Invisibility and Ice Cream

A 'Thor' fan fiction.

Summary: Darcy thought her house was haunted. And then the ghost started sleeping in her bed. What was going on? Rated T, Based off of folklore (and it's adaptation), but with a modern day, Loki/Darcy twist!


None of these characters or setting belong to me. I just play with them and make them dance for me. :)

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Written by Saelryth-Windstalker.

Chapter One:

Darcy Lewis rolled over in her bed, groaning and groggily rubbing her eyes as she stretched out her left arm and tried to reach her cell phone. She was trying valiantly not to roll back over again and make an effort to reach the small contraption, which normally worked, but today was different. Something From the moment that she had stared to drift back towards consciousness, when her mind has half asleep, floating in-between realms, she had felt something. Something wrong, something...odd. Whatever it was, it made things not feel right. Her blankets felt rough and grimy, her pillows hard and uninviting. And now, she couldn't reach her phone.

Darcy groaned and rolled over again, cracking her eyes open reluctantly and visually scanned the tiny bedside table for her little mobile device.

She reached for it, her fingertips brushing against the cool metal, and she held it up, activating the screen with the touch of a button and reading the clock displayed on the screen, before huffing in annoyance and flopping back down onto her nest of pillows. Seven thirty am! And it was a Friday, too. Jane didn't call her to work until 9 am on Fridays.

She snuggled back into her covers, after placing her phone on a pillow near her head for easy access. Darcy was determined to sleep as much as she could before going into work that morning, and damn if she wasn't going to use all her free time to catch a few more Z's.

Hell, she thought, I won't even put on makeup. I'll just drag myself out of bed a few minutes before work and throw on some clothes. It's not like there are any cute men where I'm headed.

And with that, she snuggled back into her covers, despite the rough, grimy feel of them, and drifted back off to sleep.

The next thing Darcy knew, something was blasting the opening riffs of 'Cliffs of Dover' in her ear, far too loud for her liking. She shot up, looking for the source of the noise. She knew it was her phone, and that it was most likely Jane, but she really, really did not want to find the thing.

Despite her obscenity-filled wishes and mutterings about how much she did not want to find her phone, the blasted little thing had the audacity to still be on her pillow where she left it.

Darcy looked at it in disgust. "Traitor." She muttered at it.

Yup, it was Jane alright. Fighting the urge to throw the phone across the room, Darcy answered.

"Hey Jane."

"Darcy! I'm sorry, I woke you up, didn't I?" Came Jane's concerned reply.

"Nah, don't worry about it babe," Darcy replied, yawning. "So what's up?"

"Darcy, I hate to ask you this, but could you come in early today?"

Jane's voice sounded a tiny bit frantic, and Darcy knew that her scientist friend/boss was anxious about something.

"Ummmm, suuuree..." Darcy drew the words out. "What's going on?" She asked slowly, sitting up in her bed.

"I'll tell you when you get here, Darcy. I'm sorry, I know, it's Friday, but I just..." Her voice trailed off, and Darcy heard a nervous sigh on the other end of the line. "I need you here, Darcy."

"Ok, yeah, sure Jane. I'll be there in a few." Darcy replied before saying goodbye and hanging up the phone. She sighed and ran a hand through her hair before vaulting off her bed and made her way to the bathroom. A quick change of clothes and a ten-second application of her foundation later, and she was ready to go. As she made her way to her front door, she stopped in the kitchen to pick up a bottle of aspirin and an orange, and threw a cursory glance at the microwave's digital clock as she walked out of the kitchen, growling some choice words under her breath.

She had only been able to sleep for ten minutes before Jane called.

This was going to be a long day.

The God of Mischief stood before The All-Father and all of the Aseir, awaiting his punishment. Since his failed attempt to conquer Migard, Loki had been held under house arrest for almost one Migardian year. He had endured much, but had failed to learn much of anything, despite the many hours of so-called 'Therapy' that Thor seemed to favor so much and even insisted on. Inwardly, Loki snarled. Thor's sudden obsession with this 'therapy' and 'fixing' his younger brother must have been directly related to Jane Foster. Loki wouldn't at all be surprised if his current humiliation and suffering was all because of a ridiculous mortal idea that Foster had planted in Thor's head.

Odin cleared his throat. "Loki." He rumbled. "All of Asgard knows of your crimes, and of the reason you committed them. As a father, I cannot punish you, for I have harmed you enough."

Loki was shocked. Odin, not punishing him? He knew for a fact that Thor had been punished, albeit not severely, at least, not severely for a god. Thor had been charged with eternal protection of Migard. All problems that were too big for the mortals to handle fell to Thor, a burden for any other Aseir. Odin had also denied Thor the crown for at least another 500 years, until he felt that Thor had truly learned his lesson. A few days on Migard, while helpful, were still not enough to convince the All-Father of Thor's reformation.

