Melody of Love and Hate chapter two

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Normal Point of view

Billy was walking in his normal school route. It has been 3 weeks since school started and Billy already had his normal routine. It consisted of home then school then work and then an hour of being a superhero and finally get home by 9 pm.

He arrives at school with tired out eyes and a sore body due to being slammed around by a villain again. Billy though on how strange it was that he has not seen the green hero in a while so whenever there was a big villain in the area such as Juggernaut or Abomination things get rough though in the end he won he got home really sore and even with magic most of the pain still stays.

It was third period already and Billy was trying his best to stay awake in history class sure he loved work, it was one of his geeky attributes but he hated history because the teachers made it look boring and everyone was about to fall asleep until."Okay class I have an assignment for you all for next week" Everyone groaned at the sound of it."The assignment is to research a hero chosen by random and write anything known about them these will include both old and new."some student perked up at the sound of this while others slammed their heads on the tables but no one could be happier then Billy since he knew almost every hero especially the avengers. At the end of the class when the teacher was giving out the hero names in a piece of random paper to everyone when it came Billy's turn he anxiously opened the piece of paper only to be left in shock. The hero he had to research and do a report on was Hulking while unbeknownst to him Teddy had the same assignment and he had gotten Wiccan.

The day had passed out smoothly with no other abnormal events and Billy was in his normal routine of avoiding Teddy and his group as much as possible and get to work on time. Ever since he stopped talking to Teddy the guys he hang out with the jocks have been picking on him more and more lately which just proves Billy theory that he was only being played into thinking Teddy wanted to be his friend but this time he did not fell for it and is now carefully making his way to the door and was almost Scot-free until a hand grabbed him by behind and yanked him into the bathroom by his underwear.

Billy already knew who it was the same two jerks from the first day of school. Billy never took the time to remember the names and did not want to as they dunked his head into the toilet and gave him a swirly. And finally they took off his pants and underwear and took pictures of him as if he was mooning and then left him there alone in the bathroom with his clothe hidden around the place to make him waste time looking for them and luckily someone will enter and see him. Billy took 8 minutes to unstuck his head from the toilet and took another 15 minutes to finally find his boxers and pants. He ran to his studio where his boss screamed at him as per usual and scolded him for being late.

The day passed normally but Wiccan looked for his companion hero today. Wican looked for half the city and in all the crimes of the day and yet nothing.

At the end of the day there was no trace of the green alien and Wiccan eventually gave up for the day and decided to try again tomorrow


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