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Summary: Billy is a normal high school students with three identity one as a normal teenage loser another as a pop singer and finally one as a starting out hero his life was far from normal it was hectic and he always though he was missing something until he fell in love with Teddy Altman who is his secret partner in justice now how will these two teenage boys cope with all the stress with their life stay tune and find out.

author rant: gag sorry for confusing summary I confuse myself I suck at summary if someones got a better one

Billy Point Of View

At first, when I hear the wailing of sirens in my bedroom, I jump out of bed. "I'm innocent!" I shout, until I realize that it is just my alarm clock and not the police. With a sigh, I grab some clothes and head to the bathroom. After dressing, I walk into the kitchen and grab the carton of chocolate milk from the fridge, along with a bowl, spoon, and box of cereal. Yawning as I pour cereal in the bowl, I reach for the milk carton with my other hand, not really paying attention... That is, until I realize that what is pouring onto my cereal is definitely NOT milk. "How the hell...?" I murmur, examining the thick, liquidy brown stuff. Is it... mud? I groan; some jerk decided to play a prank on me. Hm, I wonder who... Oh, yes... my beloved brothers. This seems right up their alley. Abandoning the idea of cereal, I leave my bowl in the sink and grab a granola bar and my backpack before heading out the door to greet yet another school day only this time instead of my same old school I get to go to a new one so no one knows me I guess that's good right.?

As I walked to the school I accidentally stepped on dog poop and I groan as the stench got to my nose and I ripped off a piece of paper from my notebook and took it off and continued walking with dog poop on my new shoes my only though of all this was this day is gonna suck. I entered the new school and walked over to my assign locker where I put all my books in it like most students around me were doing I then proceeded to the school office to get my school schedule until some jocks went up to me. :Hey new kid if you wanna past pay the toll" He hang out his hand out waiting for me to give him my lunch money obviously and I tried to get away but he grabbed me and him and his friend put me inside the locker and then I sighed. I pounded on the locker until someone opened up and I was left in a blank.

The boy was...HOT that was my only reaction in my head he had bulging muscles and silky blond hair and deep blue piercing eyes I was left in shock until he woke me up. " Hey there you ok." I shake my head and came back to reality ." Yeah im okay thanks. " I stepped out of what it think is his locker and he sweep off any dust on me. " There your all cleaned off so are you new ."All I was able to do was nod due to my nervousness as he laughed." Okay so if your looking for the office it's over there". He pointed to a nearby door and I went there and waved off to him and I thanked him " Thanks a lot oh and thanks for getting me out of the locker". He waved off to me and turned away after getting his stuff from his locker and walking away and as I saw him leave there was only one though in my mind. He was gonna be mine one way or the other he will be mine no matter what,

I had gotten my class schedule and went to my first class PE. I hated PE, always had and always will mostly cause the jocks and cool guys always try to humiliate me and today was no different as I climbed up the tight rope some funny guy decided to jump and grab my shorts and pulls them down leaving my pants less in front of everyone and then I was forced to finish it like that and then grab my pants afterward.

I had just came out of the showers when I noticed something strange no one was trying to prank me or anything something was definitely wrong. I went to my locker where I knew it they stole my clothe no one was around so I decided to check around until I saw it they had hanged my clothe in the flag pole my underwear and pans and shirt and jacket. I had already suffered this in the past so I decided not to go at it immediately and I put on my gym clothe and climbed up and got them down so at least I avoided this public embarrassment only that everyone saw my avengers underwear is the only embarrassment I suffered. I went back to the locker room which I found out they locked up and my thoughts were that these guys were good so I decided since no one was around to strip down and put my clothe in the door way and it is something I should not have done for when I had stripped down and put on my underwear they had jumped and taken various humiliating pictures of me which will undoubtedly be passed around school for my humiliation.

After that I wished that the worse was over but how wrong I was it seems that my next class had been science which normally isn't so bad but that changes when someone changes your components and the end results was a sticky gooey pink stuff to be splattered all over my face, and if that wasn't enough they pushed me into a decontamination chamber they had and burned me with chemical when it wasn't poisonous or radioactive just goo pink sticky goo.