"Your mind wanders, my son." Loki looked up into Odin's sharp gaze. "Pay attention. This is crucial to your future." Loki snarled in his mind at Odin, but did as he was told.

Truth be told, the God of Mischief was quite curious as to what Odin would say next.

"...Nor can I punish you as a King, for I have wronged you in that sense as well. So, the people of Asgard have decided your fate."

Loki stiffened. The people? The people? They would most likely clamor for his blood to be spilt, Frost-Giant that he was.

"I have called a council of the Asgardian elders. No Aseir were allowed in this council. Only the most influential Asgardian elders. Elders who have the ear of the people, and know their wishes. Your history, my son, has been widely accepted with shock, dismay, and yes, even rage, hatred. However, many of the Asgardians understand you. You are still a Prince, your people still love you. But you have broken their trust."

Loki opened his mouth to object, but Odin seemed to read his mind.

"Hush, Loki." He said, before continuing on:

"Do you think, that if you had reacted differently, you would have been met with ill will, fear, hatred? Had you reacted in another way, had you not twisted my words, and the words of your loved ones," here Odin looked pained, "you would still be met with open arms by your people and your family."

Loki couldn't hold his silence any longer. "Do you believe that? Do you really?" His voice trembled with rage. "For years, the Asgardians have had nothing but hatred for Frost-Giants!" Loki turned to face the crowd gathered, raising his voice. "Do you deny it? Had none of this happened, would I have been welcomed with love?" He paused, waiting, and the crowd gathered shifted uncomfortably and looked at others gathered, as if asking for permission to say something.

"Would I?" Loki yelled angrily into the crowd.

An old man with a long white beard stepped forward, leaning on his staff. "All-Father," he addressed Odin with a deep, wise voice, but talked quietly.

"You may answer your Prince, wise one. Have no fear of an unguarded tongue. None shall harm you." Odin replied. The old man nodded silently before turning to Loki.

"My Prince," he began. "Whether you had acted differently or not, things would have been the same. People would mistrust you. Some people would hate you, some would love you. It is a known fact that each man forms his own opinion. You," he pointed a gnarled finger at Loki "Would have the burden of rising above these opinions which have been forced on you. You should have shown these people that you are your own person, your own exception to the rule. Give them reason to love you, to trust you, and they would have been able to look past such a petty thing as birth and blood. But instead, you have let your anger and your wounded heart guide you down a destructive path, one that has only hurt your relationship with your people."

Here, the old man turned to Odin again.

"All-Father. You have said that I need not fear an unguarded tongue. If this is true, then hear what I say next with naught but calmness."

Odin nodded.

"You have been a fool, Oh Great King." His statement was met with gasps from all gathered, but the old man struck his staff thrice on the gilded floors, and the room silenced. "Hiding the boy's true parentage from him was wrong. Had you treated the Frost-Giants as yet another race, and not monsters to be feared and destroyed, your son would not have the pain that his heart is burdened with. You, King Odin, have taught your people to hate and fear that which they do not understand; those who are different are to be shunned and mocked. Look now at your son, O King. Look at him. Have you done him any great service? Have any of us done our Prince the right he deserves? When a child learns of true parentage in Asgard, they are not shunned and mocked. It is not treated as an evil thing. They are still counted as family. And yet, we mistrust out Prince. We hate him, we wish him dead, or we wish that the All-Father's heart had been but a slight bit harder, and that he had left the Prince to die.

Look at us!" He cried, "It is we who have driven our Prince to such destructive actions! It is our blindness, our hard-heartedness, our narrow minds that the Prince knew would brand him a outcast. Had the All-Father taught all of us differently, had we known better and used our common sense, this would not have happened.

"but we must not dwell on what could have been. What has happened, is nothing short of tragedy, for all involved. We must learn from our mistakes, all of us. Even from the King, down to the lowest peasant in all the Nine Realms. We must put aside our fear, and our hatred. We must re-evaluate ourselves. Those guilty must be punished." He shot a pointed look at Loki. "You, young man, were raised as a Prince. You have no excuse for such childish actions. Taking your anger and pain out on those weaker than you is a child's folly. You are a man. You must be punished and learn as a man."

The old man stepped backward a few paces, and stood, defiant, in front of the king and his court.

Odin sighed. "You, my friend, are wiser than I. Were the crown yours instead of mine..." He shook his head. "Your Elder is right. But what is done is done. And those guilty must reform themselves. All of us must learn to be open minded about others. My people, this is not an easy task I ask of you. This will take many years. But I have faith that we will overcome our faults. Some of us," He shot a glance at a very angry, red-faced Sif. "More than others."

