Chapter Nine


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PREVIOUSLY: 'Loki let out a laugh and let his hands drop. "Pleased to make your acquaintance at last, Miss Lewis. My name is Loki."'

Darcy's reaction to his name was fairly pleasing to Loki. First came the shock, then the anger, then the sadness, and finally, fear. Honest-to-Odin fear. Not simply being afraid, as she had been earlier, nor something as childish as being scared, but true fear. The kind of fear you get when first holding a weapon, the kind of fear that follows running for one's life, the kind of fear that permeates every human's soul and spreads like wildfire. True fear. True power.

Loki had a feeling that, after getting over her initial feelings of fear for him (not true fear, mind you,) she would still be able to hear him clearly, and once she could understand him, no amount of fear could change that.

"Are you afraid?" He asked softly.

"Am I afraid? The Murderer of New York is sitting in my bed, and you ask if I'm afraid?! That doesn't even begin to scratch the surface of how I feel, you monster!" She forced through her gritted teeth.

"Is that supposed to scare me? To hurt me?" Loki mocked. "Rest assured, my darling, when I tell you that I have been called far worse than that. And as for monster-" Here he leaned close to Darcy, his lips next to her ear. "There are no monsters in all of the histories of the worlds that compare to me. And I am not under your bed, darling. I'm in it."

He withdrew, feeling smug as he watched her face go blank, realization hit her in the face, her eyes grew dark, and the color drained from her skin. She sat there, petrified at the weight of his words. Slowly, Loki took her hand and brought it to his lips, lightly kissing it, before letting it go and whispering, "Boo."

Darcy jumped up, heart pounding so hard in her chest Loki could hear it, slapped his face, and stormed out of the room.

Loki laughed long and hard, a cruel laugh that Darcy could hear on the other side of the door, and she sank against it and cried.

Darcy had spent the day in a daze, wandering the house, not really seeing anything. She had tried to eat, but ended up just letting her cereal get soggy as she froze with the spoon halfway to her mouth for almost an hour before finally moving. Her mind was eerily silent, and every sound she heard made her heart pound in her chest. Sometime during the late afternoon, however, the wheels in her head started to turn, her anger rose, and she let reason return to her shell shocked mind. The more she thought about it, the more it made sense...

She abruptly stood up and stormed down the hall into her room. She stepped in and slammed the door behind her. The ropes at the foot board had been untied, so Loki was somewhere in the room.

"Oh, someone is mad. Have you regained what little wit you had, girl?" Came Loki's mocking voice.

Darcy glared at the direction the sound came from. "Listen to me, Lo-ki." She drew out and emphasized his name, pouring all of her anger into that one word. "You are a ghost. And you know what that means? You are dead. You cannot harm me. You have no power over me."

She didn't see it, but Loki frowned. "I never said I was-"

"SHUT UP!" Darcy bellowed at him. "You will listen, and you will listen good, because I'm only going to say it once. You're going to stand up, and walk out of this room when I open the door. You're going to keep walking until you reach the front door. You will then open it and continue walking until you hit the desert. I sincerely hope that ghosts can die again, because I want you to roast to fucking HELL and then I want you to find the nearest lake of fire and throw yourself in and rid us of your cruelty. Or alternatively, I want you to go run back to Daddy and haunt him. He must have spells to bind your soul to a body, right? Then I hope he does, and I want him to chain you to a rock and let poisonous snakes bite you and drip venom all over you until your skin melts and your bones decay. And then I want him to bring you back so he can do it again, over and over and over until the end of the fucking universe!" She screamed at him.

Loki shot up, furious to the point of being murderous. He crossed the room in two steps, standing in front of her. Darcy could feel the rush of wind and the cold coming from him as she stood before her.

"How dare you? How DARE you?!" He yelled at her.

"Something I said not to your liking? Was it about Daddy?" Darcy sneered at him.

Loki let out a strangled cry and reached forward, wrapping his hands around her neck.

"I could end you here and now, mortal." Loki snarled. "Do you really wish to die?"

Darcy let out a bitter laugh. "What's one more death to you when you've killed millions?! Go ahead! Kill me! I don't care!"

But I do. Came a tiny whisper from some part of Loki. He snarled out loud, trying to shut up the traitorous voice inside himself.

"I do not want to kill you, mortal. You are the key to my survival. But if you insist in acting this way, I will end you."

"Key to your survival? I would never help to keep you existing. Go ahead and kill me, you murderer!" Darcy spat back at him.

