting their lips in a soft kiss.

It was far different from any other kiss, he could see why everyone said they saw fireworks when they kissed someone. It was fire and ice, both at once. There was more hesitation than when Cale first kissed him, but also reassurance.

As Jeff deepened the kiss, Kurt wrapped his arms around the blonde's neck. His hands grasped at the back of Jeff's shirt, gripping it tightly and pulling Jeff on top of himself.

Kissing turned into making out, making out turned to touching, touching turned to feeling, seeing, tasting, smelling, everything. They didn't plan for it to happen, but they were thankful that the dorms were nearly empty around them. The moaning didn't quite get as loud as they would thought it would, most of the sounds coming from the constant "I'm sorry"s that spilled from Jeff's lips as he slowly thrust in and out of Kurt. Neither knew who Jeff was apologizing to. To Kurt, who was tearing up from a mixture of things? To Nick, because he felt like it was cheating? To himself, for liking it so much?

Soon enough, the chant of those two words stopped, being replaced with low moans and kisses to Kurt's neck, bites to his collar bone, hissing as Kurt's nails dragged against his back and his pace sped up. "You're. Not. Unsexy." Quite the opposite. "Your. Hips. Are. Perfect." Except for the bruises from where Jeff's fingers were holding him. Jeff continued to bit out the phrases.

When the others came back, they found Jeff and Kurt fast asleep in Jeff's bed. Wes and David kept Nick from seeing them, knowing the boy was still sour about the break up, but still loved Jeff. They didn't know what was between the two sleeping boys, but it was better left for later.


The shout, accompanied by a shrill screech, woke up the Warblers the next morning.

Wes, who had been awake for a while with David, Erin and Sebastian, snickered. "Guess that Cygnet and Blondie are up!"

"I don't know whether to go up there and ask if they need a hangover cure or pain medicine." Erin smirked.

"We'll find out soon enough." Sebastian shook his head as he spoke.

They didn't have to wait long before twin black blurs raced down the staircase, Jeff and Kurt in tow. Cale soon followed.

"I'm gonna go check on Nick." Erin said, getting up from his chair and walking past Brad, stopping to whisper something to the teen before going up the staircase.

"Look who's up." Blake grinned, sitting down in Erin's empty seat and forcing Jeff to sit down next to him.

"Found Kurt trying to sneak out of little Jeffy's room." Brad sat down on Blake's other side, letting Kurt stand nearby. "So, what happened last night?"

Kurt's eyes were glued to the ground, refusing to look up at anyone as the shock of what happened fully set in. He and Jeff had sex last night. He and Jeff. Nick's ex. The boy that Nick still loved. Jeff, the boy that still loved Nick. How could he have been so stupid? How could he have let it happen?

What was Nick going to say when he found out?

"Uhh, hello? Earth to Kurt?" Brad waved his hand in front of Kurt's face. "Guys I think Kurt's broken."

"So what happened?" Blake pressed, looking at Jeff.

The blonde's eyes traveled over to Kurt, turning into a hard glare before quickly whipping his head to look away from him. "It was nothing. Kurt fell asleep doing homework and I didn't want to kick him out."

The way that Kurt tensed suggested to them that more happened, but they didn't push any further. Sebastian's full attention was on them now as he stared at Kurt. Wes and David were looking for an escape.

"We're…um…we're gonna…" Wes stammered.

"Sex." David blurted out, grabbing Wes and running. Brad and Blake snickered, only silencing themselves when Cale gave them a hard stare.

"Kurt, you look ill." Cale placed his hand on the smaller's forehead. "Maybe you should go home to rest for a bit, escape from the crazy here?"

Kurt nodded.

"Alright, come on then. I'll drive you there."

"Are you going to tell me what happened? Or just sit there and look like a kicked kitten that lost his siblings?"

Cale kept his focus on driving, vaguely aware of Kurt leaning close to the passenger door. He could hear Kurt's stifled whimpers and finally had enough of them.

Kurt turned to Cale, waiting a few moments before speaking. "Jeff and I had sex."

Cale slammed on the breaks, glad that they were already in Lima and not on the highway any longer. "You what?!"

Kurt flinched. "We…It's my fault." He sighed. "I was talking to Santana and then Rachel said something and everything from being a Cheerio and being an unsexy baby penguin just popped up in our chat and we started kissing and making out and touching and-"

"Woah hold on!" Cale protested. "I don't need a play by play of what happened!" He stopped the car on the side of the road before turning to Kurt. "So you two had sex, because you were feeling bad about yourself?"


Cale blinked, his eyes a mix between green and blue, and meeting Kurt's gold and gray ones. "…Well do you feel better?"

"No." Tears started to form in Kurt's eyes again, but he didn't let them fall. "I feel worse. If this is how Quinn felt after she slept with Puck because she felt fat…then I owe her more than an apology."

"You don't owe anyone anything." Cale said gently. "You weren't feeling your best, Jeff was there to help you, one thing led to another, and you had sex. It's not a big deal. I mean, do you really think Wes and David waited for each other? Or Nick for Jeff? Hell, I know for a fact that Blake holds at least two of the group's v-cards."

"It was supposed to be special though…" Kurt murmured.

"It was with a friend, Kurt. With Jeff nonetheless. From the way Nick always bragged before you transferred, I'm sure it's a safe guess that he's the gentlest person you could ever be with." Cale reasoned. "He didn't hurt you, did he?"

"Only this morning." Kurt admitted.

"Then it was special. He made it special for you."

Kurt thought for a second. Jeff had been gentle with him, almost overly gentle. He took his time with every little thing, always asked if Kurt was ok, if what he was doing was ok. He never rushed anything, never pushed for more. He made Kurt feel better, even if now they both felt worse. "It…was special." He whispered.

Cale gave Kurt a small smile before driving the rest of the way to Kurt's house. As he pulled into the driveway, his look became puzzled. "Wait…" It couldn't be, yet the picture was the same.

Kurt jumped out of the car, not hearing what Cale had said. He wasted no time in running up the steps and bringing Cale inside once the other boy was right next to him.

"Kurt, wait a second-" Cale tried to protest.

"Kurt? Is that you?" Burt called from the kitchen, not expecting Finn home for another hour. The other boy was at Puck's. And Carole was at work, so it couldn't b her.

"Yeah daddy, I wasn't feeling too good so Cale brought me home." Kurt yelled back, walking into the kitchen with a stunned Cale behind him. The other boy was looking around, disbelief filling his eyes as he looked at the pictures on the wall.

"Cale…" Burt set the newspaper down on the table, looking up at Kurt. It couldn't be. It was a coincidence.

"Yeah, he's a friend from Dalton." Kurt stepped to the side, letting Burt see Cale for the first time.

Their eyes widened as they saw each other. "Cale?" Burt asked.

Cale stared in shock. Memories of pictures in his grandmother's house coming to the front of his mind and screaming at him as he looked at Burt. "…Dad?"