I left in a huff and thank god that now was lunch brake so I decided to take my lunch and eat it in a private place in school probably the back of It or the classroom or something. I took my plate and went to the cafeteria and took a hamburger a soda and some french fries and went to the outside most abandoned place I could find. I had found a nice empty small ally in the back part of schools between the school and the gym it was small and a group couldn't get in so if I need to make a quick escape I could use the door next to me since normally bullies never plan and are most the time solo instead of a group. I unwrapped the wrapping in my hamburger and ate in as I sat down in the ally making sure to look from time to time to make sure no one sneak attacks me and I have my back to the door so if someone opens or tries to open it I can run away to the direction the door opens too so I got a head start. After being bullied so much you tend to analyze every possible way to avoid them. And when I was eating my french fries I felt someone try to open the door and then I decided to stand up and run to the direction he door opens to and then I saw it was just the guy from this morning and I decided to go up to him. " Huh oh it's just you why are you here?". I asked him actually being curious why someone as hot and probably as popular as him be back here. " Huh oh hey there you that kid that was in my locker what are you doing here all alone?." Teddy was also confuse to why I was here it seems he hasn't heard anything of what happen for now " Hiding form bullies oh my name is Billy . Billy Kaplan." I answered him and he looked strangely to me. And I heard him hummed as if curious while he eyed me curiously to every inch of me which was freaking me out " I don't see why you would be bullied your not nerdy or really your not bad looking . Oh by the way my name is Teddy Altman" I blushed when he said I was good looking and shook his hand after our introduction I explained to him what had happened today and his reaction was laughing out loud and I pouted and glared a bit at him. " Sorry I just can't help but laugh so your new here and already bullied this much sucks to be you." He laughed some more and patted my back and ignored my blush on my face and then we heard the bell and I cursed it for the first time in my life I did not want the bell to ring. " Oh well we should get going bye Billy see you around". He helped me up and ran away to his class.

I never been happier in my life I though nothing could ruin my day I had gone through the rest of my school day without any interruption or any bullies or anything then I heard the final bell and I ran out of the class room faster then anyone I ran out to the front and waited for Teddy to come out so I can ask him for his number so we could text or something but then I saw it when he came out he was talking and hanging out with the jocks. I knew this plan get some to bully me then make one that he doesn't know to be some good guy so that I will fall in love with him and then they can capture me and do anything they want to me even kill me or something like that. Well no not again I turned away and walked as fast as I could and made sure he didn't see me which was in vain cause 5 minutes into the speed walking I faintly heard Teddy call me from the school I glanced a little but I covered myself to make myself look like I was looking at my watch and then I started to sprint for two reason 1 So teddy think I was late for something and 2 cause I was late for something all this made me forgot about my job. The reason I had moved is because I was a upcoming muscian which severely took into my hero time but I liked singing so I never complained I took every moment I could so I can play hero but I obviously took some days off from both of these things.

I sprinted until I got to a big building the recording studio to be exact I entered the giant complex and took the elevator and went to the top floor where I met with the boss and my manager and the guy who promises me get me to the top but I seen enough movies to know that I should not trust slime balls like this guy. It went on like any other day I sat there in a seat reading comic books until I was told to go to practice on my dancing which sucks always and will always suck and after an hour of falling to my ass I was given a break and then let out if there was no song to record in which I took the time to sometimes practice my vocals even when I don't have it schedule I just like to be safe and practice. After wards I left early since I was still moving into my new house given to us by the company and paid for meaning im already way to deep in the contract to leave whenever I wanted so I had to follow this guy though for now he hasn't done anything really bad so I didn't complain. The only backdrop was that the guy had an image of mystery for me so I couldn't reveal my identity any other normal person would have said hell no but considering all I do in my spare time It suited me quiet well.

After that I always go to the nearest secluded ally and used my magic to change my clothe into Wiccan and I levitated into the sky where I took a deep breath and relaxed and layed there in the air while trying to detect any trouble for me to help out or better yet resolved.