With this, Odin stood and summoned the Council of Elders to read Loki's punishment.

With the old man's speech, Loki had been pushed to the side of everyone's minds, something in the Elder's words forcing them to look at their own faults and wrong-doings, but now, all attention was turned back towards the prodigal son, albeit less hateful than before.

"Loki...Forgive me, my boy," A very old man croaked. "But, shall I address you as Laufeyson, or Odinson?" The old man coughed. He looked like a stiff breeze would blow him over, his skin was paper-thin, wrinkled and translucent. The head of the Elders, Loki guessed.

"Neither, Elder. I am Loki. I hate my parentage too much to be called by his name, yet I am no longer of the House of Odin." Loki replied, almost indifferent.

"Well then..." The frail old man held up a scroll, and two younger-but still old-men stood on either side of him, supporting his arms and holding him up as he unrolled the scroll.

"Loki, Son of None, We, the People of Asgard, have decided upon your punishment. Your powers were taken from you upon your return to Asgard, and for a considerable amount of time, you were silenced."

Loki grimaced, remembering the muzzle he had been fitted with.

"You were placed under house arrest for one Migardian year, and you have faced your demons.

Due to lack of progression in your reformation, we banish you to Migard until you have learned. You believe that you have lived in Thor's shadow, that you are unloved, ignored, and unseen, my Prince? You are mistaken, to a degree. You will live on Migard, unseen and unheard by anyone there. You will learn the true meaning of living in the shadow. Some mortals might feel your presence. If you find one who accepts your presence, without fear, you will be heard by them. Once you are accepted for who you are by this mortal, or mortals, and once you learn to love yourself, to move past this rage and live as one who is loved, and knows that he is loved, you will be worthy of your return to Asgard, your restoration of power and full acceptance back into Asgardian Royalty. You must learn to honor your house, my lord. Make yourself worthy of your name: Odinson.

"When you have completed these tasks, there is one final challenge you must face: The mortal must gaze upon your true form. They must accept you as you physically are. Should this happen, you are a free man. Should the mortal fail, they shall have no memory of you, and you must find another who might free you from your bonds.

This is the proclamation of the People of Asgard. Let it be done."

Loki had long since had his powers taken from him, and thus had been in his true from for quite a while, but this punishment horrified him. Show a mortal his true form? Love himself, find someone who loved him? Impossible. He hated himself far too much for any such thing to happen. Nor could he love anyone, for he was certain that Odin was looking for his heart to become freed from it's stony prison; he would be looking for Loki to love someone in return. This was simply not possible, he would never let it happen. No-one needed his love, just as no-one would give him love. The All-Father had condemned him to a life of solitude, and there was nothing he could do to stop it.

As court was adjourned, Loki's former family said farewell, before Odin, the Council, and a slew of guards escorted him to the Bifrost.

The bridge was still being repaired, but Odin would stabilize it long enough to send Loki to Migard and close the connection. Heimdall stood watch, his red eyes barely glancing at Loki before nodding silently to the All-Father and walking in towards the portal.

The Council and Odin stood in a circle around Loki and cast the necessary binding spells on him. Loki felt the power ripple through him, ad his body began to soak up the magic. Now, unbeknownst to him, only Odin could still see his son.

The circle was broken, and the Council stepped back, and began to channel their powers into Odin, who cast the stabilizing spell on the Bifrost. Heimdall inserted his Great-sword into the portal's core, and Loki felt the doorway in through the stars open behind him.

"Good luck, Loki. May you find love and wisdom on Migard." The frail councilman said above the noise of the portal.

Hiemdall Glared at where Loki had been moments ago. "Do not disappoint me, Prince. Should you fail to redeem yourself and attempt to return to Asgard, I will personally cut you down."

Loki raised an eyebrow. Odd...coming from anyone but Hiemdall, that would have sounded as a threat, but it almost sounded like Hiemdall was wishing him luck. Either way, Loki couldn't be sure.

Odin nodded at his son, and, just before the Bifrost's power enveloped Loki and pulled him in, Odin whispered, "I love you, Loki." To his son.

And then, with a flash of rainbow light, Loki was gone.

Darcy stood, glaring at the unnatural cloud formation above the Bifrost site, almost visually challenging the other worlds up there to send anyone but Thor.

Unbeknownst to her, Heimdall observed her unspoken challenge, and chuckled.

A strange mortal, he thought. He continued to watch her as he made preparations to open the Bifrost. Ever since it's destruction, the Rainbow Bridge now required an extensive amount of time in order to fully ready it to transport people.