She is too important. I cannot harm her. Loki thought. He removed his hands from her neck and grabbed her by the waist, throwing her over his shoulder, before walking over the the bathroom and tossing her in, closing the door and standing with his back pressed against it so she could not leave.

"Let me out!" Darcy yelled, pounding on the door.

"No." Loki replied coolly. "Not until you calm down and listen to me."

"I don't have to listen to a word you say." Darcy replied. Gods, he could almost see her cross her arms and stick her tongue out as she said that, just like Thor had when they were children. It made him want to pull his hair out.

"I would advise you to listen to me. After all, I now have access to your pistol." Loki smirked, thinking he had the upper hand when he heard nothing from her.

And then she started to laugh.

"What? What are you laughing about, mortal?" Loki sneered, perturbed at her unexpected response.

"Because!" Darcy said between laughs. "It's not a real gun!" More laughing. "Oh, God, it hurts. My lungs!" Even more laughing.

Loki frowned, looked at the gun on the table, and then spun around, opening the door a crack to look at her. She was collapsed on the floor, laughing so hard tears were streaming down her face. She is quite beautiful. That traitorous part of him whispered. Shut up. He thought at it.

"Are you quite finished?" Loki asked, still annoyed and confused.

"Maybe." Darcy was still giggling, but pulled herself off of the floor and wiped her eyes.

"Then explain to me what you mean. It is not real?" Loki ordered her.

Darcy giggled again. "No, it's not real. It won't shoot real bullets. It's an air soft gun."

"And that means...?"

"It shoots plastic pellets, not bullets. It's non-lethal. I don't carry weapons. Not especially lethal ones, anyway." Darcy smirked at him.

Loki was a variety of things: confused, angry, suspicious, but mostly amused. He left his post by the bathroom door and walked over the tiny table and picked the gun up, before examining it. Darcy leaned in the bathroom door, looking smug.

Loki whirled around and pointed the gun just above the doorway Darcy was standing in, and shot it.

"Hey!" Darcy protested. "Dude! Don't shoot that thing in here! I'll have to repair the wall!"

Interesting. The pistol did indeed shoot a lime green pellet at the wall.

Darcy rushed at where she saw the gun, and tried to yank it out of his hands, but Loki raised it above his head. "Give it back!" Darcy demanded, jumping up and down trying to reach it.

"I think not. I am fascinated by this. Is it a toy?" Loki asked, his curiosity piqued.

Darcy sighed. "Yes, it's a toy. A very realistic, very expensive toy. Please give it back now?"

Loki smiled. "Not until you apologize."

"Apologize? Apologize for what?!" Darcy cried.

"For what you said earlier." Loki's voice took on a serious tone.

"Why should I? You're a murderer, you deserve it!"

"You forget I am also a prince and a sorcerer. I have enough power to end you without lifting a finger."

"You're dead, you don't have power."

"I am not dead, Miss Lewis. Simply cursed. Now apologize."

"What? No!"

"Then you won't get your toy back." Loki grinned.

"What does it mean to you? Why do you want it?" Darcy demanded, putting her hands on her hips.

"I want it because you want it. And because I have it, that means you must do what I say." He sounded quite pleased with himself.

"You're blackmailing me with an air soft gun?" Darcy was dumbfounded. Obviously, whatever he was cursed with had made him go completely bonkers.

"If that's what it takes, yes." Loki replied.

"Fine. I'm sorry. Give it back now, please."

Loki shook his head. "You have to mean it. From the bottom of your heart."

Darcy let out a frustrated sound. "This is so unfair! I'm not a child!"

"Act as a child, be treated as a child, Miss Lewis." Loki pointed out.

Darcy heaved a sigh and sat on the bed. "Alright, fine."
Loki smirked, unseen to Darcy. He had her just where he wanted her.
Darcy was stewing on the inside, her brief fit of happiness gone, and anger returned. Whatever it was that Loki wanted, she could comply just long enough to get him to trust her and then...Well, she knew exactly where the local S.H.I.E.L.D office was.

Darcy was startled from her thoughts by hearing a low yawn from somewhere above her head.

"Now then, mortal. Vacate my room at once."

Darcy's mouth gaped open. "Your room? This is my house!"

Loki chuckled and pulled her quite forcibly from the bed, practically shoving her out of the door.

"Not anymore, darling." He murmured as he shut the door in Darcy's face.

From the inside of the room, Loki heard a shriek and stomping around.

"Why that-that-uuuug!"

Loki waited until he heard the stomping footsteps fade away before letting himself laugh out loud at the poor girl's misery.
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