An hour passed and it was already getting dark it was 5:30 pm and it was getting late so I decided to fly over to my house when I heard gun shots and I quickly sprang into action and flew all the way to where the shoot out was happening and I saw that there were some thief stealing from a jewelry store and they had captives and some were shooting and police was retaliating and right before I flew down to help someone else flew down and I briefly heard him saying 'excuse me' and I saw a green human formed creature beating some of the robbers up and I decided to stay back and watch.

He was good, not as good as I was since all he did was fly around with his wings and beat them up with brute strength until I saw one of the guys coming up to him with a shotgun from behind and I quickly flew to him and just when the creep was about to kill him with the shotgun I appeared out of nowhere and placed a hand on the gun hole and the bullet stopped and landed safely in the palm of my hand. I noticed that the police men were surprised to see me and what I just did especially the other guy behind me and then I kicked the guy in the face and and made solid energy cage appear out of nowhere and trapped all of the goons.

As always the policed thanked me well us since there was that other guy and he then grabbed me by the shoulder and dragged me to the top of a building where we wouldn't be interrupted.

"Well I guess I should thank you I owe you one if it wasn't for you I would be dead right now". He extended his hand and I shook it. " It's okay my name is Wiccan what's your name well codename since we still got our secret identity which we are not allow to reveal." I said sounding really cliche and he chuckled at my response " The names Hulkling good to see another hero around here it gets difficult doing stuff on my own". It was my turn to chuckle to his reaction I would never expect someone like him to say something like he liked the help normally tough boys would be to proud to even say thanks I like him . "Ops I got to go sorry maybe we will meet again at some other time and work together okay I got to get home" I said to him as I started to fly away and waved off to him " Okay it's a date cutie." he finished and flew off faster then me not noticing my blush or shock.

At the end of the day I fell in love with the school hottie which probably will just betray me I had another boring day at work and I was pranked a lot but I found a new hero here too and liked me and called me cute so all in all not a bad day not as bad as I was expecting at least. I got home and changed my clothe back to normal and entered my house I announced that I was here like always and went to the kitchen where I found leftovers for me and took them and reheated them and went up to my room where I ate my dinner and did my homework then I went to the bathroom to take a bathroom and took a hot bath and I layed there in my bath tub remembering how the day went in my head and I sighed and went in deeper into the bath tub water and sank my head resting and enjoying the peace. I came out of the bathroom and put on a pair of red boxers and a button up blue cotton pajama shirt and pants and went to watch TV before I went to sleep and then I got a text message which was weird since I don't have any friends and no one knows that I even have a cell phone and no one in the company texts me they normally call. I picked up my phone and saw it was private number so I decided to pen the message and it said ' Hey there Wiccan it's me Hulkling if your wondering how I got your number you left your backpack in the scene of the crime and called to whoever it was but since I found your uniform in it and number I decided to text you don't worry I haven't read the name so what about it wanna text each other and maybe we can tell the other about trouble when it's happening when one of us is in trouble or there's more then one occurring at t he same time or maybe I can use my shape shifting ability to look like someone else and you your magic to look like someone else and we can go on dates without revealing our identity.' In the end of the message he left a winking emoticon and I blushed as I read it and pondered over it for a while until I finally texted this back to him. ' ok sure but we just met so lets keep the date wrapped up for later ok but besides that sure we can be partners oh well I gonna go to sleep bye " I finished with a blushing emoticon and turned off my cell phone and turned off my light and wished my bag was in my lap which after a few times of repeating it It did come back and in it's placed I left Hulkling a rose and hoped he liked it as I fell to sleep.

Hulkling Point Of View

I was in my bed I had just finished eating dinner with my mom and texted the magical boy when he left me a rose in the place of his book pack I blush an put it in a vase with some water . I can't believe the giant mistake I did I am now crushing on both Billy and on my partner Wiccan oh if only wishes could come true I'd wish they were the same person but wishing never works I just got to deal with it but it is strange how Billy just ran away I hope he doesn't hate me cause I am in the football team and I hang out with them sometimes those idiot I got to teach them a lesson not to bully the others though they never listen and I can't really do that cause then they will just throw me out . Ugh when did life became so hard oh yeah when I fell in love oh well I decided to turn off the lights and close my window and go to sleep praying that tomorrow it will be an easier day.


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