"Hey!" A voice shouted at him, echoing and faint, as if it had traveled a long way to reach his ears. He slowly turned, and looked down. It was the mortal girl, and she was staring right at him.

Could she see him? Heimdall intensified his gaze on the mortal, watching her and listening, intrigued by the tiny being he saw below on Migard.

Darcy could almost feel someone watching her. As if from a great distance, she heard a rumble that sounded like thunder, but, for some reason, it seemed to be a go-ahead sign to keep speaking.

Either that or I'm batshit crazy. She thought, hesitating for a moment. This was stupid. And insane.

If she continued on this crazy-minded plan of hers, then Jane and the AC Unit (her fond name for Agent Coulson's cronies) would have no choice to lock her in the looney bin, and stick a huge, red lettered note on her record that said "Absolute Crazy. Should be locked up indefinitely."

As if they didn't know that already... She thought with a smug grin on her face. Before she had time to talk herself out if it, she yelled back up at the clouds:

"Yea, you'd better listen! If you even think about sending someone other than Thor, I will have some serious complaints for you! Hell, man, I'll even complain to your boss!"

Heimdall resisted the urge to laugh out loud at the girl's ridiculous words. She was threatening him? What a strange mortal.

"Come on, man, seriously! I've got a boss who needs questions answered, a super-secret agency who's breathing down our necks, and a life of my own that I'd like to start soon, and you're not helping by holding us up, so, come on, just send us Thor, will ya?"

Heimdall did laugh at that, earning him odd looks from the two guards stationed at the door.

He was about to respond to her, when he heard footsteps on the Bifrost, currently quite a ways out, but not for nothing was he Gate Keeper. His powers of sight and hearing were unrivaled by all but the All-Father himself.

Heimdall, Odin said to the tall Gate Keeper, mentally talking to his loyal friend.

The Bifrost is open, my lord. Heimdall replied. The mortals wish for Thor to be sent.

Odin frowned, Heimdall could feel it in his mind. Their wishes must be forgotten, I'm afraid. For it is not Thor I mean to send.

Heimdall raised an eyebrow. Forgive me, All-Father, but, who else have I opened the Bifrost for?

Odin hesitated, and Heimdall knew. The hesitation was the clue he needed. Somewhere below him, the mortal was talking again, demanding to be answered. Another mortal, a small brunette, walked up and reprimanded the odd female. Thor's Chosen one. But Heimdall was past caring.

You would send him back? After all he has done to harm them? He thought, towards Odin, incredulous.

He is to learn his lesson. Odin replied. He shall have no power, no mortals may see him. I have placed wards upon him so that no harm will come to the Migardians. Trust me, my friend. I have not yet lost all semblance of sanity; there is a method to my madness.

Heimdall felt pity for the Migardians. To have the God of Mischief unleashed upon them was unfair to the mortals, yet it seemed to be the only thing that had changed Thor; being exiled amongst the humans. Perhaps all was not as lost as it seemed, but the Gate Keeper still had his doubts. Many of them.

Know this, then, All-Father, He thought solemnly. Should your plan fail, and harm come to the Migardians, I shall hold you responsible, and I will leave your service.

You have that right. Odin thought to him. I would not stop you, should that happen.

Odin and the entourage of guards, the Council, and one very put-off looking Loki entered the vast domed room. After a few minutes of preparations and spells by the Council, Odin glanced at Heimdall.

It is time. He thought. Heimdall nodded and lifted his sword, plunging it into the receptacle that capped the power flow. By piercing the river of power with his sword, Heimdall was able to manipulate the vast amount of sheer energy to his will. The energy needed little encouragement, all he had to do was control it, which took more willpower and strength than it seemed.

He stared at Loki and then, in a moment of impulse for him, he gave the fallen Prince a half-warning; half-encouragement, thinking of the silly mortal below.

Do not make me regret sending you, Loki He thought to himself. And do not harm the mortals. Or I will kill you myself.

He was almost distracted by the mortal below, who had returned, along with a man in a red-and-gold metal suit, and they were shouting silly insults up at him, before bursting out laughing.

In a moment of clarity, Heimdall saw the mortal girl in his mind's eye. He saw into her heart, and he saw the raw strength displayed. It was crazy, he knew, and he wished no harm upon this mortal who had made him laugh, but...She and her companions seemed to be worthy adversaries. The girl especially seemed brash enough to back-talk Loki.

I know just where to send you. Heimdall thought, reaching into the power stream and willing it to transport Loki to his desired location. The power rushed through him, doing as he wished and enveloping Loki, whisking him away to where Heimdall had told it to take him.

And with a flash of light, Loki was gone